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hindsight - a periodical, pictorial review of our urban past

hindsight is an exploration of issues facing our cities: we will revisit the past in order to discover our present and plan our future

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The Children of 1917 ~ Relaunched

Exploring the last century of Russian history though the words and lives of Russians born 100 years ago, in 1917.

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Aphrodite Emerges—a memoir by Susie Herrick—art by Elle Luna

An inspiring story about how psychotherapist Susie Herrick changed her father’s life with an email.

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The Mastery Journal by John Lee Dumas

A step-by-step guide to mastering productivity, discipline and focus in 100 days!

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The Art of CursiveLogic - Relax. Color. Learn Cursive.

A revolutionary handwriting instruction method artfully woven into a relaxing, adult coloring book.

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Milivoj Ćeran Norse Mythology Art Book

Breathtaking artbook based on Norse mythology, by award-winning illustrator, Milivoj Ćeran

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  • The Land of Elpoep, YA Fantasy (teen author)

    The Land of Elpoep by Elizabeth Areson. $1 for an #ebook plus 2 other rewards and you challenge a teen girl to chase her dream. A Deal!

  • What Now? A Creative Workbook Journal Thing

    When things get hard, it’s difficult to know what to do or how to cope. This journal aims to be there to help in those moments.

  • Snow Island: Chronicles of a Wererabbit

    Join Snow, the only rabbit shifter, on her journey to become a hero. Hopeful YA Fantasy theme of environmentalism, self empowerment.

  • Novel The Faewitch Trilogy

    In this Urban Fantasy Trilogy full of fire a young girl discovers a world full of magic and unlocks a deadly secret. Film-worthy action

  • Adam Disaster Saga, you as a protagonist!

    Improving the way of "living" a book. You can be drawn in the story and you can interact with others characters through social media!

  • Missionary FIT for The Work

    This fitness program is specifically designed for the yearly 85,000 LDS missionaries that currently serve everywhere in the world.

  • Youth Leadership

    Today our youth need more leadership training than ever. We developed 5 books (sessions) on various Youth Leadership topics.

  • Only for boys

    Relation ship advice for boys. Great book. There will be ready recipes backed out with hundreds of great examples, and stories.

  • Seven Days Before I Say Good Bye

    Follow a young adult who got bit by a zombie and what he does on his last days left on earth as a human before he joins the undead.

  • Fool to the World

    A young-adult novel (my first!) about a young man who stumbles onto a secret world of magic located in and around Baltimore.

  • Project We Love
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    In Emily June Street's exciting feminist steampunk novel, an 18 year old is forbidden from bicycle racing. Guess what happens next. The book is out and available from EBP/Microcosm!

  • Project We Love
    Be3aa489c8d37d7b3fdd568fb4dadc70 original

    THE RECOLLECTION OF TREES is a mystical, emotional tale of secrets & self-discovery blending witches, family dysfunction, & first love.

  • Project We Love
    636fce611d3845992d1227f64290b529 original

    This Interactive Title Suite - StoryApp Tour & Book - Brings to Life 16th Century Florence & Renaissance Giants: Michelangelo & David

  • Project We Love
    1d644b1d8f97d5351f96c949975259e2 original

    Greg Weisman (Star Wars Rebels, Young Justice, Gargoyles) adapts his YA paranormal novel RAIN OF THE GHOSTS into a full-cast AudioPlay.

  • Project We Love
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    Ever been glued to a crocodile? The most embarrassing stories of fieldwork scientists illustrated in a book!

  • Project We Love
    4c7317867ff30010d977c8a0efc2b244 original

    Interface is a young adult trilogy set in 2048. Big Brother is binge watching.

  • Project We Love
    07cb0d1431aa3093fe7946c36f2db19f original

    Can Kiva and DeeDee learn the secret skills of DreamKeepers before it's too late? Find out with this middle-grade adventure ebook & app

  • Project We Love
    F95f2e83d6d73d58c2c072f2aa9b1482 original

    Juniper Bray, kinky-haired queer nerd, embarks on a magical adventure in Scotland after losing her grandmother in this YA fantasy.

  • Project We Love
    6a9992e136cb612829afe826177010b1 original

    YA Urban Fantasy Novel of demon-hunting warriors, losing their abilities, and a mysterious girl's dreams change everything.

  • Project We Love
    8921bd338a064a5c0fe8250b4117f60f original

    Fun, easy-to-use curriculum shows girls how to become confident leaders for life through hands-on group activities!