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Project We Love
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"Last Night in Sweden"/ Mustafa Panshiri & Jens Ganman

An investigative – and personal – book about the complex background to Sweden's rising integration problems and its possible solutions.

Project We Love
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Lady Bits By Liana Kerzner

I ask some tough questions about women in video games! You provide the answers! It's a discussion with you - and it starts here!

Project We Love
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Newsbud Phase 3, Support a 100% People-Funded Media Outlet

Tired of getting your news from sources funded by mega-corporations? Newsbud—100% people-funded media. Where media integrity matters.

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LA VOZ de César Vidal - 2017 / 2018 -

LA VOZ debe seguir oyéndose porque es un programa caracterizado por la independencia, la veracidad y la defensa de la libertad.

My Own Artistic Website

I'm making a website that will feature my photos, videos, a daily blog and my art.

Donald J. Trump ✅ — a book of tweets

A full-size coffee table book of his greatest 250 tweets, beginning in 2009 — an epic tale to the White House and beyond.

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  • Project We Love
    Project image

    La Voce di New York, the independent online newspaper for all Italy lovers, is ready to grow and build a sustainable business model

  • Gamer's Potion

    Gamer's Potion, eine Internetseite und eine Community rund um Entertainment, Games und Technik, die im Dialog mit ihren Lesern agiert.

  • Free Source Reporting

    Expanding a revolutionary idea of Free Source Journalism, stories by anyone who wishes to write the truth, regardless of the subject.

  • A Free Thought Destination

    We are creating a one stop web destination for free thinking individuals complete with news, research, polling, advice, and much more.

  • Scope - the alternative site for Celtic and Rangers fans

    A new website focusing on Celtic and Rangers, providing premium content for fans looking for something new.

  • #SpeakUpMovement

    The #SpeakUpMovement is a social media project meant to spread awareness, educate, and allow people to be a voice for animals.

  • O.N.E.S. - Blogue Lifestyle

    O.N.E.S. plus qu’un blogue, un mode de vie! Un mode de vie créatif, positif et divertissant.

  • Kassahun Production

    I'm building a media company that produces content in a variety of ways, including documentaries, articles, podcasts, photo, essays. .

  • The Fake News Disruptor

    We are simply telling the facts as they exist. No censoring, no political leanings, no concealment of the truth.

  • Beneath The Pads: The Story Behind The Stats

    From the game winning play to the real person behind the athlete, Beneath The Pads will tell the stories that never make the headlines.

  • The Bamboom Launch Project

    Community-based Social Networking Platform that connects people to resources and promotes optimal living, and health & wellness

  • Cambodian Americans: After the Genocide

    As a dedication to my father who had passed away in 2005 and a survivor of the Cambodian genocide, I want to tell the stories for him.

  • Atheist News

    I create a weekly news orientated show involving Atheism, religion, and science. Supplementary videos (Famous Atheists, ect) included.

  • That Marketing Punk - Digital Marketing & Parenting Help

    Digital Marketing & SEO guides and advice, learnings of a first time Dad and review of movies/games in blog and vlog format!

  • La Caliente News

    "La Caliente" is a journalistic initiative of young Cubans to keep our brothers informed of the island.

  • Changing Faces

    We hope to investigate the motives behind the rise of nationalist agendas amongst the general populace of the USA and the EU.

  • K.Media

    K.Media, is an online content driven website, documenting lifestyle and upcoming trendsetters catered to the millennials.

  • Project We Love
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    Narratively is an online publication devoted to untold human stories.

  • Project We Love
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    Changing the way women are perceived. Join our revolution.

  • Project We Love
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    Hot temperatures. Brutal conflicts. From ground zero of climate change, a new publication.