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Epic Space Adventure (Science Book for Kids)

Join Giraffestronaut MC Longneck and robot Sputnik on a journey through the solar system in this educational and exciting book.

What's popular

Yellow: The Collected Book

52 weeks. 52 artists. One illustrated year.

Publishing in United States

Eyes of the Beholders exposes intelligence community wrongs

Help me publish a riveting, true story the U.S. government would keep secret – about a lawyer who fights flagrant IC abuse, and wins.

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Explore 19 live Poetry projects

  • K.I.S.H.

    I have written a book of poetry titled K.I.S.H. "Kindled Inspiration surrounded by Hope" with amazing stories that prompted the poems..

  • "Pith & Vinegar"

    An illustrated collection of dark and humorous poetry.

  • The Anxiety of a Millennial

    The Anxiety of a Millennial is a poetry compilation that is meant to embody the anxiety of the millennial generation as we come of age.

  • Poetry Book - French Kissing God: A Journey to Enlightenment

    A critically acclaimed poetry book that guides you on a journey to find love, life, self and divine connection.

  • The Road to Recovery, An Anthology: From Victim to Survivor

    I will be making a poem anthology about learning to be a survivor instead of a victim in the face of sexual assault and rape culture.

  • Nasim's Dream

    One of the goals I had set for myself was to publish a book of poetry before I turned 18. You can help make that a reality!

  • Oh, To Be Human

    I want to create a book of poetry that will be held in the same regards as Poe, or at least a very disgruntled Dr. Seuss.

  • The Divine Manual

    A godly woman isn't just a title. She is a woman who knows her worth and keeps God first and center in everything, always in all ways.

  • Seasons of the Soul

    Seasons of the Soul is a collection of poetry that I am publishing to help bring awareness to depression and suicide.

  • All The Sacred Things: A Poetry Pamphlet

    An original poetry publication regarding family, love, longing and all the sacred things in between.

  • POETRY BOOK, Has Doubts Vol 2: "Rhymes for all times"

    33 poems – serious and trivial; in traditional and modern forms – exploring the uneasy relationship between history and truth.

  • Release The Venom

    Aphrodite's Venom is a deliciously sinful book of poetry that deserves proper light to shine..... Help Me Release The Venom

  • PIECES OF ME: My Diary Of Poetic Life!

    The book I've written has a unique twist- an introduction prior to the poem, providing the reader knowledge of true, inspired events.

  • Raw Emotions

    Raw Emotions is a book on my experiences with love, life, and death.

  • Get Published Before I Turn 21

    I have this cluster of poetry hoarded away (about 35 poems total) that I would like to self-publish before I turn 21 in June.

  • The Learners Guide to Life

    A biographical poetry book relating to the many life experiences I have had some comical some serious and some unbelievable but true

  • PoeticGuides Ireland

    I have written a Poetic Guide to Ireland and I am currently developing Picture Perfect poetic guide art pieces. Good rewards!

  • Your poem, by me.

    Simply, give me a word, a sentence or a theme and I'll send you a custom poem printed on 5x7 cardstock.

  • Artist Burgeoning

    Imagine a 250 poem selection with creative landscapes and visualizations...

  • An episode guide for Doctor Who-- as poetry! Every episode from 1963-2013 has its own poem, plus illustrations, essays, a cookbook, and a story!