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Kniterate: The Digital Knitting Machine

Create a design and press knit. A compact digital knitting machine to bring fashion fabrication back to your neighbourhood.

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dadamachines: music machines for everyone!

The dadamachines automat toolkit enables you to tap, move and bang to make sound with the world around you. Hackable & open-source!

Project We Love
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Roadie 2 and Roadie Bass Automatic Instrument Tuners

Fully standalone, vibration detection to tune in the noisiest environments and compatible with almost all stringed instruments

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Superscreen – Supercharge your phone with a 10.1” HD display

The features of a $600 iPad in a $99 device. Superscreen gives you the benefits of a tablet with the power & convenience of your phone.

ZeTime: World's first smartwatch with hands over touchscreen

Proudly designed in Switzerland, the perfect always-on smartwatch blending classic design and smart features at an affordable price

UPRIGHT GO | Fix Your Screen-slouch, Correct Your Posture

Easily correct your screen-slouch with a tiny habit-forming wearable. Train, track and improve your posture for sustainable back health

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  • Open Wing: An Open Source UAV Building Kit

    The Open Source Erector Set for UAV systems. A modular design erector set an standard, letting anyone build a scalable, fixed wing UAV.

  • Wataircraft

    We are creating a concept watercraft to develop a completely new sport merging jet ski, hydrofoil and ekranoplane technologies

  • The Douglas DC-3, a Flying Museum!

    Vintage Wings Inc. is a 501(C)3 nonprofit that recently purchased this Douglas DC-3 & will return it to the air as a flying museum.

  • Dron-X

    We are the team of enthusiasts in the field of new technologies. Together with leading scientists we create our own drone software.

  • VTOL Drone

    Needing funds to pay for Materials and Labor costs.

  • 1st stair climbing trolley

    création d'un fauteuil électrique high tech Globetrotter qui monte 3000 marches d'escaliers pour handicapé avec 150 kg, d'une main.

  • Project We Love
    31d0f545b16508b5635c9d33a4ccb89a original

    Experience first-person-view flight on a paper airplane with a LIVE streaming camera, via Google Cardboard.

  • Project We Love
    3e673c0d653d869995c058adaa9e1031 original

    Sprite is a completely different kind of unmanned aerial vehicle. Portable, rugged, powerful, and easy to use. A tool, not a toy.

  • Project We Love
    E1904c0c7b446e7b198d5080aeb5e6d2 original

    Meet Spiri, the programmable, autonomous flying robot. Designed for you and your projects.

  • Project We Love
    Ceb415fe95ec336355228b4f8a3da159 original

    We hit our goal last month and plan to have the rest of the frame erected by August.After that we attach the siding and put planes in it!Thank you for your support.  Please visit what your donation has wroght next time you are in the area.

  • Project We Love
    076e61db387c56d4229fd97e17b91241 original

    Fleye is a whole new kind of drone. Safe, fun and autonomous. Invent the future of flying robots thanks to its open API and SDK.

  • Project We Love
    B25108c1d401e8000ae14841e7c232de original

    From iRobot cofounder Helen Greiner, the first drone for everyone. It's safe, shoots films, and snaps beautiful pictures.

  • Project We Love
    2e317d858545b4de4b61a125dd9f1b30 original

    The world´s first smartphone controlled gaming drone for single & multiplayer dogfights, air races & stunts.

  • Project We Love
    1336a3d0660449f2159a6045fb7a73e3 original

    To commemorate the centennial of World War I, we want to get our Fokker Dr.I Triplane back in the air. Let's get this Fokker flying!

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    Bc4db795810c3390219ea8f7f47e7a81 original

    Hoverbike is a revolution in aviation, designed to do what a helicopter does, but cost less and do so better

  • Project We Love
    3048611bc664a824def48b8bca80f43a original

    Grant your smartphone access to the third dimension.

  • Project We Love
    830a89783f0760ef9799fd801673f8ba original

    International student team creating an unmanned aerial vehicle system to combat African rhino poaching and illicit wildlife trafficking

  • Project We Love
    8fefc4b7115a45166741e55c3ddcc1f7 original

    Help us restore the airplane that gave women wings, and inspire young people with the story of America’s first female military pilots.

  • Project We Love
    D5a614a61700a83b9e32b11a6ca419ff original

    Help us launch a 2-stage rocket in Sept. The 1st stage payload is a 5-gal keg of beer. The 2nd stage has a full 15-gal keg of beer.

  • Project We Love
    24ef1c2722452828824cd8d476820455 original

    Help us complete the restoration of "That's All, Brother," the aircraft that led the D-Day invasion.