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Project We Love
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The Curbing Cars Newsletter

The future of transportation, delivered weekly, with original journalism on mobility topics and summaries of stories you need to know.

Project We Love
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The Outside Children / Los Niños Exteriores

I am seeking to return to San Salvador, El Salvador for 10 days to photograph the daily lives of children affected by birth defects.

Project We Love
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As The Raven Flies: Cross-Canada Cycle Tour

Pedaling from the Atlantic to the Arctic to the Pacific to explore Canada's marginalized histories.

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The 2017 School of Authentic Journalism

Now more than ever, we need journalists and storytellers who understand the strategic dynamics of social movements to help us win.

Sådan Nogen Som Os

Tre drenge kører 30.000 km for, med et kamera i hånden, at undersøge ungdomskultur udenfor Danmarks grænser.

Project We Love
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Immigration Nation

We're setting out on a road trip to help immigrants across the U.S. We're documenting our journey and sharing stories we hear. Join us!

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  • Teamsters Pension Investigation- Road Carriers Local 707

    Forensic Investigation by Leading Pension Expert of Teamsters Fund Slated for Termination

  • THE NEW LEAF: Cannabis Industry Journal

    THE NEW LEAF is Hawaii’s premier publication offering professional and positive coverage of the Islands' emerging cannabis industry.

  • Complete Unofficial 86th & 87th Academy Awards Review Guide

    TWO guides to the 86th AND 87th Academy Awards! Includes reviews, commentary, and articles on all nominated/winning films.

  • Revista cultural Mood

    Somos un medio cultural que promueve y brinda espacios a los jóvenes artistas de diferentes áreas de las bellas artes.

  • Descubre San Cristóbal de Las Casas

    Nuestra principal idea es dar a conocer un hermoso pueblo mágico, ¿cómo lo haremos? con tu ayuda y la de los patrocinadores.

  • Me& Magazine.

    Me& Magazine is a quarterly world culture/arts magazine featuring four different cities each issue. Politics, History, Arts & Profiles.

  • Accurate, Actionable, Bi-Partisan Political Research

    Proper social research can combat the media poll bias-effect that creates hype & divides us. Our research will enlighten and unite us.


    A collection of 100 hilariously drunk photos combined with the insanely entertaining stories behind them.

  • Project We Love
    C1607f2635e5d70fd35a9715bbd295f5 original

    A narrative history book about the politics, warfare, betrayal, and culture that shaped the first decade of Eve Online.

  • Project We Love
    E6da9be14e6635273c90edfd907aef8f original

    A new kind of print magazine for girls—one that inspires them to be smart, strong, fierce, and, above all, true to themselves.

  • Project We Love
    4374a5705d8e572a9f8a60c95f3aa902 original

    The Riveter is a women's longform lifestyle magazine. Join us in promoting women in journalism and thoughtful content for readers.

  • Project We Love
    03f302df7058438ea53939141d9b2d23 original

    Villagers in the Congo believe they brought me my daughter 18 years ago. Now we hope to return, to give thanks — and tell our story.

  • Project We Love
    E51be1e40da15217e21985a9837c138a original

    The Beauty Clause is a book project dedicated to discovering, understanding, and celebrating beauty in cultures around the world.

  • Project We Love
    305c27e4048f65fab9bb232ec9269b15 original

    Starting a newspaper. In the 21st century. Seriously.

  • Project We Love
    082fadd330a1c57f56b6045fa0e762d7 original

    A book by Yasha Levine about how Silicon Valley turned the Internet into the greatest surveillance apparatus in the history of mankind.

  • Project We Love
    67a1e693423173bce58954cd0e768093 original

    This book will give voice to the prekindergarten through 12th-grade students of the U.S. public school system.

  • Project We Love
    B32de457abe5a8f8d8fd40d083a742f3 original

    Verity Vareé reveals the truth about beauty by telling one woman's story at a time. And now we're printing a magazine!

  • Project We Love
    12263f0f6fa8b9b363c94ae8af52bac8 original

    Caribou est un magazine sur la culture culinaire québécoise en pleine affirmation de son identité.

  • Project We Love
    Cdb2dcbd77c6f08d1eb714b1b525c1bd original

    Comedy. And journalism. And design. Combining our passions in a beautifully written, illustrated and designed magazine about stand-up.

  • Project We Love
    534e132fae7170f66c38d44842f6fe1c original

    The first magazine to discuss what copyright means for art — and to promote the possibilities of art without it.