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Kickstarter Gold: Abandoned in Place -Saving Space History

Abandoned in Place is a photography project and book exploring and documenting America's early space launch and research facilities.

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RED UTOPIA: communist party offices around the world.

Red Utopia is a non-propagandistic search for what is left of communism, 100 years after the Russian Revolution.

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Enchant your photography - unleash the magic Lydith 30/f3.5

Help us to create a mind-changing lens for you - to express life´s magic in your images.

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Strength Laid Bare. A hardcover book of nude portraiture with art and typography by David Mack. Cover model - Stoya

New55 PN Quality Improvements

New55 PN instant film is alive today thanks to you, but we need to improve New55 PN to produce a better negative and a better print!

25 Years of Shooting Comedians

A beautiful hardback coffee table book containing a selection of 110 of my favourite portraits of comedians from a 25 year career.

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  • FLEXY PAW, Selfies & Portraits of your Dogs and Cats

    A simple phone attachment with a FLEXIBLE arm and PAW clip to attach your pets' favorite treat/toy to grab their full attention.

  • Silent Documentary "Bears in the nature"

    Dear Viewers, I intend to capture animals such like bears and eagles for a silent documentary.

  • Momma K's foster kittens room remodel and calendar

    We will be remodeling the kitten foster room, and creating a annual calendar to spread the kitten love.

  • Domestic rat : Let yourself be tamed

    What if we saw the rats from another angle... Et si nous voyions les rats sous un autre angle...

  • FotoXD

    Crear una galería donde capturemos la imagen de los animales regionales, en su hábitat de la manera mas alucinante.

  • Project We Love
    C1f3552f8ea148c07a508e48ced015a7 original

    Kirbo The Hedgehog wants to go on an adventure across the U.S. We will be documenting Kirbo's travels through pictures and videos!

  • Project We Love
    96ac711b0c80846eba1e5ca16bb9d35d original

    A collection of images capturing lost moments in time on Deep Hollow ranch and the surrounding bodies of water in Montauk.

  • Project We Love
    914103b02b42991a513d9ad72fe5b098 original

    A collection of 60 B&W and colour photographs of African wildlife, beautifully presented in a 148 page, hardcover book.

  • Project We Love
    85eb777318b3c8b85cf163141db0d19d original

    A calendar featuring Oakland's finest felines, from Adam Myatt A.K.A. The Cat Man of West Oakland.

  • Project We Love
    4492412c7d57d986cf4ecfbc44b82273 original

    A range of beautiful animal photographs offered to the public through the form of prints and greeting cards.

  • Project We Love
    E7dbe7c902608d74dd4db951f7340c96 original

    A Calendar of pictures taken in the Scottish Highlands of the majestic Highland Cow.

  • Project We Love
    8fc44ecd8884eb38f713b8eb3a0cdc5b original

    Finding Shelter chronicles the deep, intimate bond between animal shelter volunteers and the abandoned animals they care for.

  • Project We Love
    52ef0f439931c84b809589c7eb283633 original

    Shot over two years and seen in the press worldwide, this project needs your help to be published as a limited edition fine-art book.

  • Project We Love
    94b5be5b7913fbb32fffeb852f1eacca original

    These majestic dogs have had a dramatic fall from grace. Help bring their story to a wider audience in a large photography book.

  • Project We Love
    6b0684a576182a3bc738c877990f01ed original

    Remembering Elephants sequel, featuring rhino images donated by top wildlife photographers inc Art Wolfe, Frans Lanting & Steve Winter

  • Project We Love
    980bf71ad8c6399b1ee0030e699e7cdf original

    The story of a woman and her 11-year-old heart dog. It will be published as a limited-edition photography book to help rescue dogs.

  • Raising funds to make a calendar featuring photographic portraits of rescue dogs, with 100% of proceeds going to save our scruff!

  • Project We Love
    E122719696d9b5a8b03b41b0512597ba original

    Two years ago I came to you to fund the Sanctuary Stories photo project. Now I need your help getting the project into the world!

  • Thank you.  We did it. Projected book release date is October 1, 2017. Rewards that include camera time with David are now booking.  Call to schedule your adventure.  (907) 868-1680

  • Project We Love
    0a6e0eacc72982bceda0428ed3a46d9b original

    Darwin's Pigeons. A beautiful book full of photographs of fancy pigeons. High quality print and wonderful images.

  • A beautiful photographic book, comparing how we interact with dogs from across the globe. Feral? Family? Fashion?

  • 2016 Calendar dedicated to Champ, who sees with his Golden Heart. Missed the campaign? Get it at

  • Gary is a grizzly bear is a film and photo book about wild brown bears and the people who live and work in the same forest in Canada.

  • "Heart Dog — Angel in Disguise" is the completed version of the photographic memoir that was self-published in 2014.