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  • Faintlife - UV

    Faintlife recorded an album, and they want you to hear it. Help them release their debut record "UV" through the kickstarter program.

  • Earth's Airwaves Broadcasting Love with Celestial Resonance

    As above, so below: Journey into the Infinite Heart with divine music from back to back best new age album winners Paradiso & Rasamayi!

  • The Twilight Zone Play

    I'm a high school student in New Jersey planning on producing and directing a Twilight Zone Play for a "One Act" competition.

  • Pen Friend Bamboo

    Individual, woodturned, magnetic pen pots. Finely crafted and an ideal gift. Bamboo inspired design and made in Oak, Yew and Walnut.

  • AyoSoloTV

    We are (A)riam and (Yo)dit Solomon. We like to recognize undiscovered, deserving artists on our YouTube channel, AyoSoloTV!

  • Wild Rabbit - The Heartland & the Southern Winters EP

    Northwest folk four-piece records their two-part sophomore release at Bear Creek Studio.

  • Kansas City Bee Revival

    Working to grow the Honey Bee population in North Kansas City. Seeking funding for two bee hives and supplies to get us started.

  • Glass Tower Films

    We want to start a film company to tell stories that otherwise wouldn't be heard- stories of societal issues and injustices.

  • Fronana - The Healthy Frozen Treat That's Just Bananas!

    A frozen treat served from a bike powered cart & it's only in Dayton. It's vegan & paleo, but don't let that scare you, It's DELICIOUS!

  • Stylish Big Size Women Shoes

    The struggle to find fashionable shoes is common in the #bigfoot community. Thanks to Lonia, the wait is over. Serving sizes 10-14!

  • Donation based 'Nutrition and Weight-L Specialist' website

    Did over 8 years of study and research. Want to make life-saving knowledge available to ALL , therefore decided to work by 'Donation'

  • Grand Warfare

    Grand Warfare is a 2D multiplayer cross-platform shooter game for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. You can play against up to 23 players

  • The Dream Boat

    This 12 minute puppet musical, following the journey of asylum seekers from Indonesia to Australia, is a dark satire in a family film.

  • -Stitched Apparel-

    Cultivated & grown in New jersey ive seen hard time and good times yet all along i did it with just the clothes on my back.

  • How to be a (not so) SUPERvillain

    Webseries: Over powered, unstoppable supervillains but too lazy to do anything. More importantly, there's an evil undead monkey.

  • RapidSOS One-Touch-911

    Award-winning technology to bring 911 to the 21st Century, with one touch 911 is alerted with unprecedented data about your emergency

  • Bruschetteria, Soup, Prosciutto and Cider Bistro in Prague

    A rustic and cosy Tuscany style bistro with homemade bruschettas, soups, cheese, prosciutto, good wine and UK cider.

  • Felix: The Penny Dragon

    Lets put our pennies to good use. Lets build a Dragon!

  • AZ Puzzle Modular Furniture for kids

    Help me to reach the goal, enhance kids playtime and lead to a wonderful play environment that is both imaginative and creative

  • CultPopCandy

    Art for unique pop culture taste, or as we like to call it -- CultPopCandy