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  • Decennial

    In the world of Decennial every ten years citizens are required to prove their worth before a jury of their peers.

  • A New Day with Psychic Medium Angelina Diana

    An inspirational talk show to enlighten & inspire you in everyday living. Learn to access a deeper connection to self empowered life

  • High-voltage Artwork: Custom Wood Products

    I want to expand my art to new mediums, creating custom sunglasses, phone cases, and skateboards using high-voltage burn patterns

  • LAVA OPENERS: Bottle Opener, Wine Stopper, Cork Screw

    Hand crafted lava rock bottle accessories for opening beer and wine with lava by Pacific Sky Power.

  • Bring Water

    Bring Water is a short sci-fi film set in a future world where civilization has collapsed and the search for water is imperative.

  • DROP BY doormat - cool design doormat for your home

    The doormat is the first you see... DROP BY doormat is a cool design doormat that can be used to welcome your guest in a new way

  • Project: "Super Students"

    A college student becomes a superhero to stop two professors from taking over the campus with a secret police.

  • Quesadilla Gorilla Food Truck

    Help get us to the next level, and put Gorilla into a food truck to cater your every need!

  • Beats Pumping

    £500 will to help us create a unique video for my new song Beats Pumping which you can hear at Thank you all!!!

  • Animal Artist Inspired to Paint for Conservation

    Artist sells Animal Paintings online to promote wildlife conservation


    It is our intention that BACKSTREETS must become the next great, successful Scandinavian film story. Take a closer look at our project.

  • "It Takes A Village"

    “It Takes A Village” is a cultural bi-weekly view into the everyday life of the oldest authentic African Village in North America!

  • Laser Cutter for Makerspace in Inner-City STEM School

    Innovation. Collaboration. Ingenuity. As teachers, we hope to instill these values on our students through the use of a Makerspace.

  • Mr. Game! - The Chaotic Party Game

    Change the board, change the goal, change the rules. Explore and push the boundaries of play in this constantly changing party game.

  • Notes From a Small Universe

    A popular science book describing the physics of space, time and causality for general readers.

  • Burgers and Babes Food Truck

    You're leaving a Bar/Nightclub what else would you want more than to have a Juicy Burger and to see Beautiful Girls making it.

  • Matching his and mini-his or hers and mini-hers fashion

    Have you ever wanted to look good and also make sure your little looks equality as great ?

  • Cinder Ella

    Fame and fortune beckon, a chance to overcome poverty working in a factory to become a star in the movies. Just will they let her?

  • Gladys Sings

    Most things are possible if we only dare to imagine. Gladys Sings is the story of a hen who has a very big imagination.

  • 360 Balloon Ride to Space - Experience A VR Trip to Space!

    Take a virtual ride to space! This project will create a semi-spherical video using 6 HD cameras launched on a high altitude balloon.