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  • Scatterball desktop accessory / Gift / Toy / Sculpture

    Desktop accessory / executive gift that modulates precision ball bearings inside a polycarbonate box. It is mesmerizing to watch.

  • Spring Fed Farms: Lake of the Ozarks CSA

    Spring Fed Farms needs your help in expanding and helping more members eat healthy!

  • Forced Change

    Watch a ten-year journey through the lives of five New Orleanians displaced by Hurricane Katrina unfold on screen in Forced Change.

  • Helpsolvecrimes is a social media platform that will engage the public's help to solve homicide cold cases and recent crimes.

  • Vow of Silence

    When Sajourn Greyson speaks the world literally listens, he has the ability to talk in a world where spoken language no longer exists.

  • Sleepyhead Media

    We become as small as our controlling desire's, And as great as our dominant aspirations. This Kickstarter is HOPE for my aspirations.

  • Tier 1 Gaming Systems

    Portable Gaming systems, the safest way to bring your gaming anywhere.

  • Wedding Bliss

    Limited edition 11"x17" posters celebrating the impending launch of Touch, a modern LGBT romance by Usagi Kita.

  • Musical "Enchanted by a Spell"

    Musical Theatre This is a fairytale-­themed light romantic comedy about a girl (Deh’Lia)’s pursuit to be with her Prince (literally).

  • Candles by Janelle

    Help this stay at home Mom expand to make melts. Everyone loves my candles so much that they want me to start making melts.

  • Buying paint stuff!

    Hello everyone. I would like to start painting, a litle help would be awesome :) .

  • Max Fitness Weight Bar

    The last weight bar you will ever need!


    A new musical recording and exploration of the "Appalachian Desert", featuring multiple collaborators and spanning the continent.

  • A civil war reenactor needs your help

    Im trying to raise funds to go on a book signing tour in Gettysburg I'm going to use the money to buy copies from my publisher

  • Field Lab Glass Studio

    Help to put a dry roof over the hot glass studio I've hand built ! The glass is hot and I've designed many unique rewards for you!

  • Indigo 33

    Indigo 33... the opposite of a mild conversation. Weird but true. Bizarre yet real.

  • F*** Reality: its time time to become a poet.

    I'm going to spend the next 3-4 years writing poems and taking photos to create and publish my first book of poetry.

  • Cowgirl Up: A Film About Mavericks

    Cowgirl Up tells the stories of maverick women that became unintentional inspirational icons.

  • Melody Hwang's Debut Album - SUDDENLY

    Melody's debut album featuring powerfully expressive songs in a unique blend of modern electronic pop and traditional orchestral tones

  • The XLR-ONE Personal Robot Companion

    Personal Robot Companion