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Project We Love
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GaymerX East 2017! November 4th & 5th #GXEast17

A two day New York event that brings together gaming and LGBTQ culture!

Project We Love
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Pi and the Power Pals - inspire kids to explore science

Playful, fun and free educational game for children 3+, inspire and empower the next generation of innovators.

Project We Love
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spaceBOUND - A Cooperative Zero-Gravity Puzzle Platformer

Explore, solve, and survive together. We are taking the puzzle-platformer genre and giving it a unique cooperative twist. In space.

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Hand of Fate: Ordeals

An adventure deck-building game of life and death set in the Hand of Fate universe. Play competitively or co-op with 1~4 adventurers.

Kokoro: Avenue of the Kodama

We are re-releasing and expanding the 2016 Essen hit "Avenue" in the lovable world of Kodama.

Project We Love
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Fort Triumph - Tactical RPG

Fort Triumph is a tactical RPG featuring interactive environments and epic quests in a world on the brink of destruction. Try the demo!

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  • Project We Love
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    Heroes of Land, Air & Sea

    An RTS inspired 4X big box board game with miniatures and 3-D constructs! Easy to learn and easy to play for 1-6* players.

  • Project We Love
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    Deadly Premonition: The Board Game

    We are creating a 2-4 player board game based on the captivating world and characters of beloved videogame Deadly Premonition

  • Project We Love
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    Button Men: Beat People Up

    Button Men is a classic dice game from Cheapass Games, returning in a new starter set!

  • Sine Tempore

    Sine Tempore is a co-operative game rich in miniatures and materials, featuring custom dice and three-dimensional game elements.

  • Alone

    Alone is an asymmetric survival horror / dungeon crawler game that will put a single, stranded hero against up to 3 evil masterminds.

  • Legendary Showdown: Presidential Edition

    Take a look into the delightfully shady history of the USA with strange presidential facts, historical humor & characters you will love

  • Project We Love
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    Trouble For Hire: A Game of Hi-Octane Road Adventure!

    You and your friends play to tell serial full-throttle adventure stories of a road warrior cruising a stylized post-Western world.

  • Project We Love
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    Archive: Historical People, Places, and Events for RPGs

    80 locations, landscapes, NPCs, and events ripped from history, and ways to use them to spice up your game.

  • Project We Love
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    Fake News!

    3-7 players write headlines trying to win the favor of the editor to get their fake news published!

  • Path of Light and Shadow

    A massive empire-building experience for 2-4 players!

  • Monster Dice Boxes

    A unique hand crafted monstrous box for storing your own little monsters (dice). Compact design with a rolling tray in the lid.

  • Project We Love
    Project image
    FARSIGHT: Corporate Warfare in a Dark Future

    Man and machine fight for dominance in this epic sci-fi strategy game with optional scale miniature sets.

  • Barbarians: The Invasion

    Lead your barbarian clan to glory in this worker placement and area control euro board game from the acclaimed author of Hyperborea.

  • OXO - the mandala card game

    OXO is a card game with a wonderful mandala look that will delight you. Learn it in 5 minutes and you're ready to play!

  • Galaxy of Trian: New Order

    Put your conqueror skills to the test in this Galactic war for dominance. Explore a vast galaxy in this tile-based board game.

  • Clash of Rage

    A 1-4 players (5 with add-on) confrontation game with more than 70 minis, playable in campaign or skirmish mode.

  • Bullets and Teeth

    A casual zombie card game for 3-5 players where you don't have to outrun the dead if you can outrun the living.

  • Project We Love
    Project image
    Hero's Journey Home - Old School Fantasy Tabletop Card Game

    It's time to fire up the presses for another 100+ copies of Hero's Journey Home! A tabletop fantasy adventure in the old school spirit.

  • Untold: Adventures Await

    Roll Rory's Story Cubes in this new storytelling game that puts you and your heroes in the middle of the action!

  • Village of Legends - fantasy deck-building game

    Combine your hero's skill set strategically with weapons, spells, scrolls and other market items. Fast-paced 2-4 player game.

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