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Art of Elfquest & Line of Beauty by Wendy and Richard Pini

The power of Wendy Pini’s captivating storytelling and dynamic art is celebrated in this three book premium hardcover and deluxe set!

What's popular

Women in Practical Armor

WiPA brings some of the top names in fantasy together in a bold new anthology featuring stories of already empowered female warriors.

Publishing in United States

Create Your Future: The story of Jack Healey

Create Your Future describes how one man with a passion for people changed the world by merging human rights with rock and roll.

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Explore 19 live Poetry projects

  • The FLIT Tour

    A five city interactive book tour to teach collage poetry writing and promote my book FLIT: A POETRY MASHUP OF CLASSIC LITERATURE.

  • The whole world is born naked

    The whole world is born naked is a poetry book but with a difference, in diary format. 365 poems, each one written in 5 minutes.

  • Sfiorando l'alba

    From life to paper: the thoughts flow and the emotions pain, be together and live alone. The dichotomy of life framed in a book

  • kaleidoscopes Eye

    The eye is the window to the soul, wherein lies a kaleidoscope of ever changing beauty, formed from broken shards of love and loss.

  • 50 Shaded Poems

    50 inspiring blackout poems made from Fifty Shades Of Grey

  • The Circled Shore

    These poems tell ideas I've learned while living on a small island.

  • As the Ice Laughed

    As the Ice Laughed is a book of poetry about laughter and heartache by Samuel J. Gallagher coming this fall from Rabble Rabble Books!

  • Poetry in Space

    NASA funding is dwindling—but why? People need inspiration to care. Space needs its wonder back, and space poetry is the answer.

  • Floodgate Poetry Series Vol. 2

    A collection of three chapbooks by three poets in one volume, including Judy Jordan, Kallie Falandays, and Aaron Jorgensen-Briggs.

  • The Highs and Lows of Love

    Introducing my first book in poetry. Looking to raise funds to help push my book. Any donations will be appreciated.

  • Sukhmani Sahib: Help Bring Peace to People's Hearts

    Your support will bring this translation of Guru Arjan's Sukhmani Sahib to the world. And help spread peace heart to heart.

  • boy.

    Printing a book called "boy." and plotting the Paper Walls and Wild Shine tour that will bring it to you.

  • The Songs of Adelaide & Abullah

    A series of poems about pure love pursued by the passion of another (The Wolf of Elveron) What love is this that so endures........

  • Lying in Bed with Daemeon Pratt

    If you enjoy poetry at sunrise or sensuality by firelight while draped in silk I invite you to enjoy "Lying in Bed with Daemeon Pratt".

  • Figurative Pond

    I'll describe my poetry as vague as this. It's me.

  • Raw Emotions

    Raw Emotions is a book on my experiences with love, life, and death.

  • 15,000 Words. an anthology. by Some Poets.

    We are 31 poets who created an anthology, 93 poems, 93 images, we want a kindle format of our book, which costs 79$

  • The Stillborn

    A gripping collection of poems that allows you to slip on my shoes as a urban underdog scuffling through loves' and life's injustices

  • Get Published Before I Turn 21

    I have this cluster of poetry hoarded away (about 35 poems total) that I would like to self-publish before I turn 21 in June.

  • An episode guide for Doctor Who-- as poetry! Every episode from 1963-2013 has its own poem, plus illustrations, essays, a cookbook, and a story!