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Project We Love
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YES YOU CAN! Children’s Book to Combat Gender Stereotypes

YES YOU CAN shows kids that all toys, colours & hobbies are for ALL children and explains gender stereotypes in a child-friendly way.

Project We Love
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The AlphaBots

A whimsically robotic steampunk journey through the alphabet with over 26 color robot illustrations to spark imaginations of all ages!

Project We Love
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The Light of Deaf Women: Inspirational stories from Visionar

Stories, wisdom, advice, and inspiration from noteworthy and honorary women who happen to be Deaf, all across America to inspire others

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SWEET DREAMS CTHULHU: A Lovecraftian Bedtime Board Book

A new bedtime story from the creators of C IS FOR CTHULHU, sure to help Lovecraft fans & cultists of all ages drift into dreamland.

Project We Love
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2084: Sci-fi short story anthology inspired by Orwell

Predictions of our future, inspired by George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four, from 15 leading science fiction writers.

Project We Love
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Draw Like a Boss : The Second Print Run

Gamified method for learning to draw. Narrative driven, highly visual book that is guaranteed to teach and inspire you.

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  • Project We Love
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    Tech Against Trump by Logic Magazine

    Tech Against Trump is a book chronicling the rising tide of anti-Trump resistance by technologists and tech workers.

  • Project We Love
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    Repast: the First-Ever Food History Magazine

    A new magazine celebrating the past and present of what we eat.

  • Glassing Magazine

    The first ever print magazine for sea and beach glass collectors, enthusiasts, artisans, lovers and addicts

  • READY Publication Mentorship Publishing Initiative

    Two-day READY publishing mentorship for high school girls. The girl's articles will be published nationally in a special issue of READY

  • RINGSIDE SEAT Digital Boxing Magazine

    RINGSIDE SEAT is a new twist in boxing journalism. It combines erudite prose, evocative graphics, & interactive video links.

  • Junior Magazine Issue 2

    Junior is a photographic journal that showcases emerging talent in Irish photography. We are currently producing our second issue.

  • Open Letters - The Next Fifty Issues

    A print experiment that tests the epistolary form as a device for generating conversations about architecture and design.

  • Dr Watt - Magazine jeunesse numérique

    Suivez les aventures du Dr Watt et de son équipage au travers de ce magazine numérique interactif, hyper graphique et méga-cool !

  • The Undergraduate Scholarship Quarterly

    A submission based magazine emphasizing writing, art, and photography, while providing scholarships to Texas college students.

  • Project We Love
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    A collaborative book of short essays and cartoons about 2016.

  • Project We Love
    50cf5d7d7b6dee1082c916a416edc82f original

    Genre-busting short stories, novellas, serials and graphic novels in a pulp anthology magazine. Good books for the price of a beer!

  • Project We Love
    3d18594deb6a0408b06ea1350f327792 original

    Fighting against a world full of hate by celebrating the people, ideas & movements changing the world.

  • Project We Love
    Fd06409178881aa163313a2509a57659 original

    MOLD Magazine explores how design can help feed a hungry planet.

  • Project We Love
    15bdd59c7088f7b3bb7244d29b06c785 original

    An anthology of feminist science fiction about bicycling. A few copies are left in print!

  • Project We Love
    2832b4a5f03aa677080bb886fc6e4906 original

    Firewords Quarterly is a literary magazine packed full of powerful fiction and poetry - all enhanced by bold design.

  • Project We Love
    2e20499caa4ceaf83eaf08ee7a3a32ff original

    The Manual is a design journal for the web. We’re moving beyond just print—to ebooks, audiobooks, and on the web—and we need your help.

  • Project We Love
    8fb3ee384069e9ae34cc822f870abd73 original

    Join us for British history, vintage, creative & sustainable living. Spending wisely, wasting less, appreciating more, skill sharing.

  • Project We Love

    The fourth and final entry of  a queer Chicago collaborative arts & literary digest featuring culture & class(lessness).

  • Project We Love
    Cffead95751f3ea6bc8fc636b0523d57 original

    A journalistic journey through time: Every issue tells the history of a new topic, from the past into the future.

  • Project We Love
    97a20676d68deef7e89c855bfc379d11 original

    A new, full-colour magazine devoted to life in the ancient world, featuring original artwork and accessible yet in-depth articles.