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  • Faire De Largent Mula

    A affinity business based in New York with the purpose of providing a “nu-wave” line of of hi-style sportswear suitable an appealing

  • Fitness Buddy

    To create the world's first app that allows fitness enthusiasts of any level to find a training partner based on goals and location.

  • World Music, Culture, & Food Festival

    A musical, and cultural journey musically, and through food and crafts from all parts of the world. A presentation elevating humanity.

  • The Earlham Beat

    This Semester the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions chapter at Earlham college will be publishing a zine entitled "the Earlham Beat."

  • Raphael Arts and Images

    Raising funds and exposure for my humble girlfriends art and designs. She is extremely talented, and needs support to continue pursuing

  • Ezekiel Covenant: An abused child finds faith in the bible

    A documentary about the inner strength of an orphaned girl, who despite physical and emotional abuse, found God in a godless place.

  • Epic Mysteries - Bigfoot

    Join Experts on the Search for the Legendary Creature Known as Bigfoot in this Adventure Mystery TV Series Pilot. (Filmed in 4K UHD)

  • Center City Dance Project

    Dance for refugee, inner city and children of the surrounding area with classes that prepare for performances.

  • Northeastern PA Bouldering Guidebook

    A print guidebook for select bouldering in the Northern Pennsylvania region.

  • Cardiff Metropolitan Textiles Degree Show 2015

    Textile design students from Cardiff School of Art and Design are raising money for their 2015 degree show.

  • Flashing Image Movie Database

    A simple online database to document what movies have flashing images, at what point in the movie the images take place & other details

  • Personalized Cell Phone Docking Station

    This personalized cell phone docking station holds all of your essential, everyday items in one place!

  • Throwaway Kids

    Four kids that weren't suppose to make it. What happens when they are given a chance. Will they find their way or destroy themselves

  • The New Douglas Farmers' Market Grill: Fresh Food Fast

    The Grill will offer local fresh items, support the community, and bring commerce to our town. Please help support our project.

  • We'll Never Have Paris zine WNHP 12

    The only literary journal of nonfiction memoir that looks and feels like a zine. For all things never meant to be. A home for print.

  • EGT J1: Illuminati, Mind Control, & Explosions - Indie Film

    When the Illuminati's plan to control a genius backfires, he get's trapped in a dream world comprised of versions of himself.

  • The Inspectors Call

    Vibrant contemporary political theatre, exploring the professional and human impact of the growing corporate culture in education.

  • Brothers Yates

    We spent three years recording and crafting our new CD "Can't Stop". Now its time for post production and we can use your help.

  • Professor's Room: The teaching and learning room (and tool)

    This tool is to teaching as typing is to writing

  • Pieces of My Peace

    I'm veteran & writer, who's struggled with depression & anxiety. I've used poetry as a medium to capture my journey with handling it.