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Idaho Kombucha: Keeping it Idaho

Supporting the local economy and bringing kombucha to our great state.

Project We Love
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Spiral Brewery: Best Taproom This Side of the Mississippi!

Located in Hastings, MN, our brewery/taproom will be a place to come together in pursuit of a common goal: good friends and great beer.

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Kickstarter Gold: What’s For Dinner Notepad

Save time & eat better when you use this simple tool to plan creative meals for the whole week. From the makers of Foodie Dice.

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Kickstarter Gold: The World's First Chili Pepper CSA

Experience the most unique chili peppers on the planet, picked fresh from our organic farm and delivered right to your door each month.

Sam & Oliver's Mind Flay strawberry reaper hot sauce

Production of 150 gallons of our award winning Mind Flay strawberry reaper hot sauce. All-natural, vegan, gluten free & dye free!

Make a Home for SweetRoot Farm

House the farmers at SweetRoot in a cozy yurt so we can continue to focus on building our farm and feeding our community.

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Explore 2 live Bacon projects

  • un chef en cavale

    P.O. Meal box veut créer une experience diversifiée en créant un menu en rotation pour l'ete en plus d'offrir un espace extérieur.

  • The Bacon Pan

    This two piece stainless steel Bacon Pan is a great way to oven cook bacon to perfection. Safer than pan frying with a better result.

  • Project We Love
    551bcb5b539db95250cbd8bc88d55d47 original

    The world's first sausage cheese ball company! We serve the nostalgia of the sausage ball with updated recipes and local ingredients.

  • Project We Love
    2b4dccaaf80c6bdb13c123bc259a3135 original

    A sweet and savory bacon infused food truck. Inspired by fresh local, seasonal, and foraged ingredients. Heavily community influenced.

  • Project We Love
    43768ac3f34dc2f986bb08939bf53d81 original

    Extremely limited bacon themed dinner with extremely interesting people - September 7, 2014

  • Project We Love
    283d1404f3ebe3bb5d0dc905d92306a1 original

    Tired of Tabasco? Lick My Dip is the subscription hot sauce service championing small UK manufacturers and diversifying your dinner!

  • Project Bacon is in progress, a book all about bacon. Curing it, savoury & sweet recipes. Running late, but nearly there. Kickstarter backers get the first and best version.

  • With UMAi Dry® Artisan Meat Kits, you can craft authentic dry aged steak & charcuterie in your home fridge. Help us bring these to you!

  • 1803 Bacon needs to make more bacon, so we need equipment to increase production & meet the demand for Ohio proud heritage breed bacon!

  • We want to make bacon cupcakes, but we ran out of bacon. We need more. Also maybe some maple syrup.

  • One taste of homemade bacon and you will never buy commercial bacon again.

  • I have been making a "B & B" Beer & Bacon Spaghetti Sauce since 1964. I want to make it and share this recipe with everyone interested.

  • Perfected original recipe cookies Chocolate chip, Candied Bacon &Chocolate Chips, Snickerdoodles,and White Chocolate &Macadamia Nut

  • Hello. Meet uncompromising quality right in your pocket. Enjoy bacon at your fingertips whenever your inner carnivore calls.

  • MORSEL [mawr-suhl] noun. 1. a bite, a mouthful. 2. something very appetizing; treat or tidbit. 3. a thing that is attractive or delight

  • I want to make a pizza cake because it is awesome and I can share it with my friends. At $20 I'll have enough to make one.

  • Spreading Bacon Love all over the streets of the Dallas/ Ft Worth Metroplex, one sandwich at a time.

  • Goats are where it's at! You love them, and if you didn't know that now you do. But don't love em too much 'cuz these are eatin goats.

  • Bacon Jerky by Shark Tank's Pork Barrel BBQ - now you can eat bacon 24/7 with Pork Barrel BBQ Bacon Jerky! It's Bacon, but BETTER.

  • Making a yummy doggie cake for my dogs, because they're too sweet <3

  • Sharing the deliciousness of candied bacon and chocolate in one lovely, savory cookie.

  • You should be proud of what you eat - whether it's animal, vegetable or mineral. We just need a little push over the finish line!

  • Ever fancied wrapping your gifts in over 500 slices of fried bacon?

  • As 'Murican as apple pie - THIS is Bacon Bourbon. Introducing Ol' Major, the world's first bottled bacon bourbon.