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Project We Love
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You Had Me at Black City Tour

You Had Me at Black is the first of its kind- a storytelling kickback series and podcast that reflects the lives of black millennials.

Project We Love
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"Last Night in Sweden"/ Mustafa Panshiri & Jens Ganman

An investigative – and personal – book about the complex background to Sweden's rising integration problems and its possible solutions.

Project We Love
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The Grind Podcast Season 1

We're launching The Grind, a social-impact podcast bringing young people real talk about navigating today’s working world.

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LA VOZ de César Vidal - 2017 / 2018 -

LA VOZ debe seguir oyéndose porque es un programa caracterizado por la independencia, la veracidad y la defensa de la libertad.

Donald J. Trump ✅ — a book of tweets

A full-size coffee table book of his greatest 250 tweets, beginning in 2009 — an epic tale to the White House and beyond.

America, the Strange

Strange people & what they make: Stories of the people uniting these United States, from a weird American road trip.

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  • Project We Love
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    Lady Bits By Liana Kerzner

    I ask some tough questions about women in video games! You provide the answers! It's a discussion with you - and it starts here!

  • Rescatando al Maíz Mexicano (parte 1)

    Vídeo documental donde buscamos rescatar la importancia del maíz criollo mexicano, sus beneficios culturales y económicos.

  • Breast Cancer Mission Impossible

    This is a project I created to find out why 10 ladies from the same town i grew up in have the same forms of breast cancer.

  • Ubering Across America

    A glimpse into the rich diversity of America and the Uber community within.

  • Ally.TV

    Ally.TV is the newest LGBTQ all inclusive News Media team. Broadcasting local, national, and international LGBTQ events and news.

  • Listen! A video series of & for diverse progressive women

    Facilitating listening between diverse women, helping us find the unity and clarity to build a supportive, realistic movement.

  • Pictures & More

    Platform for people with journalist hobby and basic skills enough to record short tv-like materials in HD. "Video Uber" for Digi Media

  • Project We Love
    1dc3957b1cc31dca328739491f9487f2 original

    theBLOX is a community of local media professionals amplifying Bronx-centric, entertaining content that celebrates culture & diversity.

  • Project We Love
    050d82003909ea616a25bd17d2a7ac5a original

    Using hi-def, highly stylized video profiles and traditional journalism, will serve as a platform for showcasing creative college students.

  • Project We Love
    080c13749fcc8afa070a3622e2d2a17f original

    With your love and support, we're now able to officially launch February 28th, 2017 as a Non-Profit! Feel free to take a look at our website! Gifts are coming to you at the end of March!

  • Project We Love
    681673be729953d17f2f30528e4818a1 original

    An independent documentary celebrating the 60-year history of the King of the Monsters, Godzilla.

  • Project We Love

    Capturing the world’s endangered landscapes in 360 video for the public domain. First stop: The Columbia Glacier, Alaska.

  • Project We Love
    A7c8344ac81b94f29c7471decd586052 original

    The creators of "Frack U. Mexico" take on the story of Central American migrants in Mexico...and the media's stupidity in covering it.

  • Project We Love
    409cd80cbb273ae5bb57070be3209d14 original

    Una campagna di fact-checking animati per rendere più difficile la vita ai politici che “sparano panzane”

  • Project We Love
    Aad85caa1764ee08c99a59a11d78b4a9 original

    Help me build the social impact of my award winning documentary “The Long Night” and get the film to audiences everywhere.

  • Project We Love
    3b60faf3b21d06c9141b7eed3f4084d6 original

    Can you really get to know people 140 characters at a time?

  • Project We Love
    Acabd71895017d11152ff40a884c1638 original

    Support a free global video stream of the WFDF 2016 World Ultimate Championships in London and help elevate ultimate to new horizons.

  • Get ready for the ride of your life as ONLY in JAPAN's series producer John Daub hitchhikes the country for a month.

  • Children as young as 10 are now legally able to work in Bolivia. Kids mine, manufacture, and shine shoes. Please help tell their story.

  • Tre drenge kører 30.000 km for, med et kamera i hånden, at undersøge ungdomskultur udenfor Danmarks grænser.