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Spectacle Theater: South 3rd Street Forever!

Help us continue showing lost and forgotten movies for $5!

What's popular

Mythica 3: The Necromancer - starring Kevin Sorbo

The 3rd film in the epic Mythica saga, the largest indie fantasy project ever. Follow the continuing adventures of Marek and her team.

Film & Video in United States

Hedda Gabler: a play (and film)

Produce both a site-specific play and a high quality film of Henrik Ibsen's under-appreciated masterpiece, Hedda Gabler.

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  • Everything is a Remix: Five Year Anniversary Celebration

    It's been five years since the launch of the popular Everything is a Remix video series. Celebrate by picking up a t-shirt or poster.

  • The Bridge

    An eccentric daughter-father duo has an odd plan to save their dying frontier trading post: they will build a bridge.

  • ShrunkenheadsTv - Independant Alternative Universe Tv Show !

    Six! New episodes of the Worlds' finest Independent Hallucinatory Magic Realist Alt. Music, Art, Comedy & Skits Tv Show.

  • FEAR OF SUCCESS ( A 'Real' Reality Show / Season 1 )

    "I Live In Reality....Where Dreams Go To Die."

  • Cooking with Drag Queens, Season 2

    Follow around your favorite drag queens & meet some sizzling new gals in Season 2 of this delicious cooking show.

  • Man Child, the short series

    Man Child is a short web series following Kevin and his awkward adventures as a comic book aficionado in a less than friendly world.

  • The Inconvenience of Haven

    The Coming of age story of an African American Trans woman’s journey from the black church of Augusta to the mean streets of Philly.

  • Everlasting

    Isobel Thomas, a teenager living in the sleepy town of Sable Grove, is drawn to a new guy whose dark secret changes her life.. forever.

  • Elevator Stories

    A love story based in the elevator of a NYC apartment building, between a serial dater and a struggling comic book artist.

  • World Heritage - Patrimoine Mondial

    Traveling around the world to make people discover, appreciate and understand -why- these are our world heritage sites.

  • Flying on a dime

    I have my PPL, a Go pro and an airplane. I want to take new, old and non pilots on my adventure of learning.

  • Meet The Tribe

    We are starting a machinima in the popular video game Ark: Survival Evolved. With better computers we can continue to improove.

  • Chasing American Muscle

    We want to create a web series about building/restoring American musle cars to their former glory.

  • Pressure Pointe

    When a young dancer gets accepted into the country's most prestigious ballet academy, her dream slowly becomes a nightmare.

  • Preggers in Dover Supplemental Funding

    We won the Dover Grant to shoot more episodes of Preggers! We have new scripts, a great crew, & the BEST actors donating their talent!

  • Tales From The Outer Ends - Episode 1. Lilith

    A web series in which a young rapper's hunger for success leads to dabblings in magic, which gets him the girl, but may cost him dearly

  • The Life Of McClick

    The Life Of McClick Is About How Ramdom His Life I's Surrounded By Bad People And His Job Is Going Nowhere

  • Creative Solutions Field Trips

    CSFT is a 360° web series where Isme & Mordecai interview the world's most creative problem solvers to the world's biggest challenges.

  • BATMAN BEYOND: The Series [DVD pre-order]

    BATMAN BEYOND :The Series is a fan-made, non profit, LIVE ACTION, film project funded by fans, family, and friends!! Spread the word!

  • The Alternative Kitchen - Cooking Show Pilot

    Stu Henshall's The Alternative Kitchen wants you to be involved in an innovative new cooking show. Celebrities, unique recipes, FUN!

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