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Project We Love
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New feature film focusing on how the Sony PlayStation helped take Video Gaming to a whole new level for both developers and players!

Project We Love
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Release a Forgotten Film by a Master of Silent Cinema

This project funds the transfer, touch-up, and proper DVD release of Frank Borzage's all but lost 1922 The Pride of Palomar.

Project We Love
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Miniature Wargaming: The Movie

A documentary film about the world of miniature wargaming. Exploring breath-taking stories, the creation and history of miniatures.

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Project We Love
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Attacking the Darkness - A Feature Mockumentary

A comedy mockumentary about the people who want to ban tabletop gaming and their epic quest: to produce the ultimate anti-RPG movie.

CALVINIST Documentary Film

A film seeking to explain Calvinism, celebrate its recent resurgence, and to answer the question, "What's next?".

Project We Love
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A documentary to SAVE SHARKS by exposing the billion dollar industries that are lying to you! A new shocking film from Rob Stewart!

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  • Project We Love
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    Do You Take This Man

    Anthony Rapp, Jonathan Bennett and Alyson Hannigan star in this gay marriage drama. How do you make a modern relationship work?

  • Project We Love
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    Release a Forgotten Film by a Master of Silent Cinema

    This project funds the transfer, touch-up, and proper DVD release of Frank Borzage's all but lost 1922 The Pride of Palomar.

  • Project We Love
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    TRUE BLUE, a film by Chris Osborn

    A pyramid schemer's dark night of the soul in lonely Atlantic City, starring David Warshofsky.

  • Project We Love
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    SĂPTĂMÂNA (The Week)

    An experimental narrative that explores the relationship between three generations of Romanian women who reunite for one week.

  • Don't Get Depressed, Get Revenge!

    RANDOM ACTS OF CHAOS - A dark comedy about channeling depression, self-injury and suicidal tendencies into the art of ultimate revenge.

  • X55—Feature Film

    X55 is a narrative drama that follows an up and coming indie rock band as they attempt to record a live album in an old theater.

  • Gr(Ace)

    An asexual girl struggling to have her voice heard; a voice that's saying: "If sex without love exists, love without sex exists too."

  • Remedy: Women Jailed For Suffering Miscarriages

    Women in countries where abortion is outlawed are routinely jailed when they suffer miscarriages. REMEDY tells their story.

  • E.T.A.s

    When Miles discovers his life is not what it seems, he and a group of outcasts fight to expose the truth.

  • Fantasy in D Minor

    Life is a masterpiece. Stop and listen.

  • Ellston Bay

    'Ellston Bay' is the story of a son's desperate search for his missing father. Originated entirely in VistaVision.

  • Raymond

    A short gay psychothriller set in the small-town woods of the Pacific Northwest.

  • He Kills

    Jackson, a poor, ex-army soldier, is hired as a bounty hunter to kill ruthless and corrupted men.

  • Umaru and the Phantom Killer

    A modern Sherlock Holmes detective film featuring a young, strong and intelligent female who uses modern technology to solve crimes.

  • Dropping the Mask - Young People with Multiple Sclerosis

    Who can better address the challenges of multiple sclerosis than the people who live with it & overcome the psychological barriers ?

  • Nomad Goods Promo

    A video to urge the inner Nomad within everyone to go out and explore the world. There is so much in the world to explore! So Go!

  • Project We Love
    0e8fae60fb97d37a7d7ecb17483964c6 original

    The last hotel submarine in a post-apocalyptic 1950's Britain.

  • Project We Love
    99f78b039825750c68d84e769b9d489e original

    My Summer As A Goth is an empowering, funny tale about how we try on new identities in order to figure out who we really are.

  • Project We Love
    3090cfd7f0e2af4493f8942630d9e296 original

    On his first day on the job, a high school algebra teacher mixes up his medications to disastrous results.

  • Project We Love
    A891ba9250ebee2c2384ace1bb6b55fd original

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