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  • Jumper

    Jumper is a first person puzzle game heavily influenced by the Portal series. Get through all the chambers in this simple and fun game!

  • A Miner's Son

    Born in 1985 NE England meant I was part of a new generation, the generation directly affected by the political events throughout 1980s

  • What Went Wrong With Walter White?

    Through the lens of Breaking Bad's lead character, a book about how we value ourselves and create lasting value for those we love.

  • Valet

    A group of wayward young valet parking attendants, influenced by their customers, decide to delve into a different route of business.

  • 'Kitty's Fortune' - A short film set during the Holocaust

    Auschwitz 1943 - A young Kitty Hart-Moxon is told by a fortune-teller that she will one day again be free. Based on a true story.

  • Tribe Hunters

    An art book with characters from a post-apocalyptic world needs your help in order to raise printing costs.

  • How On Earth...?

    "How On Earth...?" is a board game that uses the whole family's imagination and creativity to entertain and educate everyone involved.

  • Astro Fred - A Children's Book To Inspire Imagination

    Children's book about young space adventurer Fred, who explores the planets and helps the mysterious creatures he meets on his travels.

  • LoganImages Art Agent

    I want to help unknown artists get into galleries and exhibitions all over the UK.

  • the Church and the Dime - the series finale

    The fourth and final installment of the psychological thriller by Bryn G Jones. The previous issues will also be available.

  • Stadiums Across The World

    Prints of your favourite stadiums from the world of sport. Some of the best & most visited stadiums from Soccer, Football and Baseball.


    LOVE SICK is a sensitive and hilarious two hander about the trials of seeking love and what it means once you’ve found it.

  • Fortune toilet tissue «Unexpected expectations»

    Unexpected: out of paper?! Don't worry: just read the fortune message on empty toilet paper roll. Lift your mood up and be happy!

  • LILYMAE'S PLAY CAFE - Children's Activity Soft Play Cafe

    Lilymae's Play Cafe is uniquely located in town offering fresh and imaginative food, entertaining children whilst their parents relax.

  • OXBRIDGE CHESS: The Bespoke Cambridge vs Oxford Chess Set

    The atmosphere of Cambridge and Oxford captured in an elegant, highly detailed chess set.

  • The Conversation Box

    The Conversation Box is an immersive theatre piece that explores different kinds of communication.


    OLPRO are world renowned for high quality camping equipment. OLPRO Breeze is a range of 5 inflatable campervan awnings.

  • 4 Elements of Hip Hop Summer School

    Rap,Graffiti,DJ and Breakdance are the 4 elements of Hip Hop. The youth of Hereford can Learn all 4 in 1 week, ending in a show & film.

  • Just Smile Initiative

    Creating a Smile Chain around the world to encourage all human beings to connect with each other while having fun!

  • Carla's Academy Of Dance

    Owning my own dance studio gives people a permanent place to come and learn how to dance, other dancers will able to rent the space.