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Project We Love
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The Second Annual Women Sports Film Festival

Join us in smashing stereotypes, breaking barriers, and celebrating female athletes and storytellers through documentary film.

Project We Love
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DEEP CLEAN - a supernatural horror short film

Deep Clean is a live action supernatural horror short, an exciting new partnership between comic artist and filmmaker.

Project We Love
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The Bessie Coleman Story, presented by Sweet Blackberry

Animated short on Bessie Coleman, the first African-American woman to become a pilot.

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Journey to Tataouine

Back in 1995, I rediscovered the lost Star Wars desert filming locations in Tunisia. Here at last is a video telling the whole story.

Project We Love
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A Thousand Thoughts

A Thousand Thoughts is a documentary portrait created by filmmaker Sam Green about – and in collaboration with – the Kronos Quartet.

Project We Love
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The Scrooge Mystery - a feature duckumentary

A documentary for the 70th anniversary of comic-book character Uncle Scrooge McDuck and its impact on the creative world.

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  • Project We Love
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    DAN & ALICE - an improvised feature film

    DAN & ALICE is a romantic comedy road movie with 100% improvised dialogue, shooting chronologically, in just 10 days.

  • Nations 1968: A Chicago Film Series

    The first installment of a 3-part series taking viewers through the advent of a fictional south side gang during the late 1960's.

  • Waiting.... A Veterans' Film

    A surrealist dark comedy about a veteran struggling against the bureaucratic weight of the VA to get the care he desperately needs.


    A Film Series interpreting the Biblical Psalms in a contemporary, relevant manner.

  • The Lost At Sea

    We are trying to raise money to help fund our School Film Project. We go to school in L.A. at the New York Film Academy.

  • HUB- Too easily Taken

    Too many are being taken. In plain sight. Their lives changed forever. Why are we not looking?

  • Leo And The Shark.

    Leo must set aside his humanity and act in the interest of self preservation. There is a predator lurking in the depths waiting to...

  • The Wolf

    Echo remains stuck in the past after tragedy takes someone he loves. Now, he'll do anything to stop it from happening to someone else.

  • Designing a Psychological Weapon

    The #1 job in the world right now is to spread the knowledge that the US govt and our economy have been hijacked by the ultra rich.

  • Mason: Short Film

    A short film focusing on rural, racial, gay issues; and PFOA water toxicity

  • Forever Today

    Owen awakens to find himself trapped, why? Is it because of something he has done?

  • Travel Video: Experience Colombia like never before

    Documenting Colombia from the eyes of local Colombians; showcasing unseen beauty and culture from this beautiful country with your help

  • Heavy Eyes

    This is a short film depicting the emotional process a young couple endure when going through with an abortion.

  • Project We Love
    50be2e5881600bd73a16a8ed23ece299 original

    A feature comedy about two AWOL soldiers who are mistaken for war heroes and become embroiled in a small town mayoral election.

  • Project We Love
    28f1a9d9b58b8bc890682c9a262074e7 original

    Trapped by daily routine, a man experiences complete freedom by dreaming himself across the country in a psychedelic Volkswagen with the guiding words of philosopher Alan Watts.

  • Project We Love
    B946ce2341a9aaccf6784cb8be826ab2 original

    An alien conspiracy theorist enlists his friends to help him make a low budget movie about his past as a government geologist.

  • Project We Love
    E933765a759434c372ef3fa838cffd38 original

    Gritty Sweeney Todd thriller set in a British kebab shop plagued by binge drinking. The owner’s son turns vigilante after his father's death in an effort to clean up the relentless onslaught of binge drinking thrill seekers waging war on his doorstep.

  • Project We Love
    0e8fae60fb97d37a7d7ecb17483964c6 original

    The last hotel submarine in a post-apocalyptic 1950's Britain.

  • Project We Love
    A27304651e8be5ada47a28a3682abf3d original

    The thrilling conclusion to a story it took 20 years to tell—HENRY FOOL, FAY GRIM, and now, shooting in spring 2014...

  • Project We Love
    7ea3a587caf67617540820db7364fe00 original

    Indie Spirit Award winner Susan Johnson and producers Suzanne Farwell and Susan Cartsonis are bringing Carrie Pilby to life.

  • Project We Love
  • Project We Love
    B032e7e0e6cd2ec027632e3bad46929a original

    FOURPLAY is a feature anthology of four true tales of sexual intimacy.

  • Project We Love
    00714cc05c69bef9ec50fa8ac7e0cd7a original

    A comedy about three long-lost brothers playing detectives in a live action role-playing mystery game in the Alaskan wilderness.

  • Project We Love
    9ad82780fef6c95d2a6a642bae833d48 original

    Eini uses her imagination, creativity and the nature to survive an abusive childhood.

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