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  • Pro Detective: Case Files

    Pro Detective: Case Files is a computer video game in which you are a tired detective trying to solve a gruesome murder.

  • College GameDay Football Action Figure

    NCAA College Football Player Action Figure. Bring Home The College GameDay Experience.

  • 3D Printer Program for ALL SCHOOLS!

    We plan to distribute a FULL educational 3D printer program which includes a 3D printer, materials, and a curriculum for High Schoolers

  • ArtyChild - Turning Memories into Masterpieces & Mementos...

    We take individual pieces of artwork and through a process of careful blending and artistic consideration we create a true masterpiece.

  • Crimes of Prisoners

    Stories of crimes committed by actual inmates, in their own words; All put together into a book.

  • Cap - Poetry

    Cap - Poetry is a book of poems from the mind of a Capricorn.


    I am an artist who is looking for support to exhibit my work, It's an exciting journey but I need help...!

  • Cloud Webcam Privacy

    Protects your webcam from scratches and smudges and YOU from creepy hackers in a simple yet elegant design.

  • Music bugzz

    To create a prototype of a beetle shaped MP3 player. it will have some degree of AI and bug-like behaviour to make each one stand out.

  • Tattoos by Ren Lawless

    Im a second year tattoo apprentice, needing help getting equiptment to kick start my career in the right direction!

  • Frankenstein Created Bikers : A 35mm Feature Film

    A 35mm feature Action / Horror sequel to the Award Winning 16mm film DEAR GOD NO!

  • Don't Turn Your Back

    A worker placement/deck-builder board game set in a city of Nightmares. Play. Betray. Survive. Build your deck. Escape the city.

  • 81 Perfect Days: The Story of Cubs Fans

    What makes Cubs fans tick? 81 interviews during 81 home games (and hopefully playoffs) will answer the question.

  • The Crooked Ewe Mug Club

    We are pre-selling our mug club membership to give back to our fans the support you've shown us.

  • Painting Club

    It's not a class, it's a club. It is just a room filled with art painters. All ages welcome. A time with family. A date night even.

  • Bloomtown TV: The Mud, Sweat and Tears of Horticulture

    A webseries about the funny, fanatical folks in the horticulture business who will entertain you right into a pair of gardening gloves.

  • International Photography Exchange

    Raising partial funds for WHS students to engage in an international photography exchange program with Archangel, Russia this Spring.

  • Billy Greenlee

    A father struggling to make peace with his son's death finds reluctant connection with a boy who simply wants one walk down his road.

  • 199 Travel Hacks - The world's largest guide.

    199 Travel Hacks is the largest collection of professional travel secrets in the world. Learn to travel forever with this book!

  • Slick-Mat

    With this project I intend to begin making Custom playmats for trading card games as well as making custom t-shirts and mousepads.