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Kickstarter Gold: Tiny Telephone Oakland: Rai$e The Roof

We need to rebuild our roof!

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JORTSFEST is an annual DIY music and arts festival in Atlanta, Georgia whose motto is “always free, always all ages, always accessible"

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Alice Bag's Second Album

I'm excited to record the follow up album to my 2016 debut. I've got so much more to say!

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Kickstarter Gold: MusicforCats Album Two Music to Share

Fund the Creation of a New Album with Eight New Songs for Cats to Share with Their Humans

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OPENSCORE: Join the sheet music revolution!

Bring sheet music to life by creating digital interactive editions. Free for everyone, for any purpose, for evermore!

Visions and Variations, a new album from A Far Cry

A fresh take on "blockbuster" works by Mozart (arr. Wood), Prokofiev, and Britten by the self-conducted GRAMMY-nominated orchestra.

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  • RevelMent Live Sound Gear and Album

    We are a hard rock/metal band from Minnesota! We are working on getting our album recorded and getting new gear for larger venues!

  • Sibelius Fest México - Michael Angelo Batio y Charlie Parra

    ¡El festival y concurso que hace homenaje a los mejores intérpretes de la Guitarra Eléctrica llega a la Ciudad de México!

  • Help Fund Dread Utopia's Debut EP

    Dread Utopia is set to record their debut EP. Five songs of a sonic roller coaster ride to pleasure your ears and heal your souls.

  • Project We Love
    B2fa9420514a4f33e6f34c7613805781 original

    Northern Spy Records reissues three stunning albums by the ’90s-era Cleveland post-hardcore band Craw as a deluxe six-LP box set.

  • Project We Love
    808e47b1cc078d43ec11195c8559fa1b original

    Help us record our third album in a professional recording studio!

  • Project We Love
    6703f45388e6c9688ed8325b7add8ff1 original

    Florida Death Metal behemoths Obituary are going back to the studio to record a brand new album, and they need your help!

  • Project We Love
    39bdf901d9170eea64c3f8fa4df36f34 original

    Recorded at Bahia Urbana Amphitheater in San Juan PR on Feb 8th 2014, and it is without a doubt our best live recording in 25 years!

  • Project We Love
    052ab214835115d63342e4122006f121 original

    Four Chicago metalheads who "construct imposing turrets of dueling-guitar metal" seek backers for first LP, "White Breath."

  • Project We Love
    E8024d9c2ff91ec77c71cd157d79abbc original

    A new album of aggressively epic guitar-driven metal tributes to video game music by Daniel Tidwell (also known as metaldaniel03)

  • Project We Love
    30a29cac7238ecedb35ff661b21ccbd7 original

    Thrash/Horror/Death Metal Band "Green Death" kickstarter for vinyl version of debut album "The Deathening"! Support Independent Music!

  • Project We Love
    6c20a6c804afd3cfb3d5e027d37f7528 original

    The debut EP from electronic/industrial metal project Sahaja.

  • Project We Love
    D215eb4872264a69115830a1e65b03e7 original

    Dead Birds Adore Us (psychedelic-progressive-rock/Indianapolis) is raising funds to manufacture and distribute debut full-length album.

  • Project We Love
    6d4d4a18cf77732bfe34f0bc18f29872 original

    This female fronted metal band is on fire! We are ready to step it up and release a full-length album for you guys. Let's do this.

  • Project We Love
    3c5a858554bab1feb11cd542f41532d3 original

    Your favorite RPG/Nerd/Metal band, Dethlehem, needs your help in completing our third full-length album! We need your gold!

  • Project We Love
    B52044361db5c2bc7f1c9b4c8bad6db6 original

    Triple tribute album with rock/metal covers of themes from The Last Ninja™ game series, a live concert and concert Blu-Ray.

  • Project We Love
    3702783dfd6c5c9dc8db8087e3c50fd4 original

    The most METAL band on earth is releasing our new EP! But not without your help! Be a part of METAL history and get cool stuff!

  • Project We Love
    98c70c5846ae15f82b7df3940b9a432a original

    "The Primitive Mountain" is the title of the forthcoming album by Canadian musician Omer Cordell under the moniker "Trailight".

  • Project We Love
    Dbb7f9c83a924dafe00a9e44e4605305 original

    "Permanence" is the new album by Deathmøle, an instrumental metal project from Jeph Jacques, author of Questionable Content.

  • Project We Love
    E42032f146b214c6239e1c278081bb64 original

    A festival that takes place in a landscape where the natural beauty is celebrated and enhanced through the power of music and art.

  • Project We Love
    A27d8f89c0b62ac9a772c2b7aaeb564e original

    Help us release "Non-Euclidean Spaces", our new album based on Cthulhu Mythos, featuring Arjen Lucassen & Edu Falaschi.

  • Project We Love
    F72afe4dedc44be122051776cbd6d9e2 original

    Help the Boston Typewriter Orchestra release its latest EP "Termination Without Prejudice" on vinyl for all the audiophiles out there.

  • Project We Love
    B4ff21abaf932f31fd08ac81ce403afe original

    Join our Star Wars band in our quest to play live shows in support of our debut full-length album and together, we can rule the galaxy.

  • Project We Love
    87ac7a111387fd3a2b814d6ace3bfa37 original

    Legion of Thunder, we need your help to complete our covers album and to bring Udoroth back in demonic animated form!

  • Project We Love
    D7ee3ea4bf005377b39b4d10c687207d original

    Kids record 6 Danzig songs and create DANZIGOLOGY--the ultimate tribute record to all things Danzig. One epic danzimagical record!