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  • Rats in the Woodwork and Other Tales of Horror

    hi. I would like to one day be able to finish writing and publish my first book. it takes time and money, both of which I don't have.

  • Controversial Cartoons

    Just one man and his art supplies trying to make the world a more perplexing place to live.

  • PMA Fashion Show

    Everything I've accomplished in my life so far has taken serious dedication and has been full of passion.

  • CHUGS - The Collectable Card Game

    Chugs combines popular elements from all your favourite drinking games with the added attraction of a collectable card game.

  • CaptainsCuriosities Taxidermy animal art

    Creating beautiful and unique statement pieces with the use of taxidermy, skulls and ornate frames.

  • At Midnight (or, Auguries of Innocence) - Independent Film

    Burdened with the job of the Grim Reaper, Mean-spirited David must find a way to redeem his bitter actions or face up to eternal death.

  • MotoStrap

    Motostrap solves that pressing question. What are you gonna to hold on to? Motorcycle, Scooters, Jet Skis or ATV's holding on is easy.

  • Black Kings

    We are young men with a dream of creating a successful clothing line that WILL go long ways in the near future with some help.

  • Deadrail Comics

    I want to draw comics with deep plots and troubled characters. That'll evoke thought and emotion.

  • Ebola Attack! A mobile game for good

    A game for good - dodge ebola, protect your cells, and save lives. Proceeds to aid in West Africa relief effort after app release.

  • Restitution Comic Book

    Two best friends accidentally travel back in time. One wants to find his way back & the other profits from his knowledge of the past.

  • Andreas (MAN 1K) music album

    I have an EP mostly recorded by a local producer and I need somewhere around £2,000 - £2,500 to complete the marketing and production.

  • Thoughts While Above

    I'm allowing you to step into the "soundscape" of my life. The transition from a boy leaving a small town on his own to who I am now

  • Infectious, love at the end of the 21st century!

    Innovative Theatre Company Needs You To Reach Funding Requirements. We Are So Close We Can Smell It! Thank You In Advance.

  • Technical difficulties

    Paintings. Prints. Clothing design. Animated films. Live action films. Visual Novels. These are the mediums I tell stories through.

  • Acres

    Acres is a FPS sandbox city construction game in an endless, fully editable world. Design buildings, build cities, and explore Acres.

  • Grains on the side

    My mission is to package, sell and ship grain based dishes many are gluten, nut, dairy, and GMO free and yet great taste.

  • Me? A Caregiver?

    An edgy, hilarious, compassionate and honest show to help caregivers find courage, trust their instincts and above all, to laugh.

  • Chinese New Year 2015

    I will be celebrating my first Chinese New Year by making a moon cake.

  • Texas Bound ..first Country TexMex CD by David Vincent Silva

    Song writing, producing, recording...good ole country with a mixture of tex mex sounds including the accordion, bass, & fiddle.