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  • OvationBox- A Standing Ovation in your mailbox!

    We deliver personal letters of gratitude and love from your closest friends and family in one convenient package.

  • Unattainable

    Short drama following the unexpected fallout of Charlotte's relationship and the true nature of her persistence of love beyond tragedy.

  • Monochrome: North American East Coast

    Using a Hasselblad 500c, I'm setting out to document 100 scenes that epitomize the landscape of the American East Coast.

  • Who am I?

    A dark, emotive thriller based in a Mental Health Institute.

  • A Grateful Donation

    The deadhead community has one more opportunity to change the world. What a long strange trip it's been.

  • Lay of Runes Norse Fantasy Series

    Lay of Runes is a series of interconnected short stories and novels following the misadventures of gods, giants, and dwarfs alike.

  • The Polymath PDF Magazine

    A weekly PDF magazine publishing objective analysis and commentary at the very highest level of intellectual sophistication.

  • The First Artist

    Prehistoric man loses his wife and child to a animal attack, and is the first person to remember his loved ones through cave painting

  • Squatters Issue #2

    Squatters is a comic book about the only natural predator of the human race. Could they conquer the human mind and take our place?

  • DO OR DYE: A Documentary-Fashion Film Hybrid

    Do the clothes really make the (wo)man? This documentary-fashion film hybrid will explore the relationship of fashion and resilience.

  • Battleborn Legacy

    Choose a unique hero, build your economy and wage war vs. your enemies. A 2-4 player fantasy game of resource management and conquest!

  • Roote: the first location services social media app

    See where your friends are, what they're doing, who they're with, how to get there, and how long they're there. Simply, Roote it!


    Authorized bio of 50s Civil Rights icon & history's greatest Martial Artist late Great-Grand-Master Aaron Banks' incredible life story!

  • Yargis - Space Melee

    Yargis is a fast paced spaceship shooter from the top view. Customize your ship and join a battle online or offline.

  • Kasey's Kacti

    At Kasey's Kacti we will help you create your very own cactus garden using any pot, cacti, succulent and figurine of your desire.

  • Impact of Being Human

    Imagine learning about the brain. Imagine learning how you became the way you are. Imagine how your mental health affects a community.

  • Fangless - An Adult Fantasy Romance/Revenge Series

    A free hot adult romance with 4 star reviews on Amazon, Goodreads and more in need of professional editing before paper release.

  • KINGDOM BEAST - Screenprinted T-shirts by SAPRO

    Hi guys! I'm an indie illustrator/artist from Washington State. Help me launch my own t-shirt company by funding this first design!

  • SHIA LABEOUF LIVE! at the Palladium

    A recreation of the popular internet video, Shia LaBeouf Live! by Rob Cantor.

  • "Meetings" The Web Series

    A web series that showcases how each interaction and connection in everyone's life begins with a chance meeting.