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  • NuRelish, Unique and Delicious Taste.

    My name is Patrick Magdaleno. I have an amazing new versatile condiment that I call NuRelish.

  • JGilger Studio

    Handmade designer body jewelry in Gold and Platinum. I need financing for materials, for a designer line to launch nationally.

  • Fort Miami Games Mobilize!

    FMG Mobilize! is a suite of social reality games using cell phone GPS location. With Mobilize, the world is your playground!

  • Shower/Bath filtration system prototype that saves water

    Prototype a filtration system that will hold water, filter and return water instead of going in drainage while taking a shower or bath.

  • Entertain Us - The Photobook by Lois Golding

    'Entertain Us' is a social documentary photography project exploring the landscapes of British seaside towns.

  • Cerdinium

    Send the cyborg dinosaur timetravellers back to where they belong! Someone's left you clues to help you find them - and yourself!

  • MITRE - New Album Release

    Help with the release of Mitre's new album. The album is produced, this is a campaign to finance the printing and PR.

  • The Geometry of Creation

    This DVD and book will explain how the tetrahedron creates the Platonic Solids which in turn creates the structure our 3D universe.

  • Fraternal Twins Fall/Winter Collection 2015

    Dedicated to the experimentation of color and unconventional materials in ready-to-wear to empower women to look and feel beautiful.

  • "Rare" Indie Horror Film

    Join Ollie Barbieri (Skins) in this British Short Horror Film about a battle of wits between an Undercover Detective and a Cannibal.

  • In Concert Night of 100 Stars w/sons of the Beatles

    Would you like to sponsor and commit to my show "In Concert Night of 100 Stars" w/sons of the Beatles: Sean, Dhani, Zak, James, Jason?

  • All Natural Grasshopper Protein Bars

    Based out of the United States, we are working to create a grasshopper protein based energy bar.


    This summer is for drawing all day, every day. Help me improve and in return I'll give you funny, wacky, and/or beautiful arts!

  • I need merch to sell at my first show!

    I have my first show coming up with alittle less notice than I would have liked, and have no merchandise to sell!

  • Bro

    My cool cousin suggested I follow my dreams and build my app bro, an app to text bro to your friends and soon to be lovers

  • Morgan St Theater's "Pedal Parlor"

    The "Pedal Parlor" will bring seasonally-inspired and handmade ice cream treats to the people of Portland.

  • Flotsam

    A story about the people that make the biggest party in the country possible. All hail the Street Sweepers of Mardi Gras!

  • Calave Wine Bar

    A wine bar with a perfect juxtaposition of modern and historic. A social meeting place for all who enjoy wines, beers and bites.

  • Sié Ties : The ConnecTie, with integrated magnetic tie bars

    The Sié ConnecTie features two integrated magnetic tie bars with pocket square and pocket square holder. These are premium neckties.

  • Book: Beginner's Guide to 3D Printing

    I'm creating a book to help a complete beginner get started with 3D Printing. From choosing a printer to creating that first 3D Print.