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  • G.o.D.'s In the Groves: The Collective Mixes CD Pressing

    This is a compilation remix CD featuring remixes from around the world and a rare writing session recording. 1000 CD run.

  • Eurovision Travel

    Eurovision Travel will be publishing a guide book for the Eurovision Song Contest each year as well as putting together our own tours.

  • Here We Are - Series One

    Here We Are : A young man escapes the 9-5 in a 350 hp Corvette to achieve his dreams .

  • Chasing the German Touge

    Web documentary on the car culture and racing scene here in Germany. Wanting to do this for a long time, but repairs, time and money.

  • is an on-line collaborative writing Website for aspiring and seasoned writers.

  • iT - what you want most in life

    An all-in-one Budget and Goal Setting planner journal (with innovative worksheets) in one agenda! iT won't stop unless you do!

  • Radio Comunitaria Monteverde Juvenil (Youth-Made Radio)

    Our Radio Monteverde Juvenil project is dedicated to organizing, educating, & supporting independent radio in our rainforest community.

  • The Rides of March - A Short Film

    A man goes to obsessive lengths in order to win a March Madness competition at his local spin studio.

  • Simple Stir: More Than Just a Food Cover

    The Simple Stir is the world's first microwave food cover that uses the motive power of your turntable to stir your meal!

  • Hinduism, Spirituality And The Misconceptions

    Never really understood Hinduism? Here is a book to clarify with a strong emphasis on spirituality and how this interconnects religons

  • The Substance of Things Hoped For

    A soft sci-fi story featuring an African American protagonist who is transported to a seemingly perfect world yet ominous world.

  • The Bad Pumpkin 2

    This video project is a much asked for sequel. We are adding more pumpkin, more shenanigans and more laughs.

  • ALS Transport Demonstration

    The ALS Transport Demo is a taste of the full experience. It features real-world vehicles in a fully functional game engine.

  • The California Red

    Help us get you the tools we need for the best product from us as possible !

  • ZombWar

    A new addictive, fun and challenging tower defense game, with beautiful graphics, humorous zombie characters and wild weapons!

  • DRAW-ME!

    Get a beautifully handmade photo-edit portrait of yourself, your friend, dog or your stepmother!

  • Bronze "Osiris" sculpture

    My goal is to raise enough money to complete a life size bronze casting of Osiris. This would include materials and foundry costs.

  • The Disappearance Game (Full Length Album)

    This is it, Friends and Strangers ! Finally ready to go in the studio and record these 12 melody-driven songs chosen from a lot of 60.

  • KICK It's Not How High. It's How Strong! Written & Performed

    "This is how theater should connect to people" Margo Jefferson, Pulitzer Prize winning critic

  • Oh My Gosh! It's Josh!

    A children's book series starring my precocious 6 year old Josh, and his siblings. From accidents to adventures, Josh never stops!