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THE GOSPEL ... according to Albert E. Brumley: a documentary

What do Dolly, Elvis, Hank Sr., Aretha, and Bruce have in common? All performed immortal uplifting American songs by Albert E Brumley.

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Phil Tippett's MAD GOD (Part 3)

MAD GOD is an epic stop-motion project by legendary animator Phil Tippett, released in chapters & funded exclusively via Kickstarter.

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Current Sea

An environmental thriller documentary that explores the illegal fishing trade in Cambodia and those who risk it all to intervene.

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PANS - a film about Found Girls and Lost Boys

Set in a quiet beach town in grunge-saturated 1994, Pans puts a feminist twist on the classic Peter Pan.

Savlonic, Badger, Narwhal and Amazing Horse Collectables

After years of public demand we're finally making Savlonic, Badger, Narwhal & Amazing Horse vinyl collectable toys for you to collect.

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An R-rated comedy/horror/fantasy-film. With animals. Played by animatronic puppets!

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  • Oscillation Transia Film Festival

    Oscillation Transia will travel the U.S. this summer, sharing innovative films through the power of solar energy in outdoor locations.


    The Tur de Cine Mexicano is a festival that supports the Independent Mexican / Latino Cinema we want to support the talent as Directors

  • Project We Love
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    Watch with us. August 7 - Sept 13, 2015, in NYC.

  • Project We Love
    34b573c9d886258eab2f88c66ceb7c68 original

    Head to R'lyeh to get unique Cthulhu & Miskatonic U artifacts for the 20th H.P. Lovecraft Film Fest & CthulhuCon - Portland OR, Oct 2-4

  • Project We Love
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    Support Rooftop Films' 18th year of creating the most unique film viewing experiences in NYC and beyond.

  • Project We Love
    065318f95b42edcde04b8805195d5707 original

    When artists meet audiences in person, it's magic. Help us bring more filmmakers – and more magic – to Atlanta in 2014.

  • Project We Love
    C4f0b658c3c51f6100b7a4811337e26f original

    The 48 Hour Film Project is coming to New Haven, CT. We've got a great team this year. Help us make the best film possible.

  • Project We Love
    98d27aeeb7b4ff64ff6002835ee67ede original

    Cucalorus brings people together to celebrate, discover and create independent film.

  • Project We Love
    6d5dcb1d910c2ad788083bc20663b18b original

    STRETCH GOAL: Help Rooftop Films raise $15,000 and we'll add two additional screenings at our most striking venue, Industry City!

  • Project We Love
    Bad90e6e362a0602b3751430aecef7bb original

    Olde E tells the story of an African-American boy from South Central LA, who comes home for revenge against his father. USC School of Cinematic Arts short film directed by Xavier Burgin

  • Project We Love
    7e2bc06796d15d0061276a8cc647f0f8 original

    Three days of movies, music, art, literature, and games adapted and inspired by master weird tale author H.P. Lovecraft. Sep 26-28 201

  • Project We Love
    7f76d50bac11d4da16469567a88e6fcd original

    Media City is an annual international festival for artist's film and digital media in the border cities of Windsor and Detroit.

  • Project We Love
    36060bda094aa4086bcec05451b90195 original

    The Toronto Queer Film Festival showcases contemporary, innovative, queer and trans film and video art.

  • Project We Love
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    Support Rooftop Films year-round and city-wide efforts to serve our audience, our filmmakers, and the cultural landscape of NYC.

  • Project We Love
    Da6cc1dab064ff6dd5696c7fb534f955 original

    Support Rooftop Films as we embark on our 20th year of bringing meaningful film events to the roofs, parks, and waterways of NYC

  • Project We Love
    4fdcec3bdfe11398b015491f25777d95 original

    After 3 years of celebrating cinematic storytelling, we are cementing our place in the not for profit Tacoma arts community.

  • Project We Love
    F941b6f89b0d3718104c4064bbde2c96 original

    The Wallabout Film Festival began in 2009 at Pratt Institute and is a student-run festival that showcases student short films.

  • Project We Love
    8831713efd01aeb35a2be3aad8daa8e5 original

    For 18 years and counting, BUFF brings cutting-edge films—and films with a cutting-edge—to Boston cinephiles.

  • Project We Love
    030ca47de911b69cc8d2647eb354530c original

    New York's Original and most dynamic queer film festival, art space, party and tactile adventure (November 10-15, Sunset Park)

  • Project We Love
    F10b329bdd7ce3a466060561347de080 original

    2017 es el año de la séptima edición del Festival Internacional de Cine en el Desierto que hoy necesita de todos para llevarse a cabo.

Hundreds of films made with Kickstarter, now available on iTunes

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