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The Cat Rescuers Documentary

The story of four dedicated cat-loving activists in Brooklyn who are saving lives & raising awareness of a global animal welfare issue

Project We Love
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Congo Cabaret

We're producing a short music film on queers in the Harlem Renaissance, adapted from a novel by gay writer Claude McKay.

Project We Love
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The Black Gloves (Feature Film) Owlman Supernatural Horror

A psychologist suspects a terrifying conspiracy to unleash an unimaginable Horror...

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Cycling Maven: The 2017 Grand Tour Vlog Series

Cycling Maven brings you behind the scenes of the BIG THREE 2017 GRAND TOURS with his vlog series. The Giro, TDF and The Vuelta!!

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The Circuit: Urbiessa

A film quality Sci-fi Anthology series, where fans, celebrities, and professional filmmakers work together.

Gus Johnson Presents: PAR 9 - A Golf Course Comedy Series

I'm YouTuber Gus Johnson, and I'm making a 4-part comedy series about 4 worthless losers who try to fix a failing golf course.

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  • The Haunted Man

    AN ORIGINAL FEATURE FILM. The owner of a historic hotel hires a pair of ghost hunters to reconnect w/ the spirit of his murdered wife.

  • Project We Love
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    Las Candelarias - Cortometraje / ShortFilm

    Este cortometraje representa a Puerto Vallarta en el GIFF Rally Universitario, para ser realizado en 48 horas en Guanajuato.

  • Butterflies | A Short Film

    A short film about a girl's struggle to reclaim her life after a shooting leaves her with PTSD.

  • MEDICI feature film

    Born to govern, rose for revenge. A modern film adaptation of the French play, Lorenzaccio, by Alfred de Musset, about the Medicis.

  • ruin

    A short psychological-thriller...

  • Within - A Surreal Journey through Fear.

    Three women try to a hide a body, and reality disintegrates into their worst fears: abandonment, disapproval and surrender.

  • Wasted Youth TV Series Scene

    Help us film a scene from a new female-written Drama/Thriller mini-series so we can pitch it to networks and get it on TV!

  • "Missing"

    A 'Pulp Fictionesque' crime drama woven-together by an object (or person) of desire by each of the characters.

  • Foster Scare

    A married couple become foster parents to a nine year old girl who looks innocent and sweet but has a dark, homicidal spirit.

  • Wacko

    Wacko is an anti bullying film. It's a revenge story written to show the effects of what bullying can have on the victims mind.

  • SEVEN DEVILS - Feature Film

    A couple's life begins to crumble after a fateful visit from an unwelcome stranger.

  • Suspense / Mystery Film

    Cordova, AK is a town full of talent that needs to be seen. I have a film I'd like to involve my whole town in.

  • Mal de Ojo - A Short Film

    A woman’s entrance into motherhood is marked by sinister occurrences that threaten to consume her.

  • The Bluesman Movie

    This is an independent thriller based loosely on the legend of the amazing blues guitarist Robert Johnson and his desire for fame.

  • CÄBIN The Story (2017)

    We would love to take CÄBIN "The Story" on a mini tour to show our fans the film. We are looking for donations to create this dream.

  • Sedition

    We're making a movie that addresses many political and social issues, that'll aim to build a better society for us and our children.

  • An independent thriller, set in Michigan's frozen Upper Peninsula, starring Tequan Richmond, Jenna Boyd and Christina Scherer.

  • Project We Love
    2672c653d7eae7e34f8eb5037cfc9fe6 original

    Das Haus Productions is raising funds for Nesting Dolls, a psychological thriller about what can lie just beneath the surface.

  • Avaritia is a short thriller film that follows an alcoholic priest who struggles to come to terms with the lack of attendance at mass.

  • James, an actor in the world of theatre, progressively loses his head when his character on stage and at home begin to blend into one.

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