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Round not Square: The reinvention of scrolls

Designed scrolls for books in a boundless format | Das grenzenlose Format für Bücher auf Rollen

What's popular

Descartes' Meditations, Bro

Rene Descartes' founding work of modern philosophy retold in its entirety by Philosophy Bro

Publishing in United States

Floral Frolic: A Foxy Fairytale

Two foxes- Queenie and Dawnsing- collect flowers in a rainbow watercolor meadow that young readers will find engaging.

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Explore 21 live Poetry projects

  • New Wanderers, a nomadic poetry collective

    New Wanderers, a nomadic poetry collective, sponsors poets on long term travel projects. Please help us acquire nonprofit status!

  • Southwind: New and Selected Poems

    I am working on a book of poetry for 2016 which will include all the poems written nearly 25 years ago.

  • Anti Suicide Notes

    I live in a community with a high suicide rate. To write and publish something that can inspire life rather than death is my goal.

  • Four // Fifteen

    A Collection of Poetry Opened in Loss, Cauterized in Wails and Whispers -- Help us present a delicate, unafraid physical object!

  • Poems & Dreams

    Not just poems, but alternatives. Not just dreams, but hopes. Be part of the adventure.

  • Thoughts of Poetry

    This book is like a manifesto to me; and in it I attempt to recreate views on some very basic and fundamental pillars of existence.

  • Everything Serves To Further: A Poetry Collection

    A printed collection of poetry on the cultivation and (sometimes abrupt) finality of relationships, whether physical or abstract.

  • if you turn around I will turn around

    Life and love collide across letters, continents, decades. The second collection of poems from Ben Clark.

  • Perspective Seeing Beyond the Surface

    Ever had a story to tell that could only be told through the eyes of you? Perspective seeing beyond the surface creates that story.

  • Inspiration Within

    To publish my inspirational quotes book

  • Poésie de hier a aujourd'hui

    Recueille de poésie, de ma tendre enfance a aujourd'hui. Distribution offerte dans des centre de fin de vie.

  • Raising the Bronze-Serpent

    I have finished writing a book and I need it published!

  • 50 New Poems in 2015, inspired by You

    Want to help a published poet write new poems, and pay her rent? For $30, I'll write a poem inspired by you in 2015.

  • The Dreaming in Kreyol Project

    I'm chasing my dream to be a published poet! Starting with my first collection of poems entitled Dreaming in Kreyol! #dreaminginkreyol

  • Notes of Inspiration

    Writings to inspire others, especially survivors of abuse, trauma, and disability. -- I can, I will. I'm able. I am not a label.

  • Pesticide and Poison Tour 2016

    I published my first book at age 18 and now have finally found out how to market it to sell. I am raising money for a book tour to help

  • Publishing Christal's Columns On Christian Poetry

    I would like to publish my self published book traditionally so that I can get it in bookstores to gain the exposure.

  • Finding Serenity

    I am trying to self publish a book of poems dealing with the discovery of inner peace, and how how we see ourselves and the world.

  • making dream reality

    moms poetry book of love from the 90s to current

  • Life's Poetry

    Poetry from the mind of a lost soul looking for answers to questions not asked. Life, Love, Children.....