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Project We Love
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Amsterdam Coffeeshops - a coffee table book by Andrew Looney

Take an armchair journey to Amsterdam and explore its infamous marijuana "coffeeshops" with this big book of photos and stories!

Project We Love
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Ekta Sketchbooks I-III

Ekta’s sketchbooks offer a unique glimpse into the process of one of the most prolific European artists of his generation.

Project We Love
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Tech Against Trump by Logic Magazine

Tech Against Trump is a book chronicling the rising tide of anti-Trump resistance by technologists and tech workers.

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2084: Sci-fi short story anthology inspired by Orwell

Predictions of our future, inspired by George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four, from 11 leading science fiction writers.

The Dragon Watcher's Handbook

Learn to spot dragons in a variety of locations with this 200 page handbook, plus watercolor paintings, journals, and more!

Project We Love
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Essays on Product Management

A book of my essays on Product Management, including ten new essays. The essays will be categorized into connecting themes.

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  • Globally Recognized Second Language.

    A Global Common Tongue. Giving everyone on the planet the power to communicate with anyone on the planet anywhere on the planet..

  • Atlanta Review Summer 2017 Baltic Poetry (Special Issue)

    Sanctions against Russia, even NATO and EU, are in doubt. There is great urgency for a Special Summer Issue of Baltic Poetry, now.

  • As Cine On TV

    If you can recite movies from start to finish, use it to your advantage by learning a new language! INQUIRIES to:

  • Veteran Education App

    Veterans benefits . Searching several websites is awful. Creating one stop shop, app form. Give exact information anywhere anytime.

  • Project We Love
    58dfb2a9ad90f82c74069eb51186c999 original

    Poly is open source, modern software built to share and learn languages in text and video. (Tax-deductible)

  • Project We Love

    Translating Moby Dick into Japanese Emoji Icons using Amazon's Mechanical Turk.

  • Project We Love
    E8770eb30faf8a96c0e13d4dcd2764b1 original

    Now available on Amazon. Three rare 16th c tailoring manuscripts translated into English, with photos, diagrams, and descriptive text.

  • Project We Love
    94d2a1c81b4799666c098e4821bcf62c original

    The project is aimed at translating contemporary Arabic short stories and publishing them in their original and translated versions

  • Project We Love
    641216968b3fc0aade98313b9133e8ad original

    Awakening: the first 3-Volume English language translation of Malkhas’s classic 1933 Armenian novel, Zartonk (Զարթօնք).

  • Project We Love
    74dd37882e5a8df61e3a1c97b6677dfd original

    A project to print and share our Spanish translation with original artwork inspired by the text. All books printed will be gifted.

  • Project We Love
    6d5a09b6e02d30b79f480d1d3c76ff1b original

    Based on a true story: A British shipwreck, a fearless Argentinian diver and an Australian who wants to know the truth. Now in English!

  • Project We Love
    D1019c1a7a5e3705d02dc07996e9e633 original

    Would you rather be at Pemberley?This travel guide takes you to the places where Jane Austen lived, worked and visited, and the beautiful locations that were used in the film and tv adaptations of her novels.

  • Project We Love
    47d0b29fae75a8db0bc642d6e9adfe87 original

    A century's worth of never before translated, quality Russian science fiction. No political agendas. Just great stories.

  • Project We Love
    D2c17663872e9805e6142980c937f778 original

    Réédition et traduction française de la norme graphique conçue par Danne & Blackburn pour le redesign de la NASA en 1975.

  • Project We Love
    8d6bab7222cafa98f1cd53ea8f2c1231 original

    Intuitive, interactive learning tool for Elvish and any other fictional or existing language. A language teacher's favorite toolkit.

  • More and more people dare to trust the power of love. Do you? We made it! Pure Life will soon be translated into English. A Book for a New Society of Love. Thank you!

  • Project We Love
    F788399465ebb1975c0c0a5a7ae2ee94 original

    Publishing a new translation of fragments from Saxo Grammaticus' Gesta Danorum on pre-Christian religion and mythology of the Slavs

  • The next frontier for cheese: harnessing natural microbes to make cheeses that are not only safe, but exceptional and unique.

  • Imagine reading a book in English that progressively introduces you to more and more Spanish as you read.

  • Creating Communication Cards for Syrian Families and all of those who would like to work with them. Sponsor families, healthcare, etc.