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The 2017 School of Authentic Journalism

Now more than ever, we need journalists and storytellers who understand the strategic dynamics of social movements to help us win.

Project We Love
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The Curbing Cars Newsletter

The future of transportation, delivered weekly, with original journalism on mobility topics and summaries of stories you need to know.

Project We Love
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The Outside Children / Los Niños Exteriores

I am seeking to return to San Salvador, El Salvador for 10 days to photograph the daily lives of children affected by birth defects.

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As The Raven Flies: Cross-Canada Cycle Tour

Pedaling from the Atlantic to the Arctic to the Pacific to explore Canada's marginalized histories.

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Immigration Nation

We're setting out on a road trip to help immigrants across the U.S. We're documenting our journey and sharing stories we hear. Join us!

Sådan Nogen Som Os

Tre drenge kører 30.000 km for, med et kamera i hånden, at undersøge ungdomskultur udenfor Danmarks grænser.

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  • BASE Empire TV

    We love entrepreneurship so we've decided to make a show interviewing entrepreneurs about their success and their best advice.

  • Sådan Nogen Som Os

    Tre drenge kører 30.000 km for, med et kamera i hånden, at undersøge ungdomskultur udenfor Danmarks grænser.

  • MBravoCars

    We are developing an app and a youtube Channel dedicated to Automobile Industry. News, test drives, World Autoshows. 24/7 of cars.

  • Project We Love
    050d82003909ea616a25bd17d2a7ac5a original

    Using hi-def, highly stylized video profiles and traditional journalism, will serve as a platform for showcasing creative college students.

  • Project We Love
    080c13749fcc8afa070a3622e2d2a17f original

    With your love and support, we're now able to officially launch February 28th, 2017 as a Non-Profit! Feel free to take a look at our website! Gifts are coming to you at the end of March!

  • Project We Love

    Capturing the world’s endangered landscapes in 360 video for the public domain. First stop: The Columbia Glacier, Alaska.

  • Project We Love
    681673be729953d17f2f30528e4818a1 original

    An independent documentary celebrating the 60-year history of the King of the Monsters, Godzilla.

  • Project We Love
    A7c8344ac81b94f29c7471decd586052 original

    The creators of "Frack U. Mexico" take on the story of Central American migrants in Mexico...and the media's stupidity in covering it.

  • Project We Love
    409cd80cbb273ae5bb57070be3209d14 original

    Una campagna di fact-checking animati per rendere più difficile la vita ai politici che “sparano panzane”

  • Project We Love
    Aad85caa1764ee08c99a59a11d78b4a9 original

    Help me build the social impact of my award winning documentary “The Long Night” and get the film to audiences everywhere.

  • Project We Love
    3b60faf3b21d06c9141b7eed3f4084d6 original

    Can you really get to know people 140 characters at a time?

  • Project We Love
    Acabd71895017d11152ff40a884c1638 original

    Support a free global video stream of the WFDF 2016 World Ultimate Championships in London and help elevate ultimate to new horizons.

  • Children as young as 10 are now legally able to work in Bolivia. Kids mine, manufacture, and shine shoes. Please help tell their story.

  • "Over the Bridge" is a documentary short exploring homelessness in Sioux Falls, SD. The money we raise will cover film festival fees.

  • The Warcraft III World Championship is around the corner. And the commentator duo from Back2Warcraft wants to cover all of it.

  • Wie es der Titel schon sagt, es soll hier vor allem um die Jugendlichen der Stadt gehen, um ihre Probleme, Hoffnungen und Wünsche.

  • Loud Silence is innovating journalism in Africa, bringing you real stories from the front lines.

  • Blending art and journalism, we're setting out on motorcycles to document what young people are choosing to do with their lives.

  • I want to make a movie review video thing beginning with Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy.

  • You, Me & Sicily goes to the western part of the island to tell the moving and inspirational stories of its people.