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  • I'll Diddly Do a Dollar Doodle for You

    I will do a small doodle and mail it to you for a dollar. Or make other cool art for you at higher backer levels.

  • The Last Dragon. Back On The Big Screen.

    A special screening of Barry Gordy's The Last Dragon with Taimak Guariello.

  • The World's First Monkey-Man

    Aims to inspire audiences to simply appreciate the beauty of being human, and to promote compassion in society.

  • Major Rocks

    Major Rocks -"Retro Space Shooter" Arcade Game.Platforms : Android / IOS / Windows/ SONY VITA / MAC /(Ps4 - See Below)

  • Open Source Contemporary Arts Festival

    Open Source is a free and public contemporary arts festival which presents live performances, films and installations.

  • The Great Fish Taco Hunt

    I'm cruising for fish tacos... I want to find them, eat them, and share them with YOU!


    This is to help raise funds for the upcoming video shoot off the project Mob Bidnezz by the artist scorpeez.

  • Traction Roll

    Back pain? Better posture? Here is a quick, cheap, and simple solution. Watch our trial video of a 10 minutes Traction Roll session.

  • Support Kimmy Kate's Anti-Bullying Tour

    This Spring, Kimmy Kate takes to the stage to fight against bullying around the world. Help her raise support for her debut music tour!

  • Help me expand my ethical & cruelty free boutique!

    Lucid8; Cruelty free and ethical ladies & men's clothing from underground & cult designers. No fur, no leather & no mass production.

  • Hedwig comes to Worcester

    New theater production company, Bush League Productions, needs to raise money for the rights for the musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

  • Sports Widow Mobile App

    Need to know if your spouse/partner is going to be grumpy this weekend? Sports forecasting for non-sports fans, to keep the peace :)

  • UPLINE Ultimate Apparel

    UPLINE - A different CUT on ULTIMATE apparel. Provides gear for ultimate players made by ultimate platers. Partners with SAVAGE.

  • Old School Tactical

    Fast and furious battles for 2 players. Tanks, planes, artillery, machine guns, and the soldiers to man them. All in 16 pages of rules.

  • How to Drill a Well for Water

    To make a video demonstrating how modern people drill wells to supply water to their homes in the United States

  • Zayn Underwear

    I'm creating an underwear line that is fun, vibrant and above all - comfortable!

  • The 99 - Political Pop Done Right!

    We have a song YOU want heard... And it's climbing up the FM radio"Charts"right NOW! Help us keep the momentum moving forward.

  • Accessories to Dream Of

    We are amateur jewelry makers trying to make something we love into a continuing and beneficial hobby for us both.

  • New Morse Code Debut CD!

    Hannah Collins and Michael Compitello record new cello/percussion music by Caroline Shaw, Paul Kerekes, Tonia Ko, and Robert Honstein!

  • Clcjrdesigns

    I create by hand one of a kind life treasures for people. I make baskets, knifes, and illustrate on paper wood or steel.