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Project We Love
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Phil Tippett's MAD GOD (Part 3)

MAD GOD is an epic stop-motion project by legendary animator Phil Tippett, released in chapters & funded exclusively via Kickstarter.

Project We Love
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Current Sea

An environmental thriller documentary that explores the illegal fishing trade in Cambodia and those who risk it all to intervene.

Project We Love
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Hanzi - A Documentary on Chinese Typography

Hanzi is a documentary exploring international design, visual culture and identity through the lens of modern Chinese typography.

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Live Stream Permaculture Design Course & App. Tech Course

The four week course is sold out and folks are asking if we can do live streaming. We can, but we need the gear.

Savlonic, Badger, Narwhal and Amazing Horse Collectables

After years of public demand we're finally making Savlonic, Badger, Narwhal & Amazing Horse vinyl collectable toys for you to collect.

Project We Love
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PANS - a film about Found Girls and Lost Boys

Set in a quiet beach town in grunge-saturated 1994, Pans puts a feminist twist on the classic Peter Pan.

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  • Project We Love
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    Notes on an Appearance

    A young man disappears amid talk of violence and demagoguery, leaving behind an obscure cache of letters, postcards, and notebooks.

  • Project We Love
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    PANS - a film about Found Girls and Lost Boys

    Set in a quiet beach town in grunge-saturated 1994, Pans puts a feminist twist on the classic Peter Pan.

  • Neutral - A short film by Nathan Barnatt

    This film will feature physical comedy, action & the unique comedic style we've seen from Nathan before—as well as a new dramatic side.

  • Project We Love
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    The Road: A VR Short Film

    A VR short film about a group of immigrants who realize they are going to be forced to work against their will by human traffickers.

  • Mutual Bondings

    You walk into a bank, everything seems normal at first. Mutual Bondings, a comical side of banking with a twist at every corner.

  • Yesterday: Pre-Production Funding

    Derek is left at the altar by his fiancé, Lisa, with no explanation. Seven years later, their paths cross unexpectedly.

  • Pretty Broken

    A Dysfunctional Family Film for All! Donate now and become part of our family.

  • NARCISSISTIC - Short Film

    Celebrity Nick Belvedere retreats into his penthouse when he gets investigated by a Detective pursuing a case of assault and battery.

  • Angels Four: the adventure film of an amazing true story

    We're going to make the film about the amazing story of the first ascent of the face of the highest waterfall in the world: Angel Falls

  • VOYEUR Finishing Funds

    A feature length Thriller with a trip, a twist, and a Killer.

  • 31 Days Somewhere We've Never Been (Feature Film)

    In July, Joel Haver and Dylan Dexter will be going to a small town they've never been to. In this town, a movie will be made.

  • The Next Line

    A silent drama based on the poem "The Next Line" by Pete Rogers. Independently filmed and source by PeteProductions in Wrexham

  • Climb Everest – Virtual Reality Experience

    Join the first VR expedition up the perilous North Side and be a part of shaping the adventure.

  • Night Light

    For my senior thesis, I'm making a film! Based on my relationship with my brother, "Night Light" is a period drama about brotherhood.

  • DriverBae

    Based on the true story, a hard working Uber driver unsuspectingly drives her husbands mistress to the home they share together.

  • SOMEBODY'S MOTHER Distribution Fund

    Success! We have a distribution deal! Now we just need to pay for distribution costs. Thanks to your support...

  • 'Ambition' - Short Film Screening

    An eclectic film night of independent shorts, 6 films on 'Ambition.' Followed by Q&A's by cast and crew.

  • Dancing on the Yellow Edges

    When Tim comes home to find a law school rejection letter, he must reckon with the role his bipolar brother, Jason, plays in his life.

  • Escape From Dentistry

    This a short film about 3 Filipino-American kids that plan to escape to the woods in order to avoid a terrifying trip to the dentist.

  • Late Nights at the Movies (Film Noir Short Film)

    Late Nights at the Movies is a timeless film noir short film set in a cinema. An assassin awaits the messenger from her latest client.

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