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Completing a new album of music by Howard Hersh

Completing the final stages of "Dancing at the Pink House," a new album of solo and ensemble works by Howard Hersh.

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Shriekback Live

Shriekback are an English band with a long and distinguished career. They have not played live for nearly 25 years. Now they want to..

Project We Love
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The Doubleclicks' New Album: Love Problems

An album about finding strength, speaking out, and love—as well as space, physics, math, and cello.

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Creating hope & inspiration with Manafest's new album Stones

I'm continuing my journey of sharing hope and inspiration with my 10th studio album, my second without a record label. Please join me!

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Bold EP and Tour!

Mary Lambert is releasing an uplifiting EP about being unabashedly fat, gay, bipolar, and doing whatever you damn well please.


The 7th official studio album from Ireland's legendary purveyors of pristine pop. This one will be no different. Expect earworms...

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  • Project We Love
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    Julia Nunes Makes Music

    I make music about my deepest fears and greatest joys and because of kickstarter, I can make it with the most creative people I know

  • Project We Love
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    Discosadness, Numbers & Mumbles, Ferocious Mopes and Impeccable Blahs on vinyl for the first time.

  • Project We Love
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    An album of freaky-folky magic and whimsy, puppet dreams, shadow grain, wooden spells and fairy ash on one phantasmagorical palette.

  • The Midnight Contingent

    The deliciously sinister third album of Cheshire Moon!

  • Ethereal Kicks - A Sea of Disarray

    Music that questions a higher power, struggles with introversion, and reflects the world back to us.

  • A Cloud That Settled Near album by The Luxury Spirit

    The goal is to raise money for the mastering and production of our new album through a pre-sale.

  • TGTG Second Album

    TGTG is currently preparing for our second year of the Positive Energy World Tour! We are recording and creating fun new merch!

  • Free Periodica: Debut EP on Newish Indie Record Label

    Indie Label, Good Things APP, releasing Debut EP of WNC Musician and Artist, Tyler Moore. Mixed and Mastered by Peter Brownlee.

  • Jordan Waters NEW Album - Support Local Musicians!

    A new year and a new album awaits in 2017. Help fund the recording and release of Jordan Waters follow-up album to his debut EP.

  • Love and Obsession EP Mastering, Pressing, Merch and Tour!

    Popular Aussie rock group from Cairns need to finish our debut E.P. run off some CD's, and hit the road touring it! Plz Kickstart us!

  • Blanket Fort by Sorrytown

    Recording is done and all that we need now is some help with costs. Preorder an album, buy a shirt, or some sushi! Much love <3

  • Dana Gary - Scholasticism

    Friday Underground Records invites you to take part in the production of Dana Gary's debut EP | FIRST SINGLE RELEASE 2/8/17

  • Auch! Tarde, Sonrisas y Escalofríos - Mi Sobrino Memo

    Este es el primer gran paso en mi carrera como solista, y para poder hacerlo realidad !necesitaré de su apoyo!

  • Project We Love
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    I recorded The Mermaid Song with the orchestra that we Kickstarted, and sold 24,000 copies of the song at $2 per download, and raised $48,000 of which 100% was donated to Sea Shepherd Conservation Society to save the oceans...

  • Project We Love
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    Thank you all for your support!

  • Project We Love
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    Can a "short blurb" accurately describe music? No, you say? Then scroll down to learn more, and support independent art!

  • Project We Love
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    A Cinematic Indie/Rock Project based out of Orlando, FL || Launched with the help of Kickstarter

  • Project We Love
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    Host Skull's Black Mark is a warm, lovingly crafted album full of odd harmonies, darkened corners, and winding song structures.

  • Project We Love
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    We've completed three songs with Ulrich Schnauss and will finish the LP with him this spring. Help us create a magical, oneiric record!

  • Project We Love
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