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The GameKid is a handheld, Raspberry Pi powered, retro gaming console.

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Mint Tin Mini Apocalypse

Never has so much depended on so little.

Games in United States

Earth 667C Spaceship Building Board Game

In 2087, the Sun will go supernova. Build the fastest spaceship carrying the most survivors and save humanity from solar extinction.

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  • The Appalachian Trail Game: Special Edition

    Prepare for your own WALK IN THE WOODS with this fun new game! Play and learn LEAVE NO TRACE backpacking skills with 150 NEW CARDS!


    A single-player 3D space shooter with rogue-like elements and non-linear storytelling from the creators of the "Galaxy on Fire" series.

  • Treasure Hunter

    Adventure, Goblins and Fortune are waiting in this new Card Drafting Game from Richard Garfield for families and gamers alike.

  • Tabletopia - The digital platform for board games

    More than 100 games from the beginning on this most sophisticated virtual table. Play with friends or find worthy opponents online

  • Cat Tower

    Cat Tower is fully funded and all backers now receive two free exclusives! Stack cats on cats with up to 5 friends!

  • Dingo's Dreams + City of Iron 2nd Edition

    Venture through a beautiful dreamscape in the elegant Dingo's Dreams-- perfect for families! (Also, City of Iron gets a new edition.)

  • Divinity: Original Sin 2

    An epic RPG with turn-based combat, cooperative/competitive multiplayer; sequel to Divinity: Original Sin, GameSpot's PC Game of 2014.

  • One Night Ultimate Vampire

    A prequel to One Night Ultimate Werewolf w/ Vampires, Assassins and more. 14 new roles. Stand alone or mix with other One Night games.

  • Ernest Gary Gygax Jr.'s Marmoreal Tomb Campaign Starter

    The Marmoreal Tomb Campaign Starter is Ernest G. Gygax Jr.'s opening module for fantasy tabletop RPGs in The Hobby Shop Dungeon series.

  • Blackwake [Reboot]

    Fire the cannons, sink ships and kill pirates with swords and muskets in Blackwake, a multiplayer FPS for PC and Mac.

  • Lobotomy Board Game

    Escape mental asylum in Lobotomy Board Game. Got monsters on your back, mighty weapons, blazing skills -- or just delusions?

  • Eco - Global Survival Game

    Collaborate to build civilization in a simulated ecosystem, creating laws to make group decisions.

  • Mint Tin Mini Apocalypse

    Never has so much depended on so little.

  • Tower 57

    Twin stick shooter with 16-bit inspired pixel art, destructible environments, and a heavy focus on co-op. Coming to PC, Mac, and Linux.

  • STAR PATROL: a hex & counter minigame of starship combat

    DESIGN your ship, COMMAND your crew, DUEL your opponents using Newtonian space flight mechanics to your advantage ... or detriment

  • The Draco Magi Expansion

    It's finally here! Expand your copy of Draco Magi with a dozen new dragons, 4 new battlefields, deck construction and drafting!

  • Less - Like Chess but Less!

    Less is a simple strategy board game for two or four players. It's easy to learn and fun to play.

  • Kill Bugs Dead

    You play as an interdimensional pest control agent, AKA: that frog guy in the suit, AKA: Wax.

  • BattleCON Online - The Fighting Card Game, Now Online!

    BattleCON is one of the top-rated board games of all time and plays like Street Fighter for your tabletop. Now let's play it online!

  • Loom Launcher: 3D printed rubber band shooter

    #LoomLauncher is the world's first 3D printed, mechanical, multi-shot, self-priming, rubber-band launcher, printed in one go.

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