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  • Do Not Duplicate

    A short comedy/light drama lead by fate and one man's obstacles. Just one small decision could change your life and for Elvin, it does.

  • Coterie Worklounge

    A stylish lounge that performs like an office.

  • Final Breakthrough Lords

    The weblog wants to explore new ways to inform people about the wonderful world of alcohol.

  • Throwback Theatre

    A Theatre to vote for & view older movies/indie films on the big screen. Customers choose the genre & vote up the films want to see!

  • Floor Flora

    Floor Flora is a compendium of bacteriology for toddlers and their compatriots.

  • The Row, a Photo Book

    A photo book by Dutch photographer Désirée van Hoek about Skid Row in Los Angeles.


    We are making a new album of all new songs at The Bombshelter in Nashville and need your help! This time we are pressing it to vinyl!

  • Shining Through the Darkness

    An true inspirational story of a young man being called by God to construct a cross along a roadside and the lives it changed forever.

  • I Am Forgotten

    An international short film project. It is about loneliness, wich is caused by the current compulsion to check your Facebook every day.

  • Mama's Minis

    You know nothing compares to the smell. That is, until you get to taste them. Hot, fresh mini donuts. We're bringing them back!

  • Humans in the Cosmos: The Need for Geoengineering

    My ambition is to turn my book – The Philosophy of Global Warming – into a documentary film.

  • Blankets, Diapers and Quilts

    This project will people to choose what fabric goes into their blankets, cloth diapers, quilts along with many other baby items

  • The Brink of Sanity: Skirting the Edge

    Fictional first person account of a girl that exposes her truths as she writes a letter he will never read.

  • Tick Tock Clock

    With rare film, 1950s Texas teenagers, dance & party their way from the birth of rock and roll, through time, to the digital age.

  • Andrew Russell's Debut EP!

    I am creating my debut EP of 5 original songs that I have written.

  • JT French Bulldogs

    JT French Bulldogs is making a website raising awareness for the breed and also breeding pure bred French Bulldog Puppies

  • You Are God to One Person

    A story-driven god simulator where instead of controlling a city or an empire, you instead have absolute control over one person.

  • Documenting Kobani's recovery after ISIS attacks

    I'm raising money to buy a new camera for Kurdish journalist Jack Shahine so he can document Kobani's recovery after ISIS attacks

  • do you own the dancefloor

    A documentary about what happened when the Hacienda nightclub was sold at auction. All profits from the film will go to charity.

  • Vandal

    A short film about breaking into a system that won't recognize your talents. "Exit Through the Giftshop" meets "Devil Wears Prada"