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  • MrTylerBrent's Debut Album

    Need support from the fans to release my debut album! THERE IS AWESOME REWARDS FOR EVERYONE EVEN IF ITS A DOLLAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • A Little Portrait Artist's Big Dream

    I'll draw your face! With your help, a Portrait artist can live her dream, while getting some unique and personal art in return.

  • Help WAG Get a Record Deal!!

    WeAreGeneration is trying to raise money to be apart of Glory Sound Studios!

  • Hand Crafted Leather Roses Kick Off for LeatherFlorist

    Beautiful hand crafted leather roses made one at a time for the best possible quality product.

  • Bad Campaign- The Politically Charged Party Game!

    Unfortunate Slogans, Terrible Promises, and Thoughtless Statements will take you all the way to White House!

  • Set Fire To The Stars

    We've made it in English - now we want to get it to the rest of the world with international languages, subtitles - and iTunes Extras

  • OUYA Tennis

    A retro 2d tennis game with most natural physics and handling

  • Electronimoes - Circular Atomic Bonding Playing Cards

    Electronimoes circular atomic bonding cards are the chemistry game to play first! Think dominos with patterns where like elements match

  • Little Kids, Big Words

    Help me publish my picture books designed to teach all kids to read & speak with brilliance!

  • The Last Superhero

    Help us make our crazy little superhero film!

  • Cuba in Transition

    A colorful portrait of life in Cuba, including intimate conversations about the embargo and the changing relationship with the U.S.

  • The Hollow Earth

    An immersive 3rd person shooter experience based on one of the most fascinating theories of all time, The Hollow Earth.

  • Restoration of Brisbane City Council Volvo B59 #827

    We are seeking funds to restore a 1978 Volvo B59 route bus formerly operating with the Brisbane City Council of Queensland, Australia.

  • Memes for Steams!

    Sharing memes with our backers for money to buy steam games for less privileged children. You get memes, they get steams!

  • The Cremators House

    London's newest independent film company looking for funding to produce our first project 'The Cremators House' @DenoglaFilms

  • Evangelina's Vegan Desserts

    Wilmington, Delaware's first 100% vegan bakery!

  • ZodiacEmpires: a Pathfinder & D&D 5e RPG Fantasy Setting

    The world is in ruins after the Darkest War. Nations vie for power and evils lurk in the dark. Now more than ever, Vathis needs heroes.

  • My Time

    We are looking to fund our next EP. It's jam packed with hits and great songs. You're gonna love this

  • heroin(e)

    A modern historical fiction novel about a young woman trapped in a sophisticated synthetic opiate cartel during the D.C. Sniper Crisis

  • Don Rafas Salsa

    A special family recipe of salsa goodness since 1940. Friends love it so much, we will make it US-wide.