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Project We Love
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Creatures and Creepies: the monster art of Charamath

For years I've been drawing monsters on a daily basis. Now I'm gathering hundreds of my favorite sketches into a creature-packed book.

Project We Love
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Edgar Rice Burroughs' 100 Year Art Chronology

A history of ERB's publications in pulps, comics and novels! Fully illustrated. Over 1200 pages. Rare art, covers, comics and more.

Project We Love
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Paintings and Fables / Eric Hibit / Wayne Koestenbaum

A 50-page, limited edition art book featuring images by Eric Hibit and writing by Wayne Koestenbaum, including hand-painted endpapers

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Project We Love
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SWEET DREAMS CTHULHU: A Lovecraftian Bedtime Board Book

A new bedtime story from the creators of C IS FOR CTHULHU, sure to help Lovecraft fans & cultists of all ages drift into dreamland.

Project We Love
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The Field Study Handbook

Travel anywhere, make sense of the world, and make a difference.

Project We Love
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Reissue of the IBM Graphic Standards Manual by Paul Rand

Reprinting Paul Rand’s Graphics Standards Manual for the IBM's Visual Identity with 13 Pantone© - offering a french translation option.

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  • Project We Love
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    Not My President: The Anthology of Dissent

    The anthology of protest stories, art, essays, and poetry from around the world to send to EVERY member of Congress.

  • EOM: Equal Opportunity Madness

    A print and ebook collection of short fiction set in the Mythos genre with diverse protagonists.

  • Best of One Act Play Depot Book (Theater) 20 One-Act Plays

    After 15 years of publishing the world's best one-act plays, it's time for our first anthology. 20 amazing one-act plays in one book!

  • BOY

    400 pages d’annonces presse parues dans le magazine Playboy US / 400 commercial ads published within the US Playboy / par Sarah Vadé.

  • Callejeros. Cuentos urbanos de mundos soñados

    Callejeros preserva el idioma de la ciudad. La esencia de la calle trasciende mediante 18 cuentos, que con tu ayuda irán de la pantalla

  • Science Fiction for the Throne: One-Sitting Reads

    Fantastic Books is publishing an anthology of forty short science fiction stories, perfect for reading in one sitting (each).

  • Trump Utopia or Dystopia? Anthology

    Speculative fiction stories about the many worlds of Trump with spies, cloning, zombies, wizards, vampires, medieval kings & more!

  • The Awakened: Modern

    When a second moon appears in Earth's sky, life will never be the same as people all over the world find themselves Awakened.

  • Project We Love
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    Tales of guardian spirits and divine powers by Seanan McGuire, Ken Liu, Alethea Kontis, Laura Anne Gilman, Scott Edelman and more.

  • Project We Love
    429202005c68aa4bc973af589fe067c7 original

    Women In Tech: The Book alternates teaching career skills with inspiring autobiographies from amazing women in tech!

  • Project We Love
    36ac14f6f94dbb2b7c6d6068ed045a3b original

    An anthology of stories, photos and art by those who helped shape the first decade of Alaska's Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race.

  • Project We Love
    119f6c70a52c3d54788298f097d3e08b original

    Modern day gadgets such as your cell phone, laptop, iPod, microwave, or refrigerator . . . all TEMPORALLY OUT OF ORDER!

  • Project We Love
    1b6b6d821db48989f5e7e3172a3ebad2 original

    Science Fiction for a Middle Grade Audience. An anthology to bring the stars to a new generation!

  • Project We Love
    8f23c94e9c60845c28fe71872e21e130 original

    Characters defying the stereotypes of the fantasy genre, defining the indomitable female protagonist!

  • Project We Love
    61849654cca317f6f8a0055d0fd75264 original

    I've spent years compiling reflections about 'race', ethnicity & colorism! Help me FINALLY get this book published & in people's hands!

  • Project We Love
    0eb60be5a4a086bc440bd7a1c1506a41 original

    An anthology of short superhero fiction from authors like Aaron Allston, Gail Z. Martin, Michael A. Stackpole, and Timothy Zahn

  • Project We Love
    0bacb525d3079c540f50d0c491fdf024 original

    Northwest Press is bringing you an awesome collection of 13 tales of queer female super-villainy from a roster of visionary writers.

  • Project We Love
    98b9a5fc8a3a0dbb0e5d720b6c38a703 original

    Six collections of six stories each, brought to you in a one-time offering by six of today's most exciting speculative fiction authors

  • Project We Love
    9177241350d219c20effd03d4c5b8283 original

    An anthology of transformative artwork, comics, and stories.

  • Project We Love
    2fb036dcc889fa229b376e761361e6a2 original

    An anthology of science flash fiction with work from Jonathan Lethem, J. Robert Lennon, Lynne Tillman, J. G. Ballard, and many more!