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New & Noteworthy

Scarlet Ninja and the Pirate Prince

A Love Meme! An Internets Fairy Tale! A Magical Cosplay Extravaganza!

What's popular

Last Black Man in San Francisco

A young man with a big dream (and a quirky best friend) searches for home in the changing city that seems to have left him behind

Film & Video in United States

In the Hills and Hollows

Rural West Virginia communities, steeped in history and heritage, are facing yet another uncertain future.

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  • "Kyle Supley's Out There!" A New Series. Get Out to Get In!

    Kyle Supley's Out There! is a new series celebrating New York City's coolest people and places through adventures, interviews and more.

  • Kaméléo : la websérie artistique éducative pour les enfants

    L'Art, tu comprendras quand tu seras plus jeune...

  • Gastown - The Web Series

    A politically incorrect, comedy, web-series dealing with the challenges of race, relationships, and trends of Generation Y

  • Transhuman

    A futuristic, dramatic piece about the troubles and triumphs of our species. Transhuman is about choices. Transhuman is about change.

  • Hazy

    A comedy series about the hardships of being in your twenties as an artist in a corporate world.

  • The Wild Goose

    A new video series on the Holy Spirit with Fr. Dave Pivonka,TOR.

  • Borderline

    This is a journey of four friends from Chicago who faces challenges that will help them grow or destroy them as individuals.

  • What I Didn't Expect While She Was Expecting

    A Youtube series that follows a daily journal during my wife's pregnancy. Sex, anxiety, money, & "Dr. Finger Exams" are all covered

  • Ex-Best

    A comedy about the friend you thought you had.

  • Camera Obscura: Alternate Reality for the Classroom

    An alternate reality game that teaches photography to 7-12 grade students: making education more effective, engaging and awesome.

  • Guilty

    Everyone is guilty of something...

  • Pushing Paint ... A YouTube WebSeries

    Help create web series dedicated to the instruction of Gouache painting of portraits utilizing lapse speed playback filmed with GoPro.

  • Marvelless Martan: The Web Series

    A comedy web series whose creator needs funding for filming Season 2 and attending selected web festivals

  • Beth and Charly

    ABOUT THE SHOW Charly is a child star on a comeback. Beth is her friend-sistant. A web series about fame, dysfunction and kombucha

  • Eyes of the Army Television Series

    A show about 4 Army Combat Photographers dealing with life in the Army, as a combat photographer, and trying to understand life

  • The Apartment - Mini series

    A mini series of 4 unlikely friends living in an apartment together, struggling through love, work and life.

  • School of Assassins

    An action packed/comedy series about surviving school, fitting in, & learning how to save the world from evil, one bullet at a time.

  • Sequencing Links with Siteswap Matrices

    The goal, in choreography using siteswap systems, is to consider the objects with care and concern. This project shares coding ideas.

  • My Motorcycle Diaries: Trip to Talk to Inspired Male Leaders

    This Summer I will be riding from the Maine to San Diego on my 2004 Honda Shadow Aero, interviewing heart-centered male leaders.

  • S.A.M - 1

    Man tried creating Artificial Intelligence once. It failed. Now, we try again, to discover if being human is more then natural birth

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