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Project We Love
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The TANK Center for Sonic Arts is poised to throw open its doors. Join us in creating a world class reverberant space for all to share.

Project We Love
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LINK The Unforgettable Guitar Capo

LINK is the guitar capo you will never forget to bring with you. Simply attach it to your key ring, guitar strap or gig bag zipper.

Project We Love
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Lula Wiles Make A Record!

We're making our first record. We like it, and we want YOU to like it. But you can't like it if we can't release it, so here we are!

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Project We Love
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Too Many Zooz needs your help to complete their debut album!


Project We Love
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MOUTHS OF BABES: First Full-Length Album!

Our first full-length album is being produced by Grammy-winner Malcolm Burn. Please help us record and promote it!

Project We Love
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Jukebox the Ghost - Our First Live Album!

We are Jukebox the Ghost, a constantly-touring piano-pop trio, embarking on a new mission: To make our first ever live record.

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  • Project We Love
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    Countless Thousands' Epic New Nerd Punk Release!

    (At Least) Five New Recordings! Exclusive shirts & posters! A slightly NSFW title! Help your fellow nerds make an awesome record!

  • The Roosevelts Debut Album

    We're trying to release our new record on March 18, BUT we won't be able to do it without your help!

  • All We're Asking For - Guys on a Bus

    We have the song & the studio for our next single, a worship song we've titled, "All We're Asking For." We need your help to fund it!

  • Dana Lawrence Music NEW EP

    Seeking supporters to help me break the 15 year streak since my last record. Dana Lawrence Music is ready to go back into the studio!

  • Manifest - an Album for Humanity.

    A ten song cycle about being Human on Earth. Is that you? MANIFEST = Sex + Death + Love + Time + Consciousness.

  • Locomotive Ghost's Dream Album

    Help us record our dream album of new folk-pop and indie-rock songs in an acclaimed studio with an award-winning producer.

  • The Right Words - Debut EP

    You’ve asked for it, and here it is! We are recording NEW material as a band for the first time ever, and we need your help!

  • Help Ryan Cassata Press "Shine"& Create Pro Music Video

    Shine is a professionally recorded 10 track album due out March 15th, 2016. Help bring Shine to life!

  • Prodigal Daughter CD DISC Production

    Enchanted Rock is ready to Roll! Roll out our CD that is. Recording is done, now for the product launch.

  • Will Duncan Alex breakthrough with his new album?

    I've been making music independently for 18+ years. This is my 4th & best album yet & I'm striving to get it the exposure it deserves!

  • Noctiflora

    Help to realize first professional Album of Noctiflora, choose your best song from !

  • Uncle Sid seeks your help to record our 5th CD!

    Sidizens Unite! Uncle Sid seeks your help to finish our 10 song CD. Only you can help make this happen for us! Peace, Love & RocknRoll!

  • Stefanie Keys, 2016 CD Release!!

    Stefanie Keys' Band New CD. Neo-Indie Rock and Soul.. recording, mixing, mastering, AND packaged! To release in April 2016!!

  • Right On Right On (EP)

    Help Right On Right On fund their self-titled debut EP. Funds go to recording, mixing & distribution. Pure awesomeness...? We'll see.

  • The Jeff Jeffus Ultimate Death Scenario

    An epic rock album, 12 years in the making. Recorded in the dark hours of the morning. My masterpiece of electric word and sound.

  • Help Fund Nyhla Records!

    Our goal is to build a platform where local artists can showcase their passion and talent and to bring the music scene back to VanCity!

  • WHYM // Debut Release

    WHYM is a new musical venture previously known as The Friendly Beasts. Help us by backing this project for our debut EP!

  • Love Lives Free Album

    1st Album from Singer Songwriter Jason Bentley "Love Lives Free" Authentic & Soulful. A hopeful dream catcher. Thought provoking lyrics

  • Help Palestar Master their Album!

    Palestar needs your help to master & press their newest album, Into the Untold. Join in and help us spread our music around the world!

  • Fake Chapter Records Is Cleaning Out Its Basement Campaign!

    20 years of releasing music from around the world has finally caught up to me. I have no storage left and making room. Good news for u!