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Project We Love
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The first in a series of books about overlooked, misunderstood, derided, or just plain forgotten films.

Project We Love
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The Word of God by Humble Lamb

Hand-crafted, heirloom Bibles that will change the world. A captivating, beautiful layout designed for a deeper reading experience.

Project We Love
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Jerome's Gift

Jerome's Gift is a beautifully illustrated medieval themed children's adventure picture book for all ages. Hard cover, 48 pages.

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Project We Love
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Kickstarter Gold: Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls 2

A children's book and a podcast that reinvent fairy-tales, inspiring girls with the stories of 100 great women from all over the world.

Project We Love
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Kickstarter Gold: Science Abridged

Now, you can have all of science in one handy pocketbook. Useful for education or in case of worldwide apocalypse.

Project We Love
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GameTek: The Book

Ten Years of GameTek: A book collecting the best GameTek segments from The Dice Tower podcast.

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  • Project We Love
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    Connect novels to the news and experience new worlds with authentic recipes, original illustrations, and artisanal goods + author Q&As.

  • Project We Love
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    Girls at Library: Empowering Female Readers

    GAL is an online magazine that connects and empowers women through literary interviews, book recommendations, and events.

  • Project We Love
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    Umber Magazine

    Umber Magazine is the creative thinker's graphic journal. A printed publication that focuses on culture, visual ideas and design.

  • Ethical Style Journal Goes to Print

    We are a quarterly digital magazine with a goal to be the first print publication to exclusively cover ethical and sustainable fashion.

  • Absintheminded Magazine

    An independent travel & style publication celebrating immersive storytelling through places, spaces and a global community of makers.

  • Immersion Travel Magazine

    Digital. Ethical. Authentic. Immersion Travel Magazine is a member supported platform for the best of immersive and sustainable travel.

  • Niijournal Issue II

    A printed publication exploring the issues of empowerment and representation within race.


    building a platform that helps you navigate an ever-changing world of hard choices and distractions.

  • American Service Dogs Magazine

    American Service Dogs is a quarterly print magazine written for veterans, by veterans.

  • Minorities in Europe

    Publication of a book about the european minorities and solution for political stability in Europe. What could we do better in Europe?

  • Nomade Magazine

    Nomade Magazine est le guide des nomades ; une source d'inspiration et d'information pour tous les voyageurs et amoureux du plein air.

  • Project We Love
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    Genre-busting short stories, novellas, serials and graphic novels in a pulp anthology magazine. Good books for the price of a beer!

  • Project We Love
    3d18594deb6a0408b06ea1350f327792 original

    Fighting against a world full of hate by celebrating the people, ideas & movements changing the world.

  • Project We Love
    Fd06409178881aa163313a2509a57659 original

    MOLD Magazine explores how design can help feed a hungry planet.

  • Project We Love
    18354a0ce7fc11792aad13676076120c original

    Cycletherapy is about grief, loss, healing, joy... and bikes. The book is available now from Microcosm.

  • Project We Love
    426a36478ff874201f8782630a08821a original

    Tech Against Trump is a book chronicling the rising tide of anti-Trump resistance by technologists and tech workers.

  • Project We Love
    97a20676d68deef7e89c855bfc379d11 original

    A new, full-colour magazine devoted to life in the ancient world, featuring original artwork and accessible yet in-depth articles.

  • Project We Love
    0ab86f46fcf7d3be1446e4d85eea05a6 original

    Literary + genre fiction, poetry, art, and more! Help us get issue 7 out the door and into best-of anthos. Because it's that good.

  • Project We Love
    8fad5469e0341bc57cddfcd1ff715d0f original

    Aghast is a bi-annual, illustrated journal of dark fantasy and horror short fiction.

  • Project We Love
    259b810264abd270214eb471e1480532 original

    Issue 1 of The Great Discontent has been sold out for 2 years. We're bringing it back. 1,000 copies. Only on Kickstarter!

  • Project We Love
    2fc504a0a3d4981a8f9cb6e11b276f87 original

    A Professional Magazine of Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature.

  • Project We Love
    15402704cf73c6631cc022e9728b8fff original

    Showcasing the best unpaid & intern talent across the creative industries and initiating a debate about intern culture and its effects.

  • Project We Love
    Dc86d68c8c549f2f963899efabd8b754 original

    Our magazine chronicles one, overlooked American town per issue. Think this American Life meets your daily newspaper. Welcome to Local.

  • Project We Love

    A magazine exploring the frontiers of twenty-first century creativity in timeless print