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Messier Observer's Planisphere

The ultimate reference for stargazers! Identify stars and constellations in the night sky. Easily locate all 110 Messier objects.

What's popular

La La Land: Creative & Mindful Colouring Books for Adults

A range of colouring books for grown-ups featuring illustrations from seven artists and promoting mindfulness and creativity.

Publishing in United States

84 Yoga Asanas, by Buddha Bose

The 1938 collection from Buddha Bose includes 84 yoga postures & 10 mudras, with instructions from a "star pupil" of Bishnu Ghosh.

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Explore 27 live Poetry projects

  • "Night Crossing over the Pacific" A Book of Poems

    Help me attend the Colrain Poetry Manuscript Conference and get my poetry book published.

  • Twenty-One: Help me publish my first book!

    For a long time, I dreamed of publishing a book in my 21st year. I have about five months left of being 21, so here I am!

  • The Highs and Lows of Love

    Introducing my first book in poetry. Looking to raise funds to help push my book. Any donations will be appreciated.

  • boy.

    Printing a book called "boy." and plotting the Paper Walls and Wild Shine tour that will bring it to you.

  • Change in time...A South African Legacy - in photos & poetry

    A photographic focus on the towns of Johannesburg, Soweto, and South Africa's rural area through the 1980's with poetry inspirations.

  • Here Stands A Misunderstood

    The story of the people in the streets, alcoholic, drug abuser, welfare mother, prostitute, drug dealer, homeless.

  • matt baker word of the day calander

    If you love are friend Matt baker then you'll love this . the Matt backer word if the day calendar!

  • La Botiga de les Noníades

    Venta de poemas propios imprimidos en diferentes soportes. Quiero traducir los poemas para vender a todo el mundo mi poesia

  • Poetry Art

    The goal is to introduce a unique pairing of poetry and painting, capturing musical, artistic, and literary experiences/journeys.

  • Ambition Handicapped by Laziness

    Inspired by the late Charles Bukowski, looking to self publish my first volume of poetry with the money of people who crave madness

  • Loot the Bodies - a collection of poetry from Cody Walker

    Loot the Bodies is a collection of poetry that meditates on fatherhood, perspective, and pop culture from Cody Walker.

  • EMP

    A chapbook press for young/underexposed poets in a low cost and easily scaleable format that also teaches book/zine making.

  • The Writings of The Moon: A New Beginning Collection

    A collection of writing from the 14 year old up to now. My writings through the ages. Various styles of poetry and other short writings

  • Collect Postcard World

    Handwritten postcard with poetry From Backpacker

  • The Stillborn

    A gripping collection of poems that allows you to slip on my shoes as a urban underdog scuffling through loves' and life's injustices

  • POP POETRY: publishing 12 poets in 12 months!

    Spartan Press is a mid-coast micro-publisher and sponsors this City Lights: Pocket Poets inspired series, publishing modern poets.

  • The story of me in a collection of poems.

    It is the essence of me past, present, and future. A completed book of poetry that I would love to have publish.

  • The FLIT Tour

    A five city interactive book tour to teach collage poetry writing and promote my book FLIT: A POETRY MASHUP OF CLASSIC LITERATURE.

  • Racism, Equality and Artificial Intelligence

    I am working on two books. One poetic. The other prophetic. See youtube,I AM THEY and FInlay Park by Steve Alston.

  • Samuel Hawkins: The new POETRY BOOK & ALBUM

    Samuel Hawkins is putting out a new Book and his first Poetry Album. Pre-order both of them, and get more info here!