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  • Steptek, an Accurate, Simple and Data Secure Pedometer

    A truly accurate pedometer that is simple to use. No need for a smart phone, Apps or internet. Keeps your data securely with you

  • Blog about what international students think about USA

    I speak to the students who had the opportunity to visit USA: Let's gather all your thoughts, impressions, pros and cons into one place

  • Performance Parking

    1 night performance on the 11th floor of a multi-storey car park: making theatre more accessible and utilising public space.

  • Afro-Cuban Culture Photobook

    This photobook will expand on the daily lives of the Afro-Cuban people through photo illustration, and perspective revolving text.

  • Wy'East Music Festival

    The Wy'East Music Fest is all about the local community of Sandy, OR 100% of the proceeds will go to local charities and people in need

  • Solar Power on the go

    Help us give you all an excellent gift for the new year.

  • Paradox City

    Heroes meets Breaking Bad: Heroes go bad, Villains seek redemption in this sci fi thriller. No one enters Paradox City, no one leaves

  • 2,000 Portraits - you are included.

    $1 = Black & White portrait of any picture you send me (one face only). $3 = Full Color portrait up to two faces.

  • Ziggy's Mural Project in the alleys of Anchorage.

    I would like to create more murals in the back alleys of downtown Anchorage, Alaska this upcoming summer of 2015

  • BUBS

    Big Ugly Barbecue Shirts: Casual wear for family guys.

  • Stephen Lindsay in Double Trouble

    Stephen Lindsay is a cooperate lawyer, as far as his family knows that is. He is really a spy whose double life is catching up with him

  • Reagan's Message

    Promoting the legacy of Ronald Reagan, by publishing a book of quotes, "The Gipper's Playbook" and a trendy T-Shirt of the President.

  • Growing Simple - The Old World Garden Book & Tour Project

    To publish "Growing Simple", a book on living a more simple and fulfilling life through gardening, cooking, canning and a DIY lifestyle

  • Go Method Short Film

    A struggling comedic actor decides to try 'the method' with some deadly consequences...

  • AARON McGLOIN DANCE | Making Moves

    We're making three new dances for the Spring! Please help us reach our goal of sharing our art with the dance community at large!

  • Dance Ambassador Certification Program

    Offering an affordable Dance Teacher Certification Program allowing dance teachers to share their passion with youth in their schools.

  • FAME clothing: F.or A.ll M.y E.ndeavors

    FAME clothing art t-shirts designed with unique art that brings a sense of style and creativity to every master piece.

  • Sinful Reaper First Mixtape

    A mix-tape to share with the world that will bring happiness, inspiration and a source for others to grow and possible learn from.

  • "I.M.:Inspiring Minds" Poetry CD

    Inspiring Minds is more than a CD of poetry, it is a journey. It is that ray of hope that I believe people have been waiting for.

  • Rak Shalom's Next Big Album

    Rak Shalom a cappella group is looking to produce a new CD this spring. However, we need your help! (Video thanks to Ryan Sevel)