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  • Help re-open Hot Diggity Dog!

    Hot Diggity Dog is Southern Marylands favorite gourmet hot dog stand! Our cart got destroyed, and we need YOU to help us reopen!

  • From Trail to Summit: A Colorado Climbing Documentary

    Two flatlander friends go on a mountain climbing adventure to Colorado.

  • Muay Thai changed my life

    Muay Thai has changed my life in may ways as far as lifestyle goes. I have dreamt of ways to influences others about the art.

  • RedLiteLetsPlay

    A quest to play and record any and every game released on the Ps1 game system.

  • The Modern Prometheus

    The Modern Prometheus is a feature length film based on Frankinstein by Mary Shelly.We are taking a modern/sci-fi twist on this film.

  • Inspire - NEYE

    Since 1969 the NEYE has inspired musicians worldwide to use music as agent of positive change and to renew the spirit.

  • Chandrian Sculpture

    I am creating an SFX life-size figure inspired by a character from Patrick Rothfuss's famous book series, the Kingkiller Chronicle.

  • "JurassicJurassix" by The Guilt

    This is my first time making a studio album on my own, and I need your help to make it happen. A very limited release on cassette tape.

  • Changing The World Through Sport

    I believe the power of sport can truly make a difference in the world in underdeveloped countries.

  • Cinderfellaman Album

    An Eclectic Gumbo Of Music That Has Mass Appeal

  • Instrument Medley Debut Album

    I've been slowly teaching myself how to play various instruments over the last 8 years in my free time. Time to make something!

  • Education in the Chittagong Hill Tracts

    Our goal is to develop educational materials for students in the Chittagong Hill Tracts and build an anthology of their folktales.

  • Golden Dance Experiment Season 3 Projects and Performances

    Please help Golden Dance Experiment fund their annual choreography showcase and music video production of "Denihilsm" by Gonzostein.

  • Nershfest Music Festival 2015

    From the backyard to the brewery, Nershfest is now a full-blown music festival! All proceeds will support the MN Music Coalition.

  • I Awoke Alone

    I Awoke Alone is a short novel based on the survival of one man, the last man on Earth. No bodies, no evidence, only a vanishing.

  • "My City" A photographic journey of D.C

    I would like to create a coffee table book full of beautiful photos of D.C monuments and places enjoyed by locals.

  • Wishlings Children's Picture Book

    Every time a wish is made, a wishling is born. Follow the wishlings from planets to moons to the wishing star, where wishes come true.

  • Queen of the Highway

    A folk singer bound for LA encounters the darkest inhabitant of the California Desert night.


    I absolutely love Hip-Hop music. My plan is to build a unique website for it. So that everyone can enjoy the Hip-Hop culture. .

  • DANKYfresh Superior Quality Eco-Friendly Products

    DANKYfresh was established in the backwoods of Canada. Handmade products from Toronto, Moscow and California for pure freshness.