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  • Wrestling Podcast for the 'Universe'

    Our plan to dominate the 'universe' with our wrestling podcast, including interviews, phone-ins and maybe the odd famous guest.....

  • RFF - Ratliff's Farm Foods

    Growing local food as a healthy resource for our community. Chickens, rabbits, herbs, vegetables, and fruits for market consumption.

  • Reservations

    Oliver Jenkins, a chef, inherits a hotel run by an eccentric staff. Tension rises as he chooses between his old life and his new one.

  • Het Nieuwsgierige Vosje

    Het Nieuwsgierige Vosje is een speels (voorlees)boekje dat bedoeld is voor leergierige kinderen van twee tot zes.

  • "The Stuff" Action/Dark Comedy

    Two Illegal cable hustlers cross paths with a cell of corrupt cops and all hell breaks loose - Starring Rob Stapleton, Tony Rock

  • Lean Me Nutrition App

    A new revolutionary way to eat based on our body’s biology, not a math equation.

  • Goblin Hunters

    Salvatore is under attack. Your party has been summoned. Can you protect the lands AND prove you are the best Goblin Hunter of all time

  • Backyard Heros

    It is time to honor those who help our community who have done something heroic. It i time we honor our own backyard hero.

  • Fully Voice Activated Bible App

    im close to bringing out a bible app that when you say or word or phrase will give you a bible verse that matches that verse tothetopic

  • Frankenstein Created Bikers : A 35mm Feature Film

    Sequel to the Award Winning 16mm film DEAR GOD NO! Starring AMERICAN MARY's Tristan Risk and Laurence R. Harvey from HUMAN CENTIPEDE 2

  • Blogger to cafe/bar owner

    I want run my own cafe/bar within 2 years, I have so many ideas that I need funds to get set up! Cake by day cocktail bar by night.

  • Law of Attraction Book Launch plus Seminar Tour

    Book release and seminar tour teaching how to use the Law of Attraction correctly to manifest your desire from unity consciousness.

  • Cloud Webcam Privacy

    Protects your webcam from scratches and smudges and YOU from creepy hackers in a simple yet elegant design.

  • Games of a skeptic

    I think the "Christian" games out there are nothing more than targets for criticism from the other side. I plan to change that.

  • Credit Real - Safe Trading Technology

    The easiest and safest way to trade. Do not worry, no one can trick you anymore with our system.

  • World paper chair

    The chair is made from recycled newspaper with historic moments from world-famous newspaper publishers and recycled wood.

  • Drone Scouting and Videography

    I want to start a new business to bring Drone photography to the world. This can be used for scouting lands unavailable and for arts!

  • The What's Happening Myron Book Club

    In its 4th year, the Whats Happening Myron Book Club was created to connect readers with local authors who reside in the Memphis area.

  • NN2Lounge

    A live Entertainment night creating a new platform for up and coming artists.

  • C(l)ass

    Handcrafted unique fashionable, trendy, cute clutches, purses & bags. Toronto based.