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Project We Love
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The first in a series of books about overlooked, misunderstood, derided, or just plain forgotten films.

Project We Love
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The Word of God by Humble Lamb

Hand-crafted, heirloom Bibles that will change the world. A captivating, beautiful layout designed for a deeper reading experience.

Project We Love
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Jerome's Gift

Jerome's Gift is a beautifully illustrated medieval themed children's adventure picture book for all ages. Hard cover, 48 pages.

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Project We Love
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Kickstarter Gold: Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls 2

A children's book and a podcast that reinvent fairy-tales, inspiring girls with the stories of 100 great women from all over the world.

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Save Their Stories: Undiscovered Diaries of the Holocaust

Make the diaries of Holocaust victims and survivors available to everyone by helping us catalog, translate, and publish them online.

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GameTek: The Book

Ten Years of GameTek: A book collecting the best GameTek segments from The Dice Tower podcast.

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  • Project We Love
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    Hanging On Our Own Bones – Judy Grahn

    The newest collection by a trailblazer in LGBTQ and feminist literary activism.

  • Project We Love
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    Pablo Neruda: Poetry Lost + Found

    Help bring back Pablo Neruda's lost books through Kickstarter Gold—rediscovered poems from the start and end of an epic career.

  • Forever Turn The Midnight Carousel

    Forever Turn The Midnight Carousel is my latest collection of poetry and short stories which focuses on loss and mental illness.

  • Help Publish Papa's Poems

    Our 81 year old Dad/Papa has been writing poems and songs since he was 10 - its been his dream to have them published for many years.

  • Left on Read

    Left on Read is a compilation novel written by a college student who is looking to begin his writing career.

  • Poetry from the Six

    A collection of poetry written in Toronto, Canada covering topics such as politics, nature, philosophy and mental illness.

  • Better than Starbucks "Pay the Poet"

    Our angels went back to heaven. We no longer have funds to pay our poets and fiction writers. Your pledge can change this!

  • Adventures of a Lost Poet

    My VERY FIRST book. Chronicling my journey dealing with abuse, HIV and depression. Hoping to inspire others to keeping going.

  • Featherless

    My first chapbook of poetry called featherless. I have already written it. I just need to fund it for it becoming self published.

  • Project We Love
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    Help Copper Canyon Press publish a beautiful collection of previously undiscovered poems by Pablo Neruda

  • Project We Love
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    Join Camille Rankine, Ocean Vuong, and Javier Zamora to help Copper Canyon Press publish debut collections by extraordinary new poets.

  • Project We Love
    716c8c9375264c1e42ed0b8024229e0a original

    Raw Dog Screaming Press presents Michael A. Arnzen's Fridge of the Damned. It's the creepiest magnetic word kit you've ever seen!

  • Project We Love
    551d911bc6bd24babe58510021147300 original

    I'm embarking on the notoriously difficult 3rd poem. 3 drafts in 3 days. The 3rd draft will be published on the 3rd day. I want £3.

  • Project We Love
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    Help Copper Canyon Press publish the definitive collection of W.S. Merwin’s poetry.

  • Project We Love
    401a34aa4ef33d249e4e3ebc3bef041a original

    An episode guide for Doctor Who-- as poetry! Every episode from 1963-2013 has its own poem, plus illustrations, essays, a cookbook, and a story!

  • Project We Love
    4056d166607541a2e9324a5b3c0082eb original

    Beauty State is a book: written by Allison Hummel, illustrated by Davida Rae. Beauty State is about California: past, now, and someday.

  • Project We Love
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    Reading Tour of The Monarchs, a book of poems by Melanie Noel, with a silent film by poet Don Mee Choi

  • Project We Love
    78fa8cd2042280c66d2d8fe4ed6dadef original

    Wade's poems are heartfelt, poignant and thought-provoking. His words will speak to you, challenge you, and often times surprise you.

  • Project We Love
    563848c3944e3869df819944a66d083d original

    Diagnosed with Alzheimer's, and while still in the early stages, I decided to explore the disease through poetry. This is my story.

  • Project We Love
    1d5cb22697b28c190e35c7403174e174 original

    A genre-defining work comprised of 154 iambic rap-battles with the bard himself.

  • Project We Love
    Fb527e7f6c23855ab6f5bf88b889c7c0 original

    A writer. An artist. One black. One white. Both named Jason. Find common ground.

  • Project We Love
    6489e6f999ab61e8f2dd44f95f631ec2 original

    City of Stairways is a book about San Francisco secrets written by youth. Both travel guide and poetry anthology, it's a love letter to San Francisco.

  • Project We Love
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    Boost House will be a publisher and intentional community in Maine, USA, whose goal is to make it cool to be positive and activist.

  • Project We Love
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    Nutshell poems chronicling the exploits of backwoods gamine Tomboy. Rucksack hardcover, with graphite pencil illustrations.