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  • Magic Hair Cutter

    The magic hair cutter is a Vacuum hair cutter system that uses the suction power of your household vacuum to draw the hair up and cut.

  • Red Rover

    Red Rover, Red Rover, send our dream right over! Two young talents from Eastern KY collaborate to create music that anyone can enjoy!

  • Masters of Hawaiian Music Film Series 2015

    George Kahumoku Jr. and David Barry of Makai Studios are continuing to perpetuate Hawaiian music & culture with two new films in 2015

  • Non-Gmo organic farm in Riverside, CA

    Organic non-gmo & heirloom farm. All fruits and veggies grown are not genetically modified! Say no to Frankenveggies!!


    Decorations is playing the 2015 SXSW Music Festival in Austin, Texas but we can't do it alone - we'll need your help.

  • -Stitched Apparel-

    Cultivated & grown in New jersey ive seen hard time and good times yet all along i did it with just the clothes on my back.

  • 'Sight Specific' Art Exhibition in Clapham Orangery

    A site specific exhibition within the facade of Clapham's orangery, displaying works which have a relationship with the space.

  • The Permutation 7" double single release

    The Permutation needs your help with their next stoner rock release! Recording is done, we only have the mastering and release to go!

  • Building a turbine in Africa & telling the story for kids

    A children’s book, The Adventures of the Windy Twins and Turley Turbine, and installation of an Energeni wind turbine in Zimbabwe.

  • Why Waterworks Won't Work. A Comora's Stories Book.

    Comora's Stories is a series of children's books that address the lack of ethnic and gender diversity in children's literature.

  • My Resolution

    The long anticipated solo project from Jonathan Bryan Williams is finally coming to pass thanks to you!

  • The Good View Bakery

    If Julia Child taught us anything, it is to be nothing but fearless. Fulfill our fearless dream by helping a bakery come back to life!

  • O'Brother

    This is a comic strip. The panels are presented one at a time, the dialog, music and sound effects play on your device's speakers.

  • Project Photon

    I just need your help to make my dream a reality. I will also create a "Historical Cenotaph"

  • Athens Workshop & Gallery

    It's time for educating adults and teens in craft focused workshops and having a contemporary craft gallery in Athens Georgia.

  • Endwright Road Community Garden

    In the Spring of 2015, we hope to launch the garden on the west side of Bloomington, IN in order to serve our neighbors and friends.

  • Mighty Pizza Oven 2 (MPO2)

    Bake your favorite pizza to perfection on your backyard grill with the portable Mighty Pizza Oven 2!

  • The MugStacker

    A simple device that allows you to confidently stack a variety of mugs, saving and organizing your cabinet space. Get stacking!

  • Everything is Bigger

    Hailing from Houston, Texas, comes one of the most talented underground rap artists today, Johnny Clutch

  • hole in my heart

    A mother's relationship with the daughter she gave up for adoption, exposing hard truths about adoption today.