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  • Devil Dogs Dough Hooch

    Serving America's Finest Fighting Force in Camp Lejeune tasty pogybate while firing on the rifle range. Who wouldn't want funnel cakes

  • The Patients

    We will be paying popular youtube personalities to star as the 10 patients! You choose them via a poll! Hope they will survive!

  • Great Bears of the Great Bear Rainforest

    Claire and Etienne are heading to the wild B.C rainforest to document and capture a day in the life of a coastal grizzly bear ... or 2

  • StealthFly: An Accessible Mobile Multiplayer Game

    A sound-based mobile multi-player game for the visually impaired and everyone else. Optional graphics. Fully integrated voice prompts.

  • Portrait of a Man

    A museum janitor falls in love with a painting, but in his attempt to live happily ever after, he must come to terms with his past.

  • Die Angst Magazine No.1

    Die Angst is a Magazine for Photography, Graphics, Illustration, Drawing and Comic-Art. Die Angst is based in Berlin.

  • Bottom Drawer EP

    A collection of stories translated into song & compiled into my first professional EP to accompany me in my journey in Nashville, TN.

  • I know you are, but what am I?

    To write a story of his own, a socially inept young adult creates a false persona to learn about other people and their stories.

  • Vintage Microstock - Millions of Never Before Seen Photos!

    Every Photograph Tells a Story.... help us share millions of stories of the past by bringing these rare images to the public.

  • Type 1 Clothing for Diabetics!

    Ive created a clothing line with type 1 diabetics in mind, allowing for easy injections or wearing pumps! Searching for start up costs!

  • Flight to German-Greece meeting of journalists in Athens

    I was selected as one of seven international journalist who will be able to participate at the 5th German-Greek journalist workshop!

  • Spyrogalaxy5d EDM Clothing 2015

    Greetings to the people of Earth my mission is to unite the planet to 5D EDM weareble art clothing and Beyond.

  • Octopus & Panda

    Octopus & Panda meet up and naturally become best friends, they always get up to crazy stuff meeting friends & foes along the way!

  • Kitchen from Austria in Switzerland

    My wife Andrea and I, Michael Kammerhofer want to start a restaurant with special food from Austria in Bern, Switzerland. Regards MK

  • Fama Speakeasy

    Bringing the fine dining and exquisite cocktail experience combined with local art display and performances to Reading,Pa.

  • Rendez-vous l'année dernière avec Jupiter

    Loin, au plus profond de l'univers, pour le voyageur 4 le temps n'a plus de frontière. Court-métrage d’anticipation.

  • Adaptation of A Surge of Chaos

    A bit of funding is needed to get the Mages of the West: A Surge of Chaos adapted into a screenplay. Any help is appreciated.

  • Bicycle Bellezza Playing Cards

    Beautifully crafted Italian Bicycle design printed by USPCC.

  • Soul Sceptics

    Soul Sceptics will be a new YouTube web series showing what it is like to spend the night in the most haunted locations in the U.K.

  • Joshua's Grand Piano Project

    Grand Piano for an 11 year old Prodigy. Joshua has been winning competitions for 4 years and practicing on an old upright.