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  • King of Tortuga Card Game

    King of Tortuga is a pirate-themed player elimination card game for up to eight players.

  • Fun-Dough-Mentals

    Fun-Dough-Mentals is a simple card game to teach kids the basics of money; EARN, SAVE, SPEND, AND GIVE. Created by some great KIDS!

  • waveBlend: Whole House Audio

    Enjoy whole house audio using your home network and current audio systems. No subscriptions, master unit, or crappy built-in speakers.

  • Coloring Coorain: Season 3

    A surrealist reality talk show digital fantasy art television web show reporting live from the art world.

  • Cooter's Handcrafted Coin Rings

    What are a few coins worth these days? I make them into a keepsake, a conversation piece, a gift, a cherished art form.

  • Cooking with verjuice at home

    Verjuice is a unique cooking ingredient. I want to share my love of cooking with verjuice through a new cookbook & product line.

  • "Move That Earth" - Sugar Lime Blue Americana Album Release

    The resurgence of vinyl and the smooth retro sounds of Sugar Lime Blue are a match made in heaven, the only thing in the way: Funding!

  • Treasure Toscana...unique as your dreams.

    Our dream is to import handcrafts products from Toscana here in Norway and distribute them all around. Unique pieces of arts.

  • Sarcoma Gets Punk'd Tour

    Skattered Union is seeking funding for our next album and our upcoming tour from Japan to New York. We are playing to create awareness.

  • Print and Production of new album "The Road"

    Raising funds to go into production of the new album "The Road" with offer to pre-order signed copies of album and artwork

  • The Building - Web Series

    An original on demand web series about Dylan Bishop who moves to the city to pursue her dreams, and gets more than she bargained for.

  • Unrivaled Vol.1

    Goku wants to become the monkey king of his hometown. Can this trouble maker prove that he has what it takes to become Unrivaled?!?

  • The Promise - Tempus Films

    A love story set in the harsh climate of Scotland. Dougy has to decide if his love for Allie is stronger than his commitment to his dad


    Here is a startling look into the past, present and future of Snyder and Ditko...

  • Debut Album

    Eyes For Fire is finally ready to release their Debut Album but we need YOU to help us put the final touches on it.

  • Three Five-Track EPs in 12 months

    Help me release an EP every four months in the next 12 months. Five new tracks each with new cover photos and new music videos.

  • Van De Graaff Generator, Engineering, and Children

    We're looking to build a classic Van De Graaff generator to help share our freshman college engineering experience with local youth.

  • Assistive Technology for children with Autism

    Ground breaking technology to assist parents and practitioners to encourage children to move away from closed autisticic behaviour

  • Documentary: Bonnaroo Music Festival 2015

    Friends and I seek to create a documentary based on one of the country's most popular film festivals.

  • FÅÇÅDE Branded Toques (FACADE)

    Contemporary, fashion-forward toques, perfect for the winter-spring transition that you can wear multiple ways.