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  • Doc N' Roll (The Full Body Deep Muscle Release Tool)

    Ever notice how you can't get a good hamstring or calf release with a foam roller? It's leverage that's the problem! Here's the answer!

  • Caitlin Warbelow's Fiddle Method and Solo Recording Project

    An ambitious project in two parts! A suite of fiddle teaching materials, and a boxed set of solo recordings in various genres.


    A worship recording project involving: Craig Wilson, Josh Merold, Brian Kammer, Duane McDonald, Paul Bogan and Norm Wozniak

  • Hamhockers: casual shorts for the modern man

    Unique, stylish casual men's shorts. Quality, versatile apparel made for one heck of a summer.

  • Dongled

    Instant, hassle-free mobile internet across all your devices with advanced settings

  • Plane Sight

    There are seven planes of existence. When Jade runs away and meets five unlikely friends, all of their lives change dramatically.

  • The Gates of Charon

    Delve into an adventure based on Greek Mythology and Death. Where the ability to see right from wrong is blurred

  • Everybody's Looking At Their Phone Project

    A compilation of artists all covering/mixing/altering a brand new song from Eli Kluger. Money goes towards special shirts & prints.

  • Jeff Ringwald Music

    I am looking for some additional funding to master my 5 song EP, open up a studio space and create a functional music entrepreneurship.

  • "art of life tour"

    pop up guerrilla gallery brings art, fire, film and a collaboration of strangers across country to a pull out near you...

  • Wave Fountain - Desktop Water Display

    Enjoy the beautiful sight and sound of rippling water waves at your home or office with the new, cordless Wave Fountain.

  • infinitybox. mini-meditation stations

    Would you like to get into a magical, fantastic infinity space anytime, without leaving your house? Immerse yourself into the Universe!

  • Tight Loops Feature Documentary

    A Documentary & Photo book project. We're heading west to Montana in our 1985 VW Westfalia to document life on the road & fly fishing.

  • Night Cage


  • When Cars Decide to Kill - Help Get the Word Out!

    Software in cars now kills people yet we have no software safety laws. Support my effort in creating online information videos.

  • Custom Sneaker Box

    Store your favorite shoes/caps in this premium oversized shoebox and customize it with your favorite team/shoe brand/business name.

  • We Are Products

    The choices we make will always have consequences but, sometimes we don't have a choice and that's what makes us Products.

  • VERBA: Español - A Spanish Language Card Game

    A rich, culturally-relevant Spanish language learning card game by educators for educators.

  • Frozen Styph

    In the interactive comedy, FROZEN STYPH, Max Styph has had himself frozen and audience members have gathered to remember him.

  • Oil Paintings of New York's Burlesque

    Help artist Lacey Lewis hire NYC's best performers as models during her residency this summer!