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  • Cold Tone Harvest - New Full Length Album

    Heading into the studio to record our first full-length album!

  • Come On Home

    Heidi Snyder's second album is a masterful collaboration, producing an eclectic mix of songs that both children and adults will love.

  • Switchpot: 12 position rotary switch for your project

    An easy to use rotary switch that requires only one wire for your arduino project.

  • Project We Love
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    Experience stark, vivid images like nothing you've ever seen combined with premium audio in a unique flip down form factor.

  • Project We Love
    D051e5950d71793c1b2fe8785f25b771 original

    Creating a home for improvisational theatre and experimental ales.

  • Project We Love
    85c4feddc68b153a3853ca55886641c3 original

    “How to Pass The Time” is a feature film surreal comedy told in 3 chapters. Chapter One is done, help us make the next two!

  • Project We Love
    6b954303e0bfa406fb15e50223e1351b original

    Halfway between musical instrument and a sculpture, Strings invites participants to play, touch, and move within a space.

  • Project We Love
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    Amber Lantern is the third solo album by Michigan-based singer/songwriter Timothy Monger. Tightly-crafted guitar pop with a warm glow.

  • Project We Love
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    We are Plano-Convex, a collective of film students at the University of Michigan. We need your help to make our film, "SINGULARITY".

  • Project We Love
    96fefb8d6ef2284e13eb78e6df991573 original

    We are a restaurant with a purpose - a healthy fast-food service that supports and rewards a healthy lifestyle.

  • Project We Love
    B139d57302100380ff5b3f766dffd6ae original

    A story about a particular intersection of art & commerce, community and the essential American spirit.

  • Project We Love
    958eb119f697b0d1d35fe56e0977ee99 original

    Our mobile repair stand empowers cyclists by providing free access to tools, parts, and knowledge.

  • Project We Love
    51585fbff4cb64faf8ddd4a18279f3b6 original

    A bespoke, leather-bound scroll case that transforms into a dice tower with a scroll that unrolls into a rolling tray

  • Project We Love
    Ca8910db4f81134f8fbcdf05c720a369 original

    I recorded "Color Wheel" over the last two years and it is truly a sonic journey. I need your help spreading it to the world!

  • Project We Love
    9c91257782d78f5daed59e3077d664e8 original

    Possible Mediums is a travelling exhibition showcasing design investigations based in speculative architectural mediums.

  • Project We Love
    0d3d454b1b0f34f5b569dfadcba8b270 original

    Managing is a half hour comedy about Four friends navigating the shift between college and adult life while surviving the suburbs.

  • Project We Love
    3694b66f8c61f8f90426489646bbc018 original

    As a culmination of 6 years of song-writing and hard work, the Commodore EP will feature 5-6 of my favorite, carefully crafted songs.

  • Project We Love
    Feb0e80402ddc2dbf4ff1524213172e7 original

    A two-volume set of 10" x 12" color hardback books containing the geography, history and cultures of Glorantha.

  • Project We Love
    51fef1f3d81bc55d4d9777fa0a3e34c8 original

    A biologist, an industrial designer, and an engineer team up and build a “Hello, World!” kit to teach high schoolers how to invent with DNA.

  • Project We Love
    Fa5ee2ee1782149e42dd36f5a3bff7f6 original

    This is the second independently-published children's picture book by author/illustrator Robb N. Johnston! Let's get it printed!!