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Project We Love
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Curious George Documentary

A documentary film exploring the extraordinary lives of Hans & Margret Rey, the authors of the beloved Curious George children’s books.

Project We Love
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IMPOSSIBLE THINGS-World's First A.I. Co-written Feature Film

The power of artificial intelligence. The creativity of humans. Introducing the world's first machine co-written feature film!

Project We Love
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Sierra Leone: The Film

Sierra Leone: The Film is the inspiring story of a celebrated playwright and his mission to change his nation with great art.

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The Gamers: Episode 1

"I wanna steal his pants!" The classic tabletop gaming comedy returns for a 45-minute adventure, based on Matt Vancil's THE GAMERS.

Project We Love
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Boy Howdy! The Story of CREEM Magazine

Unfiltered and unapologetic, CREEM remains America's only true rock'n'roll magazine—long after publishing its final issue.

$1 To Break Up With My Kindergarten Girlfriend? #FindMarquia

This is my viral experiment, designed to reunite me with my long lost kindergarten girlfriend. So I can break up with her. #FindMarquia

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  • Project We Love
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    LGHtv is taking our award-winning show, The FIND, to the 'hardest hit' city in the United States to prove that love is winning!

  • Project We Love
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    DRYNX Animated Shorts + New Album

    Help fund the creation of a series of animated shorts starring DRYNX, plus an entirely new DRYNX album

  • Cops and Monsters: The Ties That Bind - Indie Webseries

    "Cops and Monsters" is an on-going supernatural web-series following the cases of the Paranormal Investigation Team Scotland.

  • Welc2daIndie

    Two ambitious film school grads try to overcome their frustrating situations and break into the industry.

  • Cloudburst - A 24-Hour Alternate Reality Game

    In this interactive webseries, players have 24 hours to save a small town and possibly the world from a ghostly fate.

  • The Vanishing Garden

    A six-episode web series that deals with family in the wake of a catastrophic event.

  • Geekstreet Cafe - A new kind of tech talk.

    We want to create a Youtube daily show that will talk about tech, music, and geek, all in a hilarious and fun atmosphere.

  • Life as a Mermaid - Season 2

    In this eco-aware fantasy family series, Madison the mermaid faces new challenges and unexpected adventures in the human world.

  • The Walking Dead Interactive

    This Walking Dead Fan Film is going to be an interactive live action film, taking The Walking Dead video game and bringing it to life.


    Jenny Greenteeth takes 5 teens as leverage; as their siblings are unable to cast a spell to bring her back. Powerful Magic is needed.

  • Day Off Films "Part Timers"

    The coolest guys in the city are back in action. A one and only show of it's kind "Part Timers". Support indie filmmakers and artist.

  • Gigahoes Season 2

    The sexy and hilarious adventure continues as Steven, and the bots from Artificial Intercourse, struggle against becoming obsolete.

  • Theo & The Professor: Webseries

    A character-driven, horror-comedy series following two unlikely partners who investigate the paranormal and battle forces of evil.

  • VirtualCraft

    VirtualCraft is an epic adventure fraught with adventure and vivid emotions. Join our characters as they fight to survive.

  • Sources Say...The Series

    Meet the people working behind the scenes to protect the image of your favorite celebrities and simply known as: "Source"

  • No Shites Givin

    No Shites Givin is a funny, witty and fun talk show with James and Sarah on current events, politics, sports, music, movies and more.

  • Talk to Me: The Series of Monologues

    An original web-series of monologues for YouTube. Tune in every week and have a new character break the 4th wall and talk to you.

  • Julia Caesar Web Series

    Synthetic Unlimited presents a powerful adaptation of William Shakespeare's classic political drama with a timely modern twist.

  • MIDS

    A modern desi adaptation of a Midsummer Nights Dream told over the course of 10 episodes and 1 unforgettable night

  • Spirit Ronin Kyuubei Indie Tokusatsu Hero Project

    A masked hero comes to the Boston area! He is the bridge between the living and the supernatural! Spirit Ronin Kyuubei!

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