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  • Project We Love
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    Caring for Mother

    Harrowing tale of a young refugee girl left alone to care for her dying/dead mother. The film examines the over-stretched care system

  • Project We Love
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    Ellston Bay - The Film - (Final Campaign)

    Ellston Bay tells the story of a son's desperate search for his missing father. Originated entirely in Kodak VistaVision.

  • Sili: Custom Sunglasses Built For Your Active Lifestyle

    How Sunglasses Should Be Made. Superior Materials. Advanced Optics. Waste Reducing. Custom. Realistic Pricing. #strongerbydesign

  • Project We Love
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    A Dark Forest Issue Three

    Issue 3 of "A Dark Forest" A story concerning two two sisters, their childhood, and disturbing tales, set in a old mysterious forest….

  • Project We Love
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    Sound Art and Experimental Music from Dubai on Vinyl

    Must Die Records needs your help with producing a limited edition vinyl by Tse Tse Fly, a Dubai-based musical and sound art collective

  • Project We Love
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    Unique check pattern scarves inspired by London

    Looking at the way we connect with design and producing a range of products to be cherished for ever. Check patterns with meaning.

  • Project We Love
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    The War of the Nine Realms - Board Game

    The Mighty Clash of the Norse Realms, meeting in a final epic fight for total supremacy of all the Nine Realms.

  • Project We Love
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    SLA Industries: Cannibal Sector 1

    Torn from the pages of the science-fiction horror RPG "SLA Industries", Cannibal Sector 1 comes to life in this tabletop skirmish game.

  • Project We Love
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    Glass House, a photographic publication

    A beautifully printed self published and hand-bound photographic book exploring memory, loss and nostalgia.

  • Project We Love
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    FACET | Innovative Birdhouse & Birdfeeder

    The traditional Birdhouse & Birdfeeder re-imagined. Created as a stunning and innovative piece of design for birds in your garden.


    Create your own spells with these bewitching cards of Celtic, astrology, tarot and magic symbolism. An oracle and art print collection

  • The Jollyboys and Jagged Edge Xmas Rock Song in aid of MS

    We are a group of friends who are recording and releasing a rock single at Xmas 2016 in aid of MS


    An imaginative independent streetwear clothing brand started by an 18-year-old student.

  • Your car turned to Art!

    Whether for a keepsake or celebration of your vehicle. I can draw your car/etc. In detail for £30 or more.

  • Lute Hero

    Lute Hero is an rpg/rhythm game with a focus on Medieval and Renaissance music. A free technical demo is available (Windows only).

  • Elderine: Dreams to Destiny

    A story-driven role-playing game. Rescue people, build a base, farm, craft, explore. Action Battle System, classic rpg

  • Orc Heavy War Chariot

    Project to bring my 28mm Orc War Chariot sculpt to the gaming table. The Chariot and Crew are completed, just needs moulding & casting.

  • Game Store Pro

    Almost unlimited storage possibilities from one basic set.

  • Smile Sumo Expansion Project

    We are wanting to grow our already existing fan base for

  • 28mm Science Fiction Space Dwarves (Dweorg)

    In mines and battlefields across the Galaxy come the Dweorg. 28 mm miniatures for war-gaming and role-playing.