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  • Photo little

    by Alexandre Rockwell

    An odyssey, as seen through the eyes of children. Official Selection at Toronto & Rome film fests, set to be distributed by Factory 25.

  • Photo little

    by Datev

    A independent short film shot in the Florida orange groves.

  • Photo little
    WALLICH/HANKINS: 2 New Choreographic Works

    by Kate Wallich/Allie Hankins (deleted)

    Seattle based dance makers Allie Hankins and Kate Wallich will be presenting a split bill evening of two new choreographic works.

  • Photo little

    by SweetDoh!

    A modern take on Greek mythological eternal punishments. The tale of two brothers tormenting each other in a scenario they can't escape

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    Natalie York presents: "PROMISES"

    by Natalie York

    Natalie York is releasing her new album, "PROMISES." Get involved by pre-ordering your copy of the record and other goodies here!

  • Photo little
    PLAGUE the Card Game

    by Jason Glover

    Venture forth and let the battle commence, all the while trying to avoid the PLAGUE in this fast-paced trick taking card game!

  • Photo little
    FINDING ARUN : the debut novel by Marisha Pink

    by Marisha Pink

    I quit my job to write the book I’d always dreamed of. Now I’m self-publishing it in my quest not to live life by the book. Are you in?

  • Photo little
    Into the Light

    by Athea Eberhardt

    I am a photographer using Kickstarter to help with the start up costs of displaying at my first art festival.

  • Photo little
    True Stories: We Made Up.

    by Michael Johnson/Chris Johnson/Dave Beebe

    Short story collection based on the lives of the three authors. They fill in the cracks of their memories with braggadocio & folklore.

  • Photo little
    STINK HELMET a Graphic Novel

    by Otto Splotch

    Stink Helmet. Otto Splotch's new graphic novel.True life, SiFi future, people exercising, fart jokes, crust and slime. Real Fun.

  • Photo little
    Falling Flight Project & Kieran Jordan Dancers - New Show!

    by Kieran Jordan

    Two Boston choreographers present "An Tírdhreach Beo" {The Living Landscape} — Ireland's seasonal festivals in Irish and Modern Dance

  • Photo little
    'Sullivan's Sluggers', Baseball Horror Graphic Novel

    by Mark Andrew Smith

    'Sullivan's Sluggers', is a 200 page Hardcover baseball horror graphic novel by James Stokoe and Mark Andrew Smith.

  • Photo little
    Theme Song Thesis

    by Luke C Patton

    In a world where everyone is given a theme song, one woman goes against social norms, and the law, to change her tune.

  • Photo little

    by Mel Day

    Two women meet and fall in love in prison. To cope with prison life they create a false queendom in which they are royalty.

  • Photo little
    Tu Publishing: a small, independent multicultural SFF press for children and YA

    by Stacy Whitman

    Tu Publishing will publish fantasy and science fiction for children and young adults, emphasizing multicultural characters and settings.

  • Photo little
    Model Citizen Clothing! Sharing. Caring. Expanding!

    by Bonnie Rue

    This colorful line for laid back fashionista's needs a helping hand getting to the Pool Trade Show in Las Vegas, NV.

  • Photo little
    OH, HELL an Original Graphic Novel

    by George Wassil

    Their parents have "had it" and ship them off to boarding school. What they don't know? The school is in Hell and it's pass/fail.

  • Photo little
    Support Tap Guitar album "If Kids were Kings" Matt Wolfe

    by Matt Wolfe

    Releasing a second percussive-tap guitar style studio album. Help support! You're eyes and ears will thank you.

  • Photo little
    RAS KASS: A.D.I.D.A.S. - Limited Edition CD & Vinyl

    by Ras Kass

    Limited Edition printing of a new 18-20 track RAS KASS project. 500 Vinyls and 1000 CDs to be pressed.

  • Photo little
    Clean 8 String Guitar CD - Dean Murphy

    by Dean Christopher Murphy

    Trying to make my dream a reality of making this clean solo 8 string guitar CD utilizing ONLY the guitar itself

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