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  • Hatchet Job self titled LP

    The debut LP of Akron, Ohio's HATCHET JOB. Seven songs of loud, heavy, swinging, abrasive, bluesy, spitting, howling, lurching rock.

  • New album -- Soul in Paraphrase

    Songs to reach deep and point up, to sympathize and make you smile. Glimpses of joy, junk and all the glorious stuff we're made of.

  • Personalised and Unique Handmade Plushie Keepsakes

    I make personalised keepsakes & quilts from little one's clothing as a way for families to remember when their babies were little.

  • TK-TUKK | Titanium Utility Knife Keychain

    TUKK is an ultra portable utility knife, that conceals like a flash drive. The Official Unofficial Kickstarter Reward Opener! TK-MQR

  • Military Battle Challenge

    Bring the Military Battle Challenge to an off-base location in Southern California during Oct 2015 for a civilian "battle of the gyms".

  • Sander for my Bladesmith Shop

    I make hand-crafted blades and travel to festivals to sell my wares within Ohio. I need a better sander to be more efficient.

  • KegHead

    KegHead is a rapid beverage chiller that attaches to the top of your keg. It's beautiful, portable, inexpensive, and effective

  • America On Foot

    A solo walk across the country documented with a camera & a journal. My goal is to create a photo-book and share the story with others.

  • Brain Freezie

    Brain Freezie is a fun and groovy place to get your frozen cokes and fish and chips when your out enjoying the beautiful Perth weather.

  • Eternal Vigilance Comic Book: Issue #1

    The first issue of the comic book adaptation of the internationally acclaimed cyberpunk, dark fantasy vampire series Eternal Vigilance.

  • My First Novel - "No Promises"

    The first draft of my first novel is finished. Now I need your help to edit it, market it, and get it out there for everyone to read.

  • Stoned Bananas: The Movie

    This is the story of our good friend Danny. Danny got his prized possession taken away from him. Now he will go on a journey to find it

  • Red Light Studios - Afffordable Recording Studio

    Creating an affordable option for local musicians to record a great-sounding album without the pressure of limited time.

  • the Naughty Family

    Playing cards game for people who are into robots and numbers and having fun and of course , tricks.

  • Send Darrell Around The World

    I am raising money to participate in artist residencies in China, Spain and India.


    "PIXELS" Playing Cards for Video Game Enthusiasts! Collectors Art is based on modern 8 bit RPG s. Prepare for the nostalgia!

  • Coloyd Mojaris

    FUSION OF TRADITION WITH FASHION: Revolutionising the way you see traditional art. *Reward dates got preponed to September*

  • Handmade Wooden USB Cable Extentions and Hubs.

    I have made some cool looking handmade wooden Usb cable Extentions and Hubs.

  • Hourglass Game Bar

    Hourglass game bar. Serving Colorado proud craft beer + food, while providing a place to play learn and buy board games!

  • Craft Your Cocktail

    Customize your cocktail with Bitter Stix to create a drink that will knock your socks off.