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  • Project We Love
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    A collection of nightmarish monsters for old-school role-playing games. Spiritual successor to the Teratic Tome. Not safe for anyone.

  • Project We Love
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    Shattered With Curve of Horn is a completed 160 page, full-color graphic novel I will be printing in the spring of 2014.

  • Project We Love
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    An Unlikely Refugee is a completed 96 page, full-color graphic novel by Max Dowdle and Morrow Dowdle that will debut summer of 2016.

  • Project We Love
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    Control of up to 700 pixels on any of the popular LED strips from any device with a USB port! One controller to rule them all!

  • Project We Love
    Aed198fff7a3ba74d0604cc016a70f27 original

    A role-playing game of horror in deep space. Designed for online play through video-chat software.

  • Project We Love
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    Help save our team's dearest, most faithful friend, Cletus. We want to show him to the world.

  • Life is Sweet is an inspirational book for kids that celebrates the specialness of your child and builds confidence and self-esteem.

  • We're a Pop Punk band from NC, be a part of our new record!

  • A sleek new lamp design, using passively cooled, blue laser technology. Illuminate the world with less than 1 watt of household energy.

  • The search for the third Symbol takes the Alliance to an island in the South Indian Ocean in the year 1650 AD, a very dangerous place.

  • "Back to the Future" meets The History Channel. A brother and sister learn they can travel back in time on an old steam train!

  • "These songs have been hangin' round my house too long" Make it yours folks... It's mixed! It just needs mastering and duplication!

  • Inigmas Studios - Startup Art Studio

    Creating hand-painted 3d art for game development teams at an affordable cost so that they can focus their funding on everything else.

  • My Side and Yours -The world’s first fully customized sheets

    The world’s first fully customized bedsheet sets...built for two!

  • Moomy Distilling Company

    Opening North Carolina's newest distillery, we are poised to bring a world class Agricole Rhum to the Carolinas and beyond.

  • Isles of Arthanos

    A first person cooperative RPG with a focus on user generated content and challenging game mechanics.

  • Alliance of the Quad: Secret of Four Peaks Island

    The search for the third Symbol takes the Alliance to an island in the South Indian Ocean in the year 1650 AD, a very dangerous place.

  • Get Song Published Re: Joy of Grandchildren at Christmas

    Let's get it published... "Christmas with Grandchildren". A completed song describing the joy that grandchildren bring to Christmas.

  • Brandy's Soy Candles

    I quit my job for a dream. Please help me make that dream come true! A portion of sales will be donated to different women's charities

  • Liz Hackett - Sing Always

    For you dreamers...never give up! This is our world one heart one voice. We are all connected.