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  • Serpentine - Second Sight by Brian Hall & Tim Larsen

    Apocalypse is inevitable on the planet Kryss. Four groups race against time for survival while one clairvoyant tries to save us all.

  • Action Sports Capital of the World

    Give 4 guys the South Island of New Zealand, Try not to laugh.

  • Help Mark Kroos Record a New Album!

    Hi Folks! I am looking to record a beautiful, meditative instrumental guitar album for 2016!

  • Red House Mysteries - Escape Room Project

    Red House Mysteries are bringing the world of their fully immersive events to Exeter with a beautifully designed Escape the Room.

  • TIDE

    A short film exploring love, loss, and companionship. Starring Ella Duffy and Aoife Kennan, and directed by Georgie Henley.

  • Lavish Lifestyles Co.

    Aiming to create, inspire and motivate young entrepreneurs my age to create a lifestyle they don't need a vacation from.

  • Sky Gambit

    Fast paced action multiplayer online battle arena in a sci-fi setting with customizable ships. PC / Mac / Linux / PS4 / XboxOne

  • Websters grill truck slow cooked meats

    Websters grill truck the best slow cooked meats on hot coals Beef bisket, roast Lamb, roast chicken, Ribs, burgers, sliders,

  • The Enemy Feathers NEW EP

    The Enemy Feathers are passing the proverbial hat to see if we can raise enough money to complete Our NEW EP

  • 'Castles Made of Sand' - Ballet & Film Fuse with Digital Art

    Castles Made of Sand will bring art out of the theatre and gallery onto the street in an epic 21st century style multimedia projection.

  • There's An Animal In My Alphabet

    I am trying to create a children's book that I have had written for some time. This will be for the completion of the 1st copy.

  • Go Away - A Short Film

    Five college friends visit an inherited house. Unbeknownst to them the house is less than vacant. Passing away doesn't mean moving on.

  • Jay Tees

    Telling honest stories; real stories that girls & guys can connect with. Making casual-wear that's powerful, poised, fierce & authentic

  • Fashionable Women Earrings

    I'm hoping to raise capital in order to launch a new jewelry business that caters to making fashionable earrings for women

  • Love Hate Mail - Greeting Cards with Love... and Hate!

    Cards that start w/ a lot of Love and open to a little Hate or vice versa. Cards your friends or enemies! Parking cards for idiots too.

  • RMM3 First Ever Album: Smooth Motivation

    If Your Passionate About Something You Want You Should Go For It. If Not The What Ifs Will Haunt You Forever!

  • New Funk

    Funk in Florida

  • Duel Shock

    Gallows dark TV horror comedy steak marinated in a succulent, science-fiction sauce; wrapped up in multi episodic sesame seed bun.

  • A Cappella Latin Hymns

    Latin Hymns are a tradition that must be preserved and passed down to the next generation for praising, worshiping and enjoying.

  • Let's Play Music~Cyril Pahinui & Friends Part II & Webisode

    Let’s Play Music features Hawaiian music greats in intimate backyard performances Straight From the Heart of Waimānalo