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  • Bytez - Apparel for Gamers & Techies!

    Bytez Apparel is clothing to represent your inner techie! We are all about technology and gaming and want to show it off in style!

  • Marine Corps Veteran's Brewery Dream

    Veteran and homebrewer who is trying to bring a brewery to Greenville, NC. My buddies and I are looking for any assistance we can get.

  • Tao of Peg - A strategy game for the family

    Strategic game for 2-4 players. Delicate balance of strategy and luck. Challenge your friends! Fun for the entire family!

  • AmericanToolbox goes on the road

    Traveling to artisans & entrepreneurs across America. Recording their work and lives for another year of

  • Death By Scrabble

    Our first short film adapted from Charlie Fish's short story Death By Scrabble. Money pledged will contribute to production fees.

  • FIDO Magazine: Startup

    FIDO (The Fundamentals & Improvement of Dog Ownership) Magazine is Maine's Guide To All Things Dog.

  • 3DFormer: A Pen Draws 3D Models in Air Instantaneously

    3DFormer is the world's only 3D pen adopted in the classroom arts education for 2.5+ hours non-stop drawing - no frustration!

  • The End of the Beginning

    We got screwed. Now we're ready to emerge as a phoenix out of the flames! Either way, you get new music.

  • Shining Seas

    A short film about a former husband and wife in the same assisted living home contemplating "breaking out" and heading for Mexico.

  • KICORA: Kigoma Community College by Radio

    A community college by radio! All that's left is to construct the radio tower which will broadcast education to the Kigoma community.

  • Building Cigar Box Guitars with students in the schools!

    Cigar Box Guitars School Project. A project where I go to schools and teach children how to build and how to play cigar box guitars.

  • The Book of our Lord

    A book diving into the creator of all life. The Father of all his children upon the world we call home.

  • Morilla

    Morilla is disabled and cannot walk, but this has not stopped her creative mind or constrained her imaginative freedom.

  • 'Sasushtini' - Sashimi, Sushi & Miniturised Cocktail Concept

    An unique food & cocktail concept which combines fresh sushi/sashima and matches it with bespoke miniturised cocktails served together.

  • Faith & Able - Because with Faith you are always Able!

    A delightful picture book explaining Down syndrome in a simple and understandable way for children.

  • Suicide Cult Film (Thriller) Very Scary!

    B&W Film. A man is invited to a party in a gymnasium. He soon finds out he's with a suicide cult and the doors are sealed shut!

  • BOSS Athletics

    BOSS Athletics looks to not only supply athletes with off the field apparel, but encourage the youth to get more active with sports.

  • Suppression - Comic

    When Earth hits overpopulation an organization creates an assassination system forcing you to kill your family. How will you save them?

  • 10 Point Brewing Co.

    10 Point Brewing Co. brews quality craft beer. We love what we do and pride ourselves on the final product.

  • Kräkas från Kaknästornet

    Vissa vill bli astronauter, vissa vill hoppa fallskärm. Vår vän vill bli full och kräkas från Kaknästornet. Vi vill filma detta.