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The Children of 1917

A documentary film and book project, capturing the incredible life stories of Russians born a century ago, in 1917.

Project We Love
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BLACK SHORE a short film, stars Matthew Steer & Gemma Whelan

What are the ties that bind you to reality? When Ben loses his wife and is stalked by an amorphous presence, he is about to find out.

Project We Love
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Help us make the feature of The Beginnings of My Heart!

A experimental feature film about a Native girl who confronts her past traumas through four spirits that have stolen her exploded heart

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OmStars - Live the Yogi Life & Illuminate Your Yoga Practice

The world’s first Yoga Channel! Practice yoga with an exclusive curriculum, earn rewards & experience the yogi lifestyle


Let's turn the hit NEKOPARA visual novel series by NEKO WORKs into an anime with everyone's support!

The Ferro Film Project #1

ARRANGEMENT fans! It's time to bring Sean Ferro to life the right way! Get involved now and help your favorite series become a movie!

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Explore 14 live Narrative Film projects


    An intimate film about four women who find unity, hope, and strength through one of the world's darkest tragedies.

  • Project We Love
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    Blue Fish

    A story of love, memories and the need of embracing the past.

  • Project We Love
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    Elle - Short Film

    Elle is a young girl poised at a crossroad between suffering memory loss through the pressure to conform and her love for dance.

  • Washbourn Sisters

    Washbourn Sisters is the story of two sisters traveling to their grandmas house to prevent her from donating her house to a dog shelter

  • The Aardvark

    The Aardvark is our third and most ambitious project yet. We are looking to produce this film in the most complete and polished way.

  • Message To The People: A Story Of Malcolm X

    Message to the People: A Story of MALCOLM X is a historical dramatization and narration of the life and words of Malcolm X.

  • The Perfect Family Movie

    Blood doesn't make you family. This Chicago based family takes "til death do us part" to a whole new level.

  • I Want To Realize My Dream But I Don't Have Enough Finance

    ALL OF US NEED A CHANCE. One Day You Could Need Help Like Me - Would You Like To Get? - TRUST ME! -

  • Buffalo Runner: A Blackfoot story told in the language

    This short film will be a revitalization and educational tool to help reclaim a language that is loosing its existence.

  • "Hello, My Friend" NYU Thesis Film

    A story of mental health told through the lens of a Millennial stuck in a New Orleans public psych ward.

  • Saltwater: Festival Premier!

    A narrative film following a woman’s journey from her home in San Francisco into her family’s past at the shores of the Salton Sea.

  • "AQUILES" by Rodrigo M. Malmsten. (webserie-Argentina).

    "Buenos Aires, 2001. A group of friends celebrates the New Year as Argentina collapses into a major economic and political crisis."

  • Erika - Short Film

    Set in 1940’s Nazi Occupied Bosnia, an unlikely friendship forms between two young girls on opposite sides of the war.


    A couple of motivated, under achieving, perpetually high cops need to pull it together to try and take down a drug ring.

  • Project We Love
    E933765a759434c372ef3fa838cffd38 original

    Gritty Sweeney Todd thriller set in a British kebab shop plagued by binge drinking. The owner’s son turns vigilante after his father's death in an effort to clean up the relentless onslaught of binge drinking thrill seekers waging war on his doorstep.

  • Project We Love
    092d7b3e8393c516c2e7157b7ec3ed43 original

    Queen of Glory is the female-directed dark comedy of a maladjusted PhD student who becomes sole proprietor of a Christian bookstore.

  • Project We Love
    0e8fae60fb97d37a7d7ecb17483964c6 original

    The last hotel submarine in a post-apocalyptic 1950's Britain.

  • Project We Love
    7ea3a587caf67617540820db7364fe00 original

    Indie Spirit Award winner Susan Johnson and producers Suzanne Farwell and Susan Cartsonis are bringing Carrie Pilby to life.

  • Project We Love
    53ce209c72e9a6e5e0833e4fd5b2ab1c original

    An indie feature film about Owen, a vending machine supplier who learns that sometimes in life, you just need a little change.

  • Project We Love
    8f7fdde46e15017da33131241a08d8f7 original

    a horror/comedy/animation musical feature film!

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