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Project We Love
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Phil Tippett's MAD GOD (Part 3)

MAD GOD is an epic stop-motion project by legendary animator Phil Tippett, released in chapters & funded exclusively via Kickstarter.

Project We Love
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Current Sea

An environmental thriller documentary that explores the illegal fishing trade in Cambodia and those who risk it all to intervene.

Project We Love
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Hanzi - A Documentary on Chinese Typography

Hanzi is a documentary exploring international design, visual culture and identity through the lens of modern Chinese typography.

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Savlonic, Badger, Narwhal and Amazing Horse Collectables

After years of public demand we're finally making Savlonic, Badger, Narwhal & Amazing Horse vinyl collectable toys for you to collect.

Project We Love
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An R-rated comedy/horror/fantasy-film. With animals. Played by animatronic puppets!

'The Legend of Ned Kelly' Feature Film

The time has come to make the definitive motion picture about the Australian outlaw Ned Kelly. Your support will make it a reality!

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  • Project We Love
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    Congo Cabaret

    We're producing a short music film on queers in the Harlem Renaissance, adapted from a novel by gay writer Claude McKay.

  • Project We Love
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    Otro Muerto Cortometraje

    “Otro Muerto” is a short film selected by the GIFF representing the FAD - UNAM to be produced in a 48 hours in Guanajuato.

  • Project We Love
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    V - A Short Film commissioned by Film London

    V is a confrontational coming-of-age drama that uses vampire mythology to explore themes of femininity, isolation and sexual abuse.

  • Project We Love
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    A short film about an accident that occurs between two teenagers at a cliff jumping spot in the California desert.

  • Project We Love
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    AMAL - Short film

    Amal is a 20 minutes short film. It is a psychological drama reflecting the inner journey of a lonely man in search of hope.

  • Project We Love
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    As Above, So Below (OHTCLTLTOF)

    A fantastical short romantic comedy about two vertically challenged lovers, Cecilia and Herbet.

  • Project We Love
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    Go Tell Your Fathers

    Over a family beach weekend, a young woman struggles over whether to confide in her family about a recent sexual encounter.

  • Project We Love
    Project image
    Big Bad Wolves - a short film about selfies, crime, & bffs

    Amidst sweltering street corners & glittering Coney Island lights, four Brooklyn girls are changed forever by one, very bloody, night.

  • FOG — A Film London Short Film

    From the producers of the 2016 Oscar-winning short film, FOG invites us to see the world through the eyes of a vulnerable individual.

  • Die Wahrheit - Der Kurzfilm

    Wir, eine Studentgruppe aus München planen seit längerem eine Kurzfilm. Nach langer Planungszeit werden wir ihn nun verwirklich.

  • Reto #RunningToSantiago

    Documental del reto que consistirá en correr 42,3 kms diarios durante 5 días Corriendo por el camino de Santiago.

  • Last One to Die

    A crime/action film about a gang that attempts to rob an underworld poker game, unaware of other similar plans.

  • S-117: Halo Fan Short Film

    We're making an independent, 20 minute Halo fan short film focused on Master Chief.


     À la veille de l’eurovision 2017, Alexandra, guide touristique en Ukraine décide de travailler comme fixeuse

  • What do you see?

    We are two lads with the intention of making a short film that can be developed into a feature film. The theme is mental health.

  • The Stoner Banjees: A Call To Subvert Cannabis Culture

    Three Black female misfits navigate Seattle's murky underground grunge scene, bonding through their love of Kurt Cobain and marijuana.

  • Crawl - A fantastic journey

    Two young travelers seek a utopia. Forced to cross a land where reality distorts and towering monsters roam. If you can't walk, crawl.


    "Chucks Apartment" is a High-Octane psychological crime thriller, about a lonely frustrated man struggling with his sanity.

  • Las Palabras Favoritas (y otras instantáneas)

    "Las Palabras Favoritas (y Otras Instantáneas)" propone una historia sobre la superación del pasado y la aceptación del presente.

  • "What!" A Musical

    A struggling musician decides that he must find a muse in order to complete a life insurance jingle.

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