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  • We The Bearded

    Products for bearded Men and the Woman who love them

  • KenzaGo

    Southwestern spin on Asian cuisine with a certain European flare to the style of serving. Offering Events, Catering & Food Truck soon..

  • Soap Life

    We make quality handmade soaps from exotic spices and raw natural ingredients that are nourishing and therapeutic for the skin.

  • ROD BURRIS + NASHVILLE PRODUCER + YOU = 5 Radio Ready Songs!

    Fund this music project to help songwriter Rod Burris create 5 radio-ready masters for his 7 song EP by Nashville Producer Stacy Hogan!

  • Meta

    My work is performance based but I branch out in writing, photograghy and ceramics. Donate what you can to help fund my future :)

  • Bridgewater Café

    An independent approach to regenerate the Runcorn Town Centre area, providing a new, modern & affordable facility for all to enjoy.

  • From the Street to the Stage

    Zoë Rae has spent five years writing insightful songs and is ready to create a CD to share with the world!

  • Holy Grail

    A cup of blood taken off the ice from man and used to feed Life

  • Cadence Schultz- Be part of the start up of a young vocalist

    Wouldn't you like to of known and been part of Christina Aguilera's career when she was young or Taylor Swift? Now you have a chance.

  • Tarryl's Teaching Tools

    Tools for children and individuals with special needs to assist in getting out into their community and activities within the home.

  • Personalized wood wall clock

    Personalized wood wall clock with your name.

  • Transyltown Volume 2: Starlight Summer

    Timmy, Alicia, and Luna are back for more exciting, fun, and spooky adventures!

  • Fantasy Tales Online

    Indie 2D MMORPG with randomly generated dungeons, player towns, and epic boss battles.

  • Twain Central

    "Twain Central" is a web site that will contain several books by Mark Twain, with colorized dialog to indicate who is speaking.

  • Night Anxiety - Episode One

    Night Anxiety Episode One puts you into the shoes of an Alien Abductee who keeps getting abducted by aliens (without knowing).

  • Susana Silva "Words of Power" Debut Album - Final Steps

    Susana Silva Final stage of Debut Album "Words of Power" Video Clip + Live Studio Acoustic Session. A new step to a new beginning.

  • Stellar

    Explore and fight your way through a randomly generated universe in a spaceship. Switch between 3D and 2D in the heat of battle!

  • Life Hack Posters

    Life Hack Posters are beautiful graphic prints about life hacks - tips & tricks to save time, do things smarter and make life better.

  • Help Caustic make Industrial Music!

    'Industrial Music', Caustic's first new album in three years, needs your help to bring it to the next level!

  • Self-Made Hobbit hole

    Our previous hole was infected by fungi and now we need new and better materials to make it safe and fungi free.