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Tantura (The Documentary Film)

Hala Gabriel, sets out to meet her family's old neighbors from Tantura, Palestine to discover why she, like them, became a refugee.

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THE GOSPEL ... according to Albert E. Brumley: a documentary

What do Dolly, Elvis, Hank Sr., Aretha, and Bruce have in common? All performed immortal uplifting American songs by Albert E Brumley.

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Phil Tippett's MAD GOD (Part 3)

MAD GOD is an epic stop-motion project by legendary animator Phil Tippett, released in chapters & funded exclusively via Kickstarter.

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PANS - a film about Found Girls and Lost Boys

Set in a quiet beach town in grunge-saturated 1994, Pans puts a feminist twist on the classic Peter Pan.

EastSiders: Season 3 of the Emmy-Nominated LGBT Series

The Great American Road Trip is about to get a lot gayer!

Savlonic, Badger, Narwhal and Amazing Horse Collectables

After years of public demand we're finally making Savlonic, Badger, Narwhal & Amazing Horse vinyl collectable toys for you to collect.

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  • Wacko

    Wacko is an anti bullying film. It's a revenge story written to show the effects of what bullying can have on the victims mind.

  • Estoy aqui

    César cometió un error en el pasado, pero no se acuerda de lo que hizo ¿Habrá algo que lo haga recordar?.

  • Bullitt County (Finishing Funds)

    Feature thriller about friends who hunt for buried Prohibition money in 1970s Kentucky. THE SHINING meets NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN.

  • The Greenhouse

    Short film. Title. The Greenhouse A psycho thriller about the manipulation of human imagination based on a true story.

  • Replace Yourself

    Help us to make our new feature length film (a psychological time travel thriller) titled REPLACE YOURSELF a reality!

  • The Seventh Commandment - Short Film

    A sexual sadist who mutilates spouses that are cheating in their marriage.

  • Psychological Thriller- Short Film Production in Manchester

    A short tense thriller that will shroud the audience with mystery, drama and suspense. To be shot and made in Manchester, UK.

  • Wasted Youth TV Series Scene

    Help us film a scene from a new female-written Drama/Thriller mini-series so we can pitch it to networks and get it on TV!

  • The Unforgiven Trilogy Filming Project

    My name is RazzKazz Malone and I am currently trying to complete a Trilogy filming project. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated


    A complex mystery/thriller of an event unfolds in the lives of Susan Wallace and John Wallace.

  • The Shadow

    This is a short film titled "The Shadow." Adam, Bea, and Rich have written seven thrilling pages of drama about Emma and Nick.

  • Frozen Moments Movie

    A feature film based on a San Francisco man living the perfect life until one morning he wakes up to discover his life forever changed.

  • XYZ

    Our small independent film studio, ran by high schoolers, is trying to make our first feature length film before we move for college.

  • The Ones We Love

    A short thriller about a young couple at a cabin with friends when a package changes everyone's relationships

  • Laugh For Me

    Laugh For Me is a psychological thriller about a young boy abused by his father and the monster became from the abuse

  • Induced

    A film showing how a government released chemical causes people to act like zombies & the only man who knows the truth is being hunted.

  • Project We Love
    A9d5d955a0b6ec1ad39ea6169dcdbfc4 original

    LADY BUG - Feature film - A break all the rules Psychological Thriller - Inspired by "American Psycho and Bronson.

  • Project We Love
    557c3a36686769097ec65db5a11001be original

    The ghosts of an actor's rocky past return to threaten his sobriety, his loved ones and ultimately, his life. Directed by Aisha Tyler.

  • Project We Love
    0c4de06e621cedeae580e25f0a761628 original

    A violent comedy starring Jim O'Heir (Parks and Rec) as a hapless comic who gets tangled in a killing spree on a roadtrip to Vegas.

  • Project We Love
    Bb612edb69a0ff9b454f5bc0a005710a original

    Struggling with his new southern life in New Orleans, a tormented man follows an old friend to a cabin in the bayou, where he must face the truth about his marriage and escape the mind games played by the locals.

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