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  • Red Apple Cafe - Bringing new life to an old restaurant

    The Red Apple Cafe is nearly 100 years old, and it can be seen. I am looking to purchase, restructure, bring in an updated menu.

  • Knights of the Big Ring

    Back our cycling product apparel for all Knights of the Big Ring; A project to raise funds for an Autumn Cycling Kit

  • Poked and Punctured Tees

    T-shirts for those who have pride in the tattoos that they have put on their bodies. We are passionate people, let's stand proud!

  • Volt&Potenza Duo: choro - dance

    The Volt&Potenza duo will record for a well-known label 2015. The title of the recording is choro (dance). Visit

  • Aim 4 Grey Demo LP

    9 awesome A4G tracks, recorded professionally for your listening pleasure.

  • "Introducing Jodea"

    Out of work actor, Jodea Maxell dreams of stardom until one car crash gives her the opportunity of a lifetime...

  • Real Girl

    "Real Girl" will be a series about a lost comedian trying to find who she is on/off stage without doing voices.

  • Brentford Football Club's 125 Anniversary Book

    A stunning 300-page hard-back book will be updated to celebrate Brentford Football Club’s 125th anniversary. Thanks for backing us.

  • Heroic Actions

    2D Super Hero Side Scrolling RPG with local 2 player coop and fully customizable heroes and secret bases!

  • Peluché's 2015 European Tour Fund!

    We're a band from London and we're going on tour in Autumn 2015, around the UK, plus our first tour of Europe! But we need your help!

  • Hobbit Doors for Martin

    Pen and ink drawings, each unique and colorful, of a cozy Shire home, to raise money for my cat Martin's needed FHO surgery.

  • Back To The Roots

    This project is all about the Cimbalom, a folk hammered dulcimer, which was my first musical instrument.

  • My Bumblebee and Me

    This children's book began as a story to our Daycare children to help them understand about Bumblebee's. It is beautifully illustrated.

  • Spruce Raw Juice

    Fresno's newest health-food hot spot is ready to open up shop! Are you ready to drink local produce!?

  • New Age Meditation Music

    Meditation music has been around for some time. It relaxes the mind, destresses the body, and helps a person stay balanced and calm.

  • A Family's Fury - Prod. Campaign (Action/Superhero Feature)

    Five siblings seek revenge, but soon realize that it's bigger than revenge. It's bigger than them. It's about saving the world.

  • Shambolic Apocalypse

    We recently found out what a bassoon is/sounds like. We now wish to create a bassoon based black metal duet. We cannot afford bassoons.

  • Smart&Tough Stealth 4G LTE, a Really Tough 4G SmartPhone

    Lots of phones are smart, but very few are really Smart&Tough. The Stealth 4G is both. Its at home on a beach, bike or desk..

  • Enlightenment Stupa at Milarepa Retreat Center

    The community at Milarepa Retreat Center in Happy Valley, TN has begun work on a Stupa, a representation of the Mind of Enlightenment.

  • Frantic - The Mischievous Card Game

    One card can turn the whole game upside down and summon the inevitable doom for everyone.