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Charged - The Eduardo Garcia Documentary

Chef Eduardo's extraordinary recovery is not just about getting back what he lost, but about moving forward with more than he ever had.

What's popular

FED UP: Food Education For Every Classroom

Help us deliver FED UP movie to every school teacher in America so that every student can have a quality FOOD EDUCATION.

Film & Video in United States

When The Well Runs Dry

A coming-of-age film about two incompatible siblings and a dead goat.

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  • "YO"- a Live Action PIXAR Fan Series on YouTube

    The Pizza Planet truck from "Toy Story" is in every other PIXAR movie too. This mini-series follows the driver's story.

  • The New District

    A film noir, stoner comedy with elements of magical realism taking place in the nation's capital.

  • Maddy Goes

    Maddy Goes will search the world, going where common palates fear to tread, for amazing food to bring home and share with you.

  • After Class

    A comedy web series following the lives of six college freshman as they make their way through Chicago's most coveted art school.

  • Phantom Force: Revisited

    A video series and ebook exploring the lives of American and Vietnamese veterans who fought on each side of a desperate battle in 1968.

  • Halloween Horror Picks - Season 2

    This October, let us suggest a horror movie for your Halloween movie night!

  • Dollhouse

    This is a project to encourage girl gamers! A place for girls to learn to play in worlds built for boys. Tear down the dollhouse!

  • Fridays: the web series

    Kate and Michael are deaf best friends living in L.A. who have just undergone big changes: she is newly married and he is newly single.

  • Why life sucks when you're in your 20s

    Why life sucks is a different kind of web comedy about Sean & Chris, 2 friends who encounter the daily struggles of being in their 20s.

  • Female Therapy: A Webseries

    Three quirky girls tackle the challenge of getting you through the motions of post-breakup blues with their own kind of Female Therapy.

  • Get Lost: A Solo Motorcycle Adventure to the Darien Gap

    "Get Lost" is a gripping original web series chronicling Teague Fleury's solo motorcycle journey from Connecticut to Panama - and back.

  • Cincy Stories

    Personal stories connect us in a way nothing else can. Through short films, live events and user contributions we plan to capture them.

  • Freedom Rides - A Journey Into the Unknown

    Freedom Rides is a dream; a journey, a social experiment that sets out to find what happens when one man is given a bike and a camera.

  • HiCk(young&rich)

    Its the twisted red headed stepchild of soap operas

  • Webserie 3U - La notte dell'uomo

    The 3U webseries is a psychological thriller inspired to the book "Tre Uomini" (Three Men) by Andrea Conti.

  • The Bully Pulpit - a webseries about sharing perspectives

    What happens when you get together individuals with their bullies from 10+ years ago to share their perspectives over a cup of tea?

  • Necessary Evil

    Necessary Evil is a series about an ex-Mob enforcer that spends his retirement killing the scum of the Earth.

  • Doctor Who: The Classic Series Regenerated

    We are Classic Doctor Who fans looking to recapture the look and feel of the Tom Baker era.

  • At Home in Wild Space

    At Home in Wild Spaces: is an outdoor travel web-series/website that is redefining how people plan their Wild Spaces Adventures.

  • Hale-O-Vision Shirts

    So the shirts got priced out for about $20 each if I buy 100! So $22.50 will get you a Hale-O-Vision shirt and shipped to you.

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